I commit for the day that breast cancer will be no more.

Every woman should walk the 3-Day. It
is three days of unconditional love. That first year I got my Girl Scout Troop
together and we did a cheering station on the side and we had a little chant
“don’t rest save those breasts”. And for several years after that I kept going back with my daughters and we did cheering stations. It’s just the most
amazing experience. And I thought I’m just gonna walk it myself I want that
experience one time. After all those things that I learned when I talk to those
people that had had cancer before and never did I think that would be me. But
shortly before the third year I was diagnosed. I actually was diagnosed on
this daughter’s birthday. Never did I think I’d be that cancer person. I knew
that I would fight this and I knew that they would be watching how I handled
this. When we had to shave my hair they all came and they all cut my hair and we
did it together. I also wanted to take them on the journey and teach them and
educate them. Because sadly statistically one of the girls in the troop probably
will be diagnosed in the future. Three weeks after my surgery I started
trying to walk and it took me 45 minutes to walk one mile but I wanted to do it
and I did it. I just told my mind I was gonna do it and it’s mind over body and
that’s just what I did. So seven weeks after surgery I walked. That hardest year
I walked. I remember I was walking along and somebody had painted on the side of
a car blisters are nothing compared to chemo and that kind of struck home
because three days after the walk I started chemo. It’s what you make of the
journey and but you know we’re survivors were fighters we’re women we’re strong
we’re tough. Since I’ve now been diagnosed I have coached so many people
through the reconstruction and the chemo and all the things just like someone had
paid it forward and coached me. The walk is hard but it’s not as hard as having
breast cancer.

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