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this video was requested about six
months ago from one of the most patient people on the planet Simran J. Thank
you dude for holding me accountable I probably wouldn’t of done the video to tell
your truth I shelved it like six months ago
sorry in today’s video we’re going to be learning how to get rid of a phone Malware what you’re seeing on your phone is not a virus I’ll explain why in a
minute if you know anyone who’d be interested in getting Spotify Premium
for free with unlimited skips on any Android device share this video dude I
need you to share this video link down below your friends will greatly
appreciate you for it a virus can self-replicate a malware can not the
purpose of a virus is to replicate itself on to its host until the virus
can permanently damage your system whether that be a computer or laptop
there hasn’t been any cases where this has happened to the phone however phones
are known to be victims of malware although malware do not pose a
significant threat to your device they’re extremely annoying I actually
never caught a malware until about the third time purposely deleting and
downloading the Spotify APK when Simran brought it to my attention that he
actually caught a malware from this today we’re going to fix that we’re
going to fix it let’s get it i unlock my phone and BOW!!! i get hit with it a blank
white page launches open load load load load load and Blau!! A stupid app like iBotta opens up
after abruptly forcing you onto the Google Play Store Daaaammnn the second hour
is even worse this piece of Sh*t doesn’t just greet you at the lock screen but also
every time you click on an app like whatthe f*ck you first have to go into the
Google Play Store search for an application called malware by it’ll be
the blue app with the white M on it yeah Hit install and send me your credentials
so I can wipe your iTunes account clean of every penny for those who then
realized I was joking I’m just playing don’t send me anything not your
credentials not your social security number not your bank account password
none of that I don’t want it I was just kidding launch open Malwarebytes once
downloaded Malwarebytes detects and crushes malware identifies potential
security issues on your phone identifies apps that has access to your personal
information next activate real-time protection to automatically scan for the
following file system changes and newly installed applications running
applications and SD card activate usage access required real time protection
requires you to enable usage access otherwise you are not completely secure
enabled now tap malwarebytes anti-malware allow
usage tracking go back to the application we need you to grant some
permissions are you asking me or telling me access storage allows us to scan your
device access SMS allows us to find phishing links in messages I’m ready
allow allow let’s get started ok your device has issues fix now at the top it
reads only non-critical issues can be unchecked red dots is critical yellow
dots is non critical a full scanning of your device has never been performed yet
you have new applications that haven’t been scanned yet security audit detected
some issues we’re going to run a full scan if there’s any malware this program
would detect it it’s pretty much gonna cycle through all your apps and hidden
files and because malware’s don’t come in forms of an application it is
extremely difficult to find and delete it without this app three malware’s detected at a 489 items
scanned it found one malware saved in three different location the malware
name is Android / Trojan delete confirmation do you want to delete
selected items hit okay you’ll get a message that says can’t uninstall
because this package is an active device administrator click manage device
administrators uncheck everything you see to disallow the administrative
permission you’ve given the malware when downloading the apk app it deactivate
do you want to delete selected item make sure you have all the malware selected
and hit okay okay we’re actually going to run another scan and see if there’s
any more malware’s on this device the scanner found no malware on your
device okay let’s see if this fix the issue lock a lot the device
unlocking the device did not trigger the malware to launch open the Google Play
Store give this video like button if it’s helped you in any ways subscribe for
more future content anyways guys bendji d here from get fixed and i’m out peace

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