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  • I have hyper ADHD…. I've always had. It runs in the family. I'm 14 years old and I know I have it but I was always confused on what it was. In elementary school I had this squishy seat thing I had to sit on. I was the only one who had it and thought I was so cool… didn't realize till I was older that it was because of ADHD

  • Remember one important thing! Girls is VERY difficult to diagnose with ADHD/ASD. Read more from the swedish scientist Svenny Kopp.

  • People diagnosing kids with ADHD left to right.
    I have ADD and Aspergers and its very difficult.
    Kids are just kids…
    Now yes some kids might have ADD but not as many as thought…

  • I wasnt listing to the video and got lost in the comments noy even knowing what the vid was saying i might have it

  • I do have ADHD but I am not hyperactive. I do have one tic and I sometimes have trouble to refrain from moving but other than that I don't suffer from anything else except for Lactose intolerance as far as I know.

  • i have ADD… and oh i can tell ya its real you say its fake while doctors give me pills for it and i think they know better than you… why would i get pills if its fake… oh yeah bcs its a real disorder

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  • my 6 year old girl and my 3 year old boy ,both are nonstop, I am so stressed and barely have time to sleep at least 6 hours. They are hard to take naps. My girl doesn't take naps. my boy does only a few mins. They are nonstop, I took my lil girl to skyzone and she jump for 3 hours without stopping . I have already made an appointment for both of them. I at first thought about the sugars, I had them without it for a month, but still they kept on with that energy omg I was surprised of it. They always fight, play, jump, write on walls, get everything out of drawers, never listen, throw their food each other at the table, play with food and they are never quite. I was feeling bad because at first I thought I was probably not being a good mom. then my sister told me about adhd and I Google it and I didn't wait, and call their doctor for an appointment. it's been two years with the little one, and 3 years with the 7 year old to find out about that. Hopefully after doctors visit everything will go more better. I have a 14 year and a 19 year old boys and they get desperate and stress too and it's hard for me to get everyone calmed. my husband and I try our best to keep our relationship strong because it is not easy. sometimes they are attentive watching a movie, but not for long lol. aughffff.😫

  • adhd stems from too much radio waves pumping unnecessary subliminal messages into a child.constantly altering the brain's wave patterns from alpha to beta (Television "Programming") and music of course. our bodies are very receptive to frequencies.

  • I’m worried about my sister she’s three years old but she has to much energy she can’t stay seated she goes to school for 3 hours the teacher always tell us that she was bad she tried stealing the adults phones through sand on a kids head and more. she breaks a lot of things even though we tell her not to break it she breaks it again it’s hard to keep her attention she still doesn’t know how to properly how to talk either

  • Can someone help me? Okay so my brother and his wife have a son and I suspect he may have ADHD or something similar to it. He’s constantly running around, he laughs whenever he gets punished as if it’s just a joke, he can’t sit still whenever I tried to hold him in place for a time out. I don’t think my older brother has gone to get him tested, but I feel like he should. I just don’t want to assume something if I don’t have the real answers.

  • I am 13 and I have ADHD at night time I'm super hyper and be running around jumping on the furniture literally and I just sometimes feel like I can't control myself I do have problems concentrating in school and I'm not sure what category I fall in, in ADHD

  • Im 33 n i hv adhd since i was a kid. It runs in the family i guess n i see it in my nephew too. To save humanity i hv decided to restraint myself frm any relationship n not get married. My only goals now to carry on wit life is to care n provide for my parents to their last day. After that, its anybody's guess

  • My little sister always screams, runs, around jumping, stealing and shes only 4. She never listens. I dunno if she has ADHD or not. Maybe I’m just being paranoid.

  • Smoking or drinking while pregnant could cause the baby to be born with ADHD. My mother never smoked or drank. My father smoked but he quit before I was born.

  • A co worker said, his child was diagnosed with ADHD and doped up accordingly. I learned the child's breakfast was Mountain Dew, chocolate mild over a sugary cereal. The Experts didn't ask these questions. Just handed out pills.

