How To Know You Are Ovulating! (Top 10 Symptoms and Signs of Ovulation)

Hello my name is Dr. Malik Haruna King and today we will be looking at how to know you are ovulating and we will be looking at some of the top ten signs and symptoms of ovulation now when it comes to ovulation different ladies have different Experiences in fact there are some ladies who don’t experience any of the symptoms we’ll be talking about, but it is very important every little learns about ovulation And how to know if she is ovulating or not whether she wants to get pregnant or she wants to prevent pregnancy It is very important every lady knows about ovulation how to calculate her fertile period how to calculate her safe period and in fact I have done an extensive video on how to calculate your safe period and your fertile period and how to apply these in preventing pregnancy or getting pregnant And I will be placing the link to this video in the card above or in the description below or at the end of this video And so what are the top ten signs and symptoms of ovulation number one change in cervical mucus one very important way for a lady to know she’s ovulating is the change in the consistency of her cervical and vagina fluid it becomes stretchy and Sort of more sticky so if a lady has been observing her cervical fluid over a period of time she will notice that during ovulation period the Consistency changes and the cervical fluid will be able to stretch more than an inch between her thumb and any other Finger and it resembles egg white number two change in body temperature if a lady has been Observing her body temperature over a period of time she will notice that before ovulation There is a fairly constant and consistent body temperature But during ovulation and immediately after ovulation, there is a sharp increase in body temperature so if a lady has been Checking her body temperature over a period of time she will be able to use her body temperature to know when she is ovulating by the increase in body temperature number three changes in the cervix The cervix is the mouth of the womb And it is deep inside of the lady so if a lady has been checking her cervix She will notice that there will be changes in Her cervix during ovulation it becomes softer it becomes higher up it becomes more Open and becomes wetter with this you will be able to know she’s ovulating with these changes in her cervix number four increased sexual desire when some ladies are ovulating they experience increase in the sexual drive and sexual desire Beyond above what is normal for them And this is because this is the time they are most fertile and the body is ready to be pregnant number five light spotting some ladies experience light spotting when ovulating and It is just some light Blood stain and due to hormonal changes so light blood stain during ovulation in some ladies Number six slight cramping some ladies experience some slight sharp pain on the lower abdomen when ovulating and usually it’s on the side where the egg is being released So if the egg is been released from the right side she will most likely feel some slight pain on the right Lower abdomen and so this is also another way for you to know you are ovulating that sharp slight pain usually on one side of the lower abdomen breast tenderness some ladies experience breast tenderness or the breast becomes Painful when touched just before or just after ovulation and this is because dthe body is getting prepared for a likely Pregnancy and this one where you can use to know that you over lady Or you are around your period of ovulation number eight heightened senses some ladies experience heightened sense of taste smell and vision during ovulation So it is beyond what is normal and usual for them their sense of taste and smell and vision becomes Heightened and increased and this is usually due to hormonal changes number nine Abdominal bloating some ladies experience abdominal bloating and fullness during ovulation and for those ladies this may be the first sign of ovulation so if the lady is observant enough she will notice that she has this fullness and gas in an abdomen during Ovulation and this could be a very important clue number ten positive ovulation test doing an ovulation prediction test may be the most important sign of Ovulation because this is not subjective and is more reliable there are different types testing the blood testing the urine test and saliva and Different kits for testing ovulation and usually they are reliable so did you learn anything new today? Don’t forget to hit the like button and stay subscribed To keep getting highly-educating videos like this take charge of your health and happiness

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