How To Catch Money Fever (CC)

Yo Yo Mi Hungry Dog Jamaica Nuh Easy Yah Always Hungry Yo Yuh Eva Clean And Yah Bruk So And Him Eva Fresh And Him Bruck So Dat Dont Match Dont Match Yo Mi Hungry My Yute Ahhh My hand Middle My hand Middle My grandmother always tell mi seh put yah hand in ah yah pants pocket yah get money dog Put Yah Hand In Yah Pocket We ago RICH dog Beg Yah Ah Scratch Out of It Nuh Yah Begga Dogs How yah suh Mean How yah suh Mean Me and Yah Bruck And Him Clean And You don’t see that No give me a scratch Beg Yah Ah Scratch Dog Beg Yah Ah Scratch Nuh My Yute Rice And Peas What? Beat Plays Beat Plays (Catch A Money Feeling) YOOO Beat Plays (Catch A Money Feeling) Man Mi Tell Yuh Seh Yo Too Mean Dont Take All Of It Take Some Ah All Of it im taking Mean Shain Wong Back up Yo Bumpah (Music Playing)

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