  • Some info I can give everyone about adhd is I have it and my parents didn’t expect a thing but, they said I would be happy then crazy or sad in an instant and I can’t focus also I am impulsive with moving from thing to thing way too fast

  • I controlled all my ADHD problems except for 1

    I'm still hyper af I almost knocked down my mirror while doing a split lol

  • Adhd is real. And physical punishment is simply a waste of time. Kids with adhd need appropriate treatment

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  • My 7 year old is alws on the move multitasking when eating, dies not listen at all such that I thought she has a hearing problem but the Dr ruled it out, she never sit still and always talks back or interrupts. I'm verrry worried

  • My brother has a short attention span and when he talks to strangers or people he doesn’t look them in the eyes. And I’m not sure if this is a symptom, but my brother cannot stop moving and he is always fidgeting.

    My brother doesn’t listen to our parents and he shouts quite a lot too. Sometimes he embarrasses himself in front of strangers by throwing a tantrum in public and he is NINE years old. Can anyone please reply to help me out? I really need to know if my brother has ADHD

  • I have ADHD and when I was younger you could really tell and so I started taking medicine in 2nd grade then in about 6th grade I stopped and started to control my behavior by just moving my fingers and bouncing my leg

  • So much ignorance in the comment section. Why don’t you people investigate what ADHD really is??? There are children who can’t control how active they are no matter how much you discipline them. I don’t agree that medication is the only answer but it should be at least on the table. Children being expelled for hyperactivity is far too much, parents please talk to your pediatricians. Please don’t wait until your children are no longer children and get themselves into trouble. Seek help.

  • I'm dating a man who has a son with ADHD and it is a huge problem. Unless his son is on his prescribed medication, I usually avoid seeing my boyfriend. His son is regularly inattentive and hyperactive. Toys are strewn across the floor, he regularly interrupts and talks a lot, he is disrespectful and doesn't mind etc. It drives me crazy.

  • My cousin might have adhd since he's also adopted and he never stays still, talks to himself all the time and has extreme hyperactivity and doesn't feel hungry at all. He also has anger issues and doesnt understand the language of love.

  • It's funny how all these '"symptoms " are taken as bad signs of a mental condition , when actually this is simply called BEING CHILDREN AND ACT LIKE A CHILD. IF YOU WANT, WE CAN ALL BORN LIKE SERIOUS MATURE 56 YEAR OLDS AND SKIP CHILDHOOD ,IF THAT MAKES YOUR REALITY FEEL NORMAL

  • Thanks for the video! ADHD has been one of the hardest things to deal with as a child, more importantly when I was trying to learn how to read. I will never forget the first day of school, looking around and seeing everyone else beginning to grasp reading so quickly… Except me 😢

    Never felt so alone before. Can anyone else relate?

    Apologies for chiming in, I am interested in your initial thoughts about something regarding my kids. Have you heard the talk about ADHDSoldiers.com and their Reading Head Start program? It is an awesome one-off guide for teaching children with ADHD to read supposedly. I've heard some incredible things about it and I'm on the lookout for something just like this for my own children as they are set to begin school soon 🙏

  • This use to literally be me. But I don't act like this because I have matured and have realized that there are more reasonable ways to do things 😂

  • Omg. My gf's 6 year old is the same EXACT way. What makes it worse is that she really isn't strict nor disciplines him and is wayyy to over protective. I brought it up that maybe he has ADHD and she got mad. I know kids can be hyperactive and will be kids but, he's literally non-stop and is basically the little boy in this video. I fear this will ruin our relationship.

  • They got a pill for childhood 🤦‍♀️
    The issue is in my childhood it was safe to go out to play and go on adventures.. Expending my energy… Today children rarely get any kind of meaningful ways to get rid of all their energy.
    Plus the breakdown of the family where kids don’t have a nuclear family causes a lot of grief on children and u wonder why they’re not focused and acting out.
    True ADHD is not as common I think

  • I have ADHD and i was dinosed in 4th grade and The most for me is talkative and hyper and I forget stuff easy and I can’t pay attention and I don’t understand stuff and other problems

  • Start with the diet. No sugary cereals or high fructose corn syrup. You need protein in your meal to even out energy spikes. Participate in sports to burn off energy.

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