How to Treat Under Eye Bags, Puffiness, and Saggy Eyelids

Hey there! We’re talking about anti-aging
tips today. So do you have bags under your eyes?
Do you have dark circles under your eyes? How about saggy eyelids? If you have any
of those and you want to find out the causes, the treatments, and to prevent
them? Then go ahead and stick around for this video. And if you stick around a
little bit later in this video we will also be discussing some PRO TIPS on how
to treat these symptoms of what’s called PERIORBITAL AGING. So the first signs of
aging, unfortunately, is around your eyes. So some of the reasons are: The skin
around your eyes is actually thinner than most parts of your body. The second
reason is, is, is that you have a smaller sebaceous glands that produce oil in
that area. As well as, your entire face has the most regular exposure to UV rays
which ultimately break down Collagen and Elastin. So this is why it is actually
really important to address these signs of Periorbital Aging, and for those of
you who are younger, to help prevent them. So just to be clear, this is what falls
under Periorbital Aging: The first one is wrinkling around the eyes and crow’s
feet, which is usually on the outer corners of the eyes, dark circles under
the eyes, sagging or bagging on the eyelids as well as under the eyes,
puffiness, and loss of opacity, so there’s more translucency. So if you have fairer
skin, that might look like more of a reddish-brown color, and then for those
of you who have darker skin it’s more of a dark brown color. So those are all
included in the Peri-, Periorbital Aging that we’re going to be talking
about today. Before we get started, we do want to ask you to please give us a
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video. So now, Periorbital Aging affects different ethnicities and it
shows up in different ways. And so the reason why we’re going to talk about
that is because of the different treatments and prevention. Now it doesn’t
mean that when I talk about a special, specific ethnicity that just because you
are under that ethnicity that you’re going to get this, because obviously
everyone is an individual, but these are the more commonalities in the ethnicities
as far as the appearances of Periorbital Aging goes. Okay, so the first one
is African Americans. So African Americans, the most common thing seen
with Peri-, Periorbital Aging is the drooping of the Lateral Canthal area. And
that is the inner cartilage of the inner eye. So when that starts to droop, the
angle in between the outer eyes, it actually starts to narrow, so then it
gives the appearance of drooping of the eyes, ultimately shows the effects of
aging. Now Middle Easterners and Indians,
because they typically have darker skin, the signs of Periorbital Aging for most of
them is Periorbital Hyperchromia. And that is dark under-eye circles. And the
most common things that actually contribute more towards the darkening of
the under-eye circles is photo-damage, so lots of UV ray exposure as well as
inflammation. So for Asians, Asians actually, in the earlier parts, earlier
years of aging, they actually don’t see a whole lot of wrinkling and crinkling
until the latter parts stages of their aging. What their biggest struggle is
usually hyperpigmentation. So an interesting thing is, it’s a little bit
different with Asians who have primarily a Western diet. So what they have seen is,
because they eat a higher diet in Omega-6 Fatty Acids and sugars, they see
more hyperpigmentation and a little bit more breakdown of Collagen and Elastin
more than their Asians in the Asian country counterparts do. And so they,
their challenge is, first of all, hyperpigmentation, and then a
breakdown of Collagen and Elastin. And so their concern with fine lines and
wrinkles actually happens the latter part of the aging years. Now Caucasians,
it’s actually the complete opposite. They actually see the breakdown of Collagen
and Elastin FIRST before the hyperpigmentation. So for most people who
are, who start to see signs of Periorbital Aging, it’s usually the fine
lines and wrinkles and then later on it’s the hyperpigmentation. And for some,
it’s actually the sagging of the eyelids and bagging under the eyes that is
mainly their concern before the hyperpigmentation.
