How to avoid getting a virus

Hi, I’m Clay Archer, with Dental PC. I want to share with you five easy tips to avoid
getting a virus in your dental practice. Try to avoid clicking on random
ads and links. There are many forms of click bait
banter ads and pop-ups that are specifically designed to grab
your attention and push you to click. Since browsers are more
protected than they used to be, the main way to get your computer infected,
is to click on one of these nefarious links. Don’t be fooled by pop-ups. Some of the most successful
pop-ups on the internet are implemented and designed
to look like anti-virus software. The goal of these pop-ups is to trick
the user into thinking they have a virus, and the second you click on the pop-up,
the adware is installed. Use a modern browser. Browsers such as
Internet Explorer and Netscape are outdated, and can leave you exposed
to more security risks. Try using an updated browser
such as Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Keep your cache cleared. When you browse websites, there’s
information stored in your browser’s cache, and this is the same with pop-ups. If you don’t clear your cache,
the information remains, allowing for the pop-ups
to continuously appear. Avoid going to sites you
shouldn’t be going to. Since viruses are illegal, the best way for
them to thrive is through illegal websites, sites that let you download
copyrighted material and sites where you can file-share
with unknown sources are the quickest way to find
yourself with a virus. One of the best forms of prevention is to only download content from
known trusted content providers. I hope you enjoyed
those five simple tips. If you need anymore information,
please check us out at and remember to subscribe
to our channel down below. As always, thanks so much and
we’ll see you on the next video.

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