How I reversed my type 2 diabetes in 3 months | From A1C 7.5 to A1C 5.3

Mic Check Mic Check coffee check intro Kem Cho everyone welcome if you found this
video by the title which says I reverse my diabetes in three months without
medication a one C seven point five to five point three yes welcome welcome to
the channel my name is Abhijit but every calls me DJ and if you are from
the fok group first of all thank you so much for your love and support on the
group I really really appreciate it you guys just are awesome I am so glad I
posted the story over there and you guys just showed me so much love with all the
questions comments support likes thumbs up art emoji smile emojis haha emojis
everything whatever you guys did thank you so much so now let’s get into the
details yes I did reverse my diabetes in three months I was diagnosed with Type 2
diabetes on 12 31 2018 yes December 31st 2018 I found out that I have diabetes
and my even C came back at 7.5 cholesterol levels were extremely high
my total cholesterol was 285 which is extremely high dangerously high my LDLs
which are my bad cholesterol we’re well over 200 now for those who don’t know a
1 C is a three month average which measures how much sugar or glucose level
is in your blood based on that they will give you a number so in my case the
number was 7.5 the normal number is 5.7 so if you do your blood test and your
a1c comes anything 5.7 or below you don’t have to
diabetes if it comes between 5.8 or 5.9 you’re pre-diabetic anything about 6
you’re basically you have diabetes now there are different type of diabetes
type 1 type 2 type 1.5 in type 2 the body’s not producing enough insulin to
control the sugar in your blood 7 point 5 doctors would put you on medication
now in my case my doctor knows me very well so he said you know what before we
start the medication I’m gonna give you 3 months
again because the a1c is measured on three months period he said I’m gonna
give you 3 months in 3 months you need to do the lifestyle adjustment you
to start working out need to adjust your diet basically this is gonna be your
lifestyle so it’s not a temporary it’s something you have to do for your rest
of your life so think about it plan it executes it and after the three months
period we will do another blood test and see how you stand if you’re close to six
or below sakes you don’t have to go on a medication but if you’re six and a half
seven you know the changes doesn’t bring the blood level sugar down you have to
go on a medication I said no problem of course when you hear the news it hits
you and you know you go through a lot of emotions in my case my father had
diabetes and he passed at 59 very young age and I was 25 so and this is you know
when I I’m only 39 and I when I when I heard the news it kind of you know
pleased me to brain that oh you know why so much why Ellie at this point and I
don’t have anybody to blame but myself that my dad was bad I wasn’t you know
eating healthy or I didn’t focus too much on health let’s just put it that so
after all the lifestyle adjustment workout diet change and of Marja I
decided okay it’s time I have to go get my blood work done and at that time I I
was expecting somewhere around six because I was monitoring my blood
glucose level on December 31st highway 203 as of today morning I’m at 173 so I
dropped thirty pound almost in four months period which is achievable by
just the minor changes some people may say major changes but again it’s it’s up
to you my personal take is if you make these changes you will see the results
now April 1st you know that’s when I went for my blood work my results came
back I found out that I’m no longer diabetic I didn’t go on any medication
my a1c came back at 5.3 which is well below five point seven so I’m extremely
happy with that but surprisingly my cholesterol level dropped significantly
from 285 to around 175 178 bad cholesterol was over 200 now
it’s one of four so I’m very close to the recommended level which is 99 and
below so I’m hoping on my next test it’s below 100 and overall I am feeling great
I’m looking great I feel younger and one of the things I definitely wanted to
tell you guys is that I had some kind of a skin issue so if you see over here all
these white patches I don’t know if you can see their issue right on my knuckles
my knees my feet so every joint I had that and I’m not I haven’t put any kind
of lotion or cream or anything it’s just naturally gone so the diet plays a very
important role not only on your help with your skin the way you feel the way
you look so so I I definitely wanted to share what I did in my case so that may
help people who are looking for some information or you know how to reverse
diabetes naturally in December 31st the number one thing I changed was giving up
the alcohol not that I’m too much into drinking except it’s coffee but if you
consume alcohol it’s an empty calories going in your body so to you know burn
those you got a workout extra so alcohol for now it’s I’m not drink so the same
day we started doing research my life fresh she actually put a lot of research
you know I focused more on the exercise and diet control and you know preparing
the sched worstest he’s the one who actually went out and decided that she
wants to focus more on educating herself in terms of you know what is diabetes
what are the reasons to have that how to control it what kind of changes we have
to do and that’s when we found out about whole food plant-based we also found two
movies on Netflix again those are documentaries one is called fork or
knives and the second one is called what the health I’m not promoting this movie
I have no feel with those movies but they contain good
information remember those are documentaries they are supposed to
exaggerate a little bit because that’s the only way a deal gets your attention
whatever I share you know please go buy your own take on it but I would highly
suggest it definitely provides you with a lot of good information there are two
books I highly recommend and I would suggest that you read those I’m gonna
leave the link to everything that I show you or suggest you in the description
down below most of the stuff or I would say
probably 90% of the stuff that I’m discussing and I’m sharing with you is
available on Amazon so I’m gonna share the direct Amazon links in the
description down below we saw the documentaries we read the
book and then we started looking for groups that we can have some discussions
you know we can ask questions gain some knowledge and share whatever that we are
doing and based on that we found a Facebook group called fork over knives
official group they have two hundred and forty three thousand members at the time
of recording this video I highly recommend this group such a free group
you just answer a couple of questions they ask you just to make sure you are
not there to spam so there are a lot of people with you know heart disease and
diabetes different kind of different types of diabetes like type 1 type 2
type 1.5 everybody is there everybody shares their story everybody shares
their food recipes what kind of exercise I found that group very helpful and it’s
a great support system if you are looking for answers to the questions or
if you just want to share a story or whatever that is it’s extremely helpful
especially if you want to follow the whole food plant-based diet before we