So although the commonalities of all the different ethnicities of what causes the
breakdown of Collagen and Elastin and the appearances of Periorbital Aging
are pretty much the same, which is exposure to UV rays, and inflammation, and
other environmental factors, the uniqueness of each individual’s response
to the A.G.E’s that causes the breakdown of Collagen and Collagen retention
obviously varies. Okay so the first one we’re going to talk about is crow’s feet,
or otherwise known as wrinkling around the eyes, and the reason why we’re going
to talk about that about the first one is because that’s actually usually the
first signs of aging for most people. So the wrinkling of the eyes are actually
SCARS. So what happens is breakdown of Collagen and Elastin and tissue, and when
you make repeated facial expressions, like smiling, or frowning, or squinting,
the-, when the Collagen and Elastin breaks down, the skin is not as stretchy or
elastic. And so those wrinkles are basically scars of your skin attempting
to heal with the repeated crinkling of the skin. And sagging, usually taking
place at the-, starts usually at the inner-corners of the eyelids and
then progresses outwards. That’s also a cau-, the cause of that is loss of
elasticity. Now you may be thinking that there is some fancy eye cream or eye gel
out there that is going to help that, so, and, and there is. I’m going to tell you
about a PRO TIP of that. But the first line of defense is basically the UV ray
exposure. You NEED to wear sunscreen. Because basically that is what breaks
down the tender, very thin, the Collagen and Elastin that helps the elasticity
around that thin skin. Now the other extra line of defense is
using an eye product and/or serum that has anti-oxidants and Peptides to help
increase your skin’s ability to fight back those free radicals, as well as the
sunscreen. Now here comes the PRO TIP. So most people will use an anti-aging serum
or cream and then use just a regular, cheap, drugstore brand. But there are some
sunscreens out there that actually give you an extra layer of protection. Some of
them have stem cells, some of them have anti-oxidants, some of them have BOTH. So
you want to look for that because when they formulate those sunscreens with
those stem cells and those anti-oxidants, the pH, they’ve already tested the
efficacy of them already working together because that is its original
formulation. Because, sometimes, depending on the serums that you’re using, or the
eye creams or eye gels, when you mix it with a regular sunscreen, it may
neutralize the effects of that. This line, this is an actually excellent sunscreen.
And they have two formulations, they have that in HYDRATING as well as OIL-FREE. So
this one is Lira Clinical and this is the hydrating formulation. And the reason
why I like this one is it has the peptide technology, so that’s the first
one, it has the mineral technology as well as plant stem cells, Vitamin C and Arbutin, which is a plant-based lightener, lightner-and-brightener. So for those of you who are struggling with dark circles, or
hyperpigmentation, or age spots, this is a great for that. The other thing I like
about it is, it, the active ingredient is 21% Zinc Oxide. Okay? So it is a mineral-based sunscreen. So here is another PRO TIP: Is that, if you are using AHA’s,
whether it’s Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, anything with Retinoid, so Retin-A or
Retinol, or even Vitamin C serum, when you’re using a chemical-based sunscreen,
it tends to sting and it can react to your skin. Because it’s Zinc Oxide, this
is what’s great about Zinc Oxide: First of all it’s mineral, and it is light-reflecting, so for those of you who have dark circles under your eyes, it actually
helps reflect away from the appearance of the dark circles, and if you are using
any AHA’s or any additional anti-aging ingredients, this actually helps control
the inflammation that could, it could cause because Zinc Oxide is naturally an
anti-inflammatory ingredient. So this is a little bit more costly than regular
sunscreens, but I do think it’s worth it. And once people try it, they do love it.
So I will put a link below to this product description as well. Okay so the
next one is, eye sagginess and eye bags so that could be
sagging of the eyelids or under eye bags. And basically what that is, is leaking of
the fluids in the surrounding tissues around the eyes. And typically that is
related to inflammation in the skin or, you know, underneath the skin. For those
of you who-, whose challenge is puffiness, whether it’s of the face or of the eyes, get one of those
pillows that slightly raises your head so that the excess fluid drains down.
And the reason why you want to do that is because, when you have extra puffiness
and swelling, that is a sign of inflammation. And the MORE inflammation
that you have, the FASTER your skin starts to age and break down that
Collagen and Elastin. So typically bagging of the eyes, or under eye bags,
are related to Periorbital Aging, but for those of you who are younger, it may
be related to more of your lifestyle. So for example: Stress, lack of sleep,
allergies, and/or diet. Okay, so the next one is dark circles. And
although there are some ethnicities that are more prone to the appearance of dark
circles, any-, anybody can get this. What leads to that is thinning of the skin
that shows the appearance of blood pooling underneath the eyes. And that
could be, again, diet, lack of sleep, and allergies. Any of these factors can bring
on the inflammation of widening of the blood vessels which then can increase
the appearance of dark circles. Okay so, if you have dark circles or puffiness,
here comes the treatments and things that you need to look for in products. So
the first one is Caffeine. Believe it or not, in some of the eye products and eye
gels you will see Caffeine as an ingredient. And the reason why is because
Caffeine obviously increases blood circulation and stimulation. So what that
does is it actually helps prevent the pooling of the blood underneath the eyes
helping alleviate the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. It’s not enough
just to use something that is going to help alleviate it. You want to use
anti-oxidants and peptides because it is going to prevent or further, prevent
further damage. We’re going to talk about what you’re going to look for as far as
ingredients go to address these signs of Periorbital Aging. So as far as peptides
go, you want to look for Dipeptide and Palmitoyl Tripeptide. So they
help reduce under-eye bag volume by decreasing capillary permeability. It
also increases lymphatic circulation and ultimately it helps increase the
firmness and elasticity on-, the skin under the eyes. And the next ingredient
is Hesperidin Methylchalcone. WHAT?? HESPERIDIN METHYLCHALCONE. That is
a derivative of a flavonoid that is found in citrus fruits, namely in
grapefruits and oranges. And it basically helps with dark under-eye circles. And
here’s one specifically for puffiness and dark pigmentation, or dark circles
under the eye. Next one is called N- Hydrox-, Hydroxysuccinimide. Or otherwise
known as Chrysin. So this actually reduces dark circles by 19% and it
actually eliminates the blood-originated pigments that actually causes the dark
under-eye circles. And also helps with local area
puffiness. Now if your issue is puffiness, the ingredient that you want to find in
your eye gel or eye cream is a Glycine Soja Protein. This ingredient actually
helps improve the microcirculation and integrity of the Collagen and Elastin
bundles, so that’s why it really alleviates under-eye puffiness. Now PAY ATTENTION! For those of you who have fine lines and wrinkles, and you are using a
Retinoic acid-based product, such as Retin-A or Retinol, listen to this very
carefully. These peptides actually increase Retinoic-type activity WITHOUT
the inflammation. So the first one is Palmitoyl Tripeptide. So that one
basically increases Collagen and Elastin production, very similar to how
Retin-A or Retinol products do that, but without any of the irritation, and the
flakiness, and most importantly, none of the inflammation. If you have the number
“11 lines”, those are the vertical lines in between your brows, then you’re going to
look for the peptide called Acetyl Hexapeptide. That helps with the lines in
between the brows because those lines typically are deeper than the fine lines
and wrinkles that are around your eyes. Now don’t forget, in addition to the
anti-oxidants and the peptides, you have to use ingredients that are humectant,
that actually draw moisture from the environment and binds it to your skin.
Because if you don’t have moisture in your skin, all of those ant-ioxidants and
peptides don’t help because it is, it can thin the skin. So a good ingredient to
look for is Sodium Hyaluronate and that is Hyaluronic Acid. And you cannot react
to this because your own body makes this ingredient. It’s in the vertebraes and
the gels in between your vertebrae, it’s around your organs, and it acts as a
lubricant in between your joints. So, I would recommend getting a Hyaluronic
Acid serum that is NOT blended with any other creams, lotions, or anti-oxidant
serums because when you’re using so many products around your eyes, your eyes can
react because it can be more sensitive. So make sure you use Hyaluronic Acid
serum to increase the moisture abilities in your skin. And if you’re not sure
about whether to use an eye cream or an eye gel, please please click on our video,
we actually have that. So see you in the next video and thank you for watching!

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