How to Diagnose and Repair a Sticking Brake Caliper

Hello my name is aaron and im michael and we are auto e-clinic. Hello and thank you for tuning in today. what we have in the shop today a 2005 chevrolet corvette this is a sweet ride but no matter how good it looks eventually they all will break. Now on this one we have the left front wheel dragging now in this case we are certain its the brake but we are going to tear into it remove the tire and find out whats causing this left front wheel or brake to drag lets do it so we can test drive this baby. cant wait for that test drive we are going to open the bleeder and see if that frees it up . you see that we have too much drag we are going to have to remve the caliper. close the bleeder back up that right there i think thats our problem the pin is sticking now you see it spins completley free now you can see where it has been schorching and dragging see how its mainly concentrated at the bottom? on both pads that right there will help me diagnose this we are going to see this slider pulls out easy this slidewill not move so let me get a pair of pliers and pull that slide out now we need to rotate as we pull out to get this out and there you see thats why the brake was dragging the slide just rusty and dry not allowing any movement there is no need to replace this slide so we are going to use the wire wheel to clean it up real good and the we are going to lubricate it and stick it back in now you see, nice shiny free of rust and now we are going to lube it upand stick it back in. here is the caliper bracket off and we see no restriction now. here is the side we had the problem with and it is still not as free as the other but we will put some anti sieze on for lube rub that in real good and you will see now it moves in nice and loosley no resrictions and that should take care of the sticking proble we have. now we will put our bracket back on put your brake pads back on now brake pads your wear indicator always goes on the inside ok now as you can see the wheel spins freely and thats how you fix a sticking brake caliper

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