How to Put on a Medical Walking Boot for Sprained Ankle or Broken Foot

Today we’re going to cover how to apply
your short walking boot to get the best fit. First begin by undoing all the
velcro straps. As you are undoing the straps you will probably notice the
velcro seems really strong, that’s because it’s medical-grade velcro which
is made to open and close more than 900 times. Once you have all the velcro
straps undone open up the liner. Some doctors will recommend taking the liner
out of the boot, but that isn’t necessary. Simply place your foot in the liner
making sure your heel is in the very back of the boot, this is important. Then
close the liner, always remembering to work toe up. You want to work toe up
because that pushes any swelling away from your foot. For a snug fit you can
fill in the gaps by placing the foam pads between the liner and the boot. Next
fasten the bottom velcro strap, working your way upwards to the top velcro strap
which you fasten last. Make sure that you pull the straps nice and tight
so your foot doesn’t slide around. If you experience any movement or feel like
your heel is lifting when you walk we recommend refastening the velcro straps. As you can see the boot is still effective even if your toes don’t go all
the way to the edge of the boom, as long as you have the straps as tight as they
need to be. Finally once you have the boot on move around a little, if you feel
any weird pressure points you can use the foam pads to alleviate the pressure. Note that this walking boot is universal meaning it can be worn on your right or
left foot. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call us at (866) 712-7808 Now that you know how to put on your Walker boot for the best fit, check out this video to
learn more about the boots features.

14 thoughts on “How to Put on a Medical Walking Boot for Sprained Ankle or Broken Foot

  • Hi! Do I need to wear the boot all day? I have my right ankle fractured and my left ankle sprained. I'm using the boot on my right foot and it sweats a lot. Should I wear socks? Thank you!

  • I have a stress fracture in my left foot and was told to wear a boot. Is it normal for the Velcro to be noisy when you walk? Or am I not wearing the boot correctly? It seems to be just the top strap making the noise.

  • Hello,

    I am doing an online survey about "walker boots" for my Master's project. I am studying Product Design Engineering and will redesign this rehabilitation device.

    Could you please answer and share your experience using a walker boot?

    All the help is welcome and really needed!

    Thank you for your time,


  • I have a stress fracture on my left fibula. This is exactly the advice I needed as the many straps on the boot I received defeated me completely after I'd taken it off once for a shower. Thank you.

  • I just purchased a boot for my sprained ankle, but I can't put the foot all the way in without it hurting so much, because of having it in a 90 degree position.. If put it like that, it feels like I'm tearing something. I know I have to wear it regardless; but how do I know if I'm not causing more damage?

  • I looked at the online sizing chart and want to make sure I get the right size with enough room at the front of the toes. Could you tell me what size boot is this in the video and what size shoe does the video person wear? I wear between an 8.5-9 shoe depending on the shoe and don't want to purchase the wrong sizing for my foot/ankle.

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