How to STOP motion sickness

So, are you afraid of going on a cruise
because of motion sickness and seasickness? Well, don’t because we’re here to tell you How you can get around this with both
medical and natural remedies First of all is picking the right position on the ship. If you do suffer particularly bad from seasickness or motion sickness. You can really reduce this by picking a cabin which is in the middle of the ship
instead of the outer edges because when you think about it if you’re on the outer edges the movement is higher and lower so you feel the effects towards the front and the back of the ship so we recommend picking a cabin right in the
middle of the ship the lower down you are as well, the less roll you get so not only do ships move up and down in the sea but they rule as well so the lower
down you are, the less rolling you get So, definitely it’s all about picking the correct place on a ship that’s why sometimes inside cabins are also better, because they are closer to the center exactly as far center to the gravity you can get the less movement there’s going to be but don’t let this put you off getting a balcony cabin or a cabin higher up as larger ships have less movement so you don’t feel the movement as much and newer ships have new stabilization technology to reduce the amount of movement on the ship if you are feeling
sick while on board we do recommend you go outside as well feel some of that
fresh air, face the forward get a view of the horizon there’s plenty of outdoor
places on ships we like to spend loads of our time outdoor anywhere don’t we
it’s really nice and if you are inside, sit by window just so you can see the horizon just so put your mind at rest some people also say that you can talk
yourself out of seasickness because it’s all in your head a little bit so if you
keep saying to yourself “I do not feel sick” “I feel fine”
“I feel the motion but it’s okay” sometimes apparently you can talk yourself out of this it’s kind of a mental thing as well I know it’s all about the
equalization and the equilibrium of your ears so instead if “there’s no place like
home, there’s no place like home” – “There’s no such thing as sea sickness”
– Exactly So dont panic, think nice calm thoughts Breathe deeply and think “I do not feel seasickness these waves are absolutely lovely… I’m just floating around like a little angel” Also, you can cruise more now this may
sound a bit crazy thinking: “you’ve been on a cruise, you were sea sick will never do that again” but the more you cruise the more desensitized you’ll become to
the seasickness. So the more you cruise, the better experience will be Definitely! This is very true I suffered from really bad seasickness when I started cruising it was completely cured with medication but now I don’t even have to take
medication because I’ve cruised so many times now my body’s kind of used to the
motion and a it actually likes it do you not think as well the first time your
cruise you were thinking… – “I’m gonna get seasick”
– yeah I think it puts so many people off because they’ve been on little ferries
or smaller ships or little catamarans if you’ve got it in your mind I think
you convinced yourself that you are going to be sea sick. But these ships are much
less claustrophobic than smaller ships so there’s so much room, so much fresh air you can go and get
do not let it put you off because it’s such a tiny thing isn’t it so some foods that are supposed to help I think most people would have have
heard that ginger really helped you can have this in a number of ways;
ginger powder, ginger ale, fresh ginger… ginger teas, giner sweets.
things like that that gives you a nice relaxed
feel and takes away some of the seasickness help set your stomach as
well and some people swear by eating green apples as well ordering
lots of green apples to their room or with their the meals but apparently it does something to help with seasickness so it might be worth a try
also fizzy drinks can help as there contain phosphoric acid which helps the
settle the stomach as well as foods that can help there’s also foods that you should avoid if you feel seasick so this is greasy or spicy foods. try avoiding them because they can irritate your stomach and really a flare of the seasickness definitely and I guess overeating which
is so easy to do on a cruise if you overeat that can naturally make you
feel sick so with some motion that can really mix things Not in the right way so, I don’t know if you’ve been carsick before In a car the
worst thing you can do is stare objects that you think is still so things like
reading a book or just staring at a compass or something or a clock and
trying to sort of get your body to work itself out that can actually be
quite bad you know when you’re reading a book in the car – and you feel more sick
– I can’t do that to go find a window or
outside just look at the horizon then you’ll be fine it’s taking your mind off
it as well if you’re sat in the front of a car You are looking at the road signs and things that are and it’s a similar thing with the
cruise ship you’re not just gonna be sat in a room staring at the walls there’s so much to do on cruise ships that it will take your mind off it if it is a little bit wobbly and you’re in a bar at the front of the ship you’ll find
one in the center where the center of gravity is a little bit better and less
movement it really does work Where you cruise and when you cruise can make a big
difference to the motion of the ship Calmer sees can be found in the Gulf of
Mexico the Mediterranean as well as the Caribbean You’re gonna find choppy
