Influenza story — Mark McIlroy

The reason why I think everyone should have a flu shot is because people do die from the flu. Healthy people and people with medical conditions. And my wife Catherine, she was 100 percent healthy. She was fit and she did a lot of walking and she did pilates. And she got the flu and she died. What happened with Catherine is that she woke up on a Wednesday morning, She woke up on a Wednesday morning and she said to me that she had a tickle in her throat. And didn’t really think much of it but within about 2 or 3 hours she was actually sitting and lying on the couch and she was getting hot and cold. But apart from that she seemed reasonably OK, we just thought it was just a cold type thing. But on the Friday, she felt that she just had to stay in bed. And then we thought it was probably something a little bit more serious than just a cold. But on Saturday she said to me that she was going to be getting up on Saturday morning but she couldn’t, she just didn’t have any energy to get up so Around midday I actually rang Healthline and spoke to one of the nurses there. And they asked me to ask Catherine some questions like what the day was. Catherine was able to answer those questions. But the nurse on the Healthline thought it would be prudent to get an ambulance. So they put her into intensive care and I stayed with her until about 10 or 11 o’clock on Saturday night. She was quite lucid. and we told each other that we loved each other. They rang very early Sunday morning suggesting that I should come in. And so, went back in. And meanwhile I rung the family and then it was just a fairly short period. Her organs just started to shut down. And she was in intensive care, there was somebody always there with her in the room and monitoring her situation. Monday morning the doctor called us for a family meeting saying that she had passed the point of no return and they would at some stage would be turning the life support system off and she would die. We just didn’t know that people who are healthy could die from the flu. So it’s just very very important that everyone gets a flu jab.

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