seas in real deep oceans Atlantic Ocean, transatlantic crossings,
Pacific crossings…. please don’t let it put you off because
these can sometimes be quite fun the motion of the ocean
you could just lay back… on your back that’s where you’re supposed to be a bed That sounds wrong…. So, you just lay back think of England
and love the waves take your mind off it some physical
activity exactly so some people swear by sea bands or pressure bands these are
sort of like a little bracelet which hit one of your pressure points in your
nerves or something and apparently that can stop perma seasickness but it is
still debated whether or not this is a placebo effect or if it actually works and don’t waste your money on magnetic devices as there’s no evidence that
these even work so, why waste your money a one last tip while we’re on the
subject of non-medical tips is to choose a cruise with a port intensive itinerary where there’s much less time spent at sea so if it is going to be a
big issue, do that okay before we move on to the next section where we’re going to
talk about some medications any information that we give in the show is purely for information purposes only and should not replace medical advice so we do recommend going to see your doctor if you have any questions or any allergies
or anything like that go see your doctor first before taking any medication so the down sides have taken medication is that they can cause side effects such as
dizziness and dry mouth so the last thing you want to do when you’re in
holiday is to feel drowsy or dizzy so see if you can get some non-drowsy
versions of medication if possible and you’ve got to be really careful as well
we’re drinking alcohol Because these can increase and “exacubate”… “Excuberate” they can increase these symptoms such as drowsiness and dry
mouth so you feel really really dizzy and have an incredibly dry mouth so
drink more alcohol don’t do that with ginger ale or vodka giner two birds with one stone that’s not recommended so some
over-the-counter medications that you can usually buy are Yeah… they work quite well And Bonnie…
sounds like a dog medication yeah so well I’ll write them down here
so you can see them because i can’t pronounce them you have kids who
suffer from bad seasickness as well make sure you get the kids version I know you
can get kids versions of Bonnine and benadryl so it’ll give them the correct
dosage be less potent right for them stronger medication is available on
prescription from your doctor but if you choose to visit the doctor on board the
ship this could be really really costly so we recommend that you visit your
doctor at home before you cruise and you get your prescription as well before you
set sail the most important thing is to be prepared make sure you have a
good range of things to take on board so you’re not screwed over by the custom on board we say that with everything as well even the
most simple things such as painkillers and headache tablets and
stuff just make sure that you take plenty of these on the cruise with you so the most common type of prescription medication is the I think I pronounced that
correctly that sounds like some sort of medical procedure all is it’s a
little band-aid or a plaster which you place behind your ear we’ve saw theses from people on their cruise if you’ve been the cruise before you would
have saw loads of of random people walking around with a circular patch yeah because I was thinking “God that nicotine patch” I know.. why is a seven-year-old got a nicotine patch but yeah basically it gives you medication over a three-day period so lasts much longer and apparently they work wonders so it might be worth a look so as you can see
there is nothing especially seasickness on motion sickness that should ruin
your cruise there is always a way around it there’s plenty of natural remedies and medical remedies if you’ve been on a cruise
before and you did experience motion sickness
don’t let it put you off doing another cruise because every cruise is
completely different and even seasoned cruisers like us get seasickness
sometimes so you have experienced it quite a few times as well and it’s been
fixed by using some of our natural remedies especially the ginger ale
really works with me then using some medication are like bowline and
Dramamine “I like this drug…that drug” but seriously it’s really important to be prepared isn’t it Sometimes we’ve had to get medications in port and it’s just
cost a fortune! You are in port… at a pharmacy… What do you think they’re gonna
charge most for? Sun lotion and medication we’ve forgotten them before as
well so don’t get ripped off make sure you go to your local supermarket such as
tarjay or Walmart or Tescos or Sainsburys or Asda or Savers or
Boots or Australian supermarkets Woolworths in Australia or Woolworths in Australia apparently so make sure you get your medications locally let us know
in the comments below we would love to know what helped you with your sickness and hopefully help others as well That are worried about it yeah let’s share
the knowledge So, i think that’s it for this week in the
meantime you can find us on Instagram where we’re @honestcruising and we’re
posting lots of pictures of cruise ships and destinations all the time and don’t
forget to subscribe for more videos just like this one until next time…
happy cruising

29 thoughts on “How to STOP motion sickness

  • Great video guys. I was worried about sea sickness on our first cruise. I did not have any issues even in a bit of rough seas. But bring something just in case.

  • Thanks for the handy tips , I suffer with awful motion sickness , including sea sickness .I used those sea bands , during pregnancy and found them really effective , especially when you cant take medication .Also Kwells are the best tablets i have tried .( Have tried them all over the yrs !!!lol ) .

  • I haven't had the pleasure of going on a cruise yet, but ginger ale and saltines work best for me when my tummy is not feeling good. These are great tips!

  • If u keep yer belly full yer belly doesn't have empty space and u don't feel queasy that's why there is always food on a cruise. I was in the. Coast Guard and there was always food available when we where underway.

  • 168 days till I’m on the NCL Bliss for an Alaskan Cruise. It will be my first cruise. Thank you so much for all the great tips! You two are awesome 😎

  • We found if we put an ear plug in one ear helps even if you have already started to feel sick. Kwells are amazing as well you’ll just feel like you have a dry mouth, just keep up your water

  • Love your videos! I use a homeopathic remedy called Movease. It smells good and really helps me! It helps me with car sickness also. I have also used Scopolamine patches which works but causes very dry mouth.

  • I have been cruising since the early 80s and I swear by the ginger cure.  No interactions with other meds and it is water soluable.  Thanks for another great bit of info.  Keep up the good work.

  • Love your videos! You may have already found this, but the word you’re looking for is exacerbate. Keep the videos coming.

  • Another great job. I have heard crew members swear by green apples. I would personally try the natural route first as pretty much all of the medications can make you sleepy. I am thankful this has never been a problem for me and my favorite pastime on a ship is reading. I actually enjoy the ship rocking a bit particularly at night while sleeping.

  • Great video! Love the background! I bring triple ginger cookies from trader joes, ginger tea & ginger candy chews. The cookies are really yummy and they are great with a cup of tea. Thanks for the tips!

  • One very late suggestion, but if you're going on your balcony for fresh air or to focus on the horizon… resist the temptation to look at the hypnotic waves. Yes they're lovely to look at but looking down at waves will make your motion sickness worse.
    I've gotten seasick on a larger ship before while on smaller ships I do just fine (my grandfather owned a boat and we'd be out in some seriously choppy water and I'd be fine, but once on that cruise ship staring at pretty waves, that sea sickness happened).
    The green apples and ginger ale saves me every time. I wear a sea band because my thought is… why not. If it helps, great! If it doesnt, well then I look like the other thousand people wearing them. And I keep dramamine in both my purse and in my cabin.

    I might check out that behind the ear patch thing though. Cant hurt!

  • My first cruise is right around the corner on March 22nd and my cabin is at the very front of the ship so thanks for the great tips!

  • I never worry about sea sickness. I get the lovely land-sickness instead. Same as sea-sickness but only after getting off ships and planes. 🙁 May try some of these tips for it though! 🙂

  • I’ve never suffered from motion sickness even as a child, even on the back of diesel buses (the excessive fumes just give me fatigue) and not even when I used to fly, through very bad turbulence – I’ve been on many a rough crossing on the Ulysses Cruise Ferry across the Irish Sea in the winter months in the early hours of the morning out of Holyhead to Dublin and that ship is designed for the unpredictable nature of strong currents in the middle of the Irish Sea, as shown in a documentary about the ship, the strongest effects of which can be felt in the Club Class Lounge in the front of the ship, above the Bridge – I have heard that on crossings between Ireland and France on Irish Ferries Oscar Wilde and the WB Yeates, despite the size of the ships concerned, crossings can be very rough – I will say about the Ulysses though is that because the ship must perform a 180 degree turn into the Liffey Channel when leaving the berth at Dublin Port, the whole ship vibrates for about a minute or so and it can be very disconcerting if you have not sailed on her before

  • Hi Guys- 1st cruise in 9 weeks – Yee Haa! Great tips thank you v much. Love the backdrop btw.
    Happy Days 👏🏼🎉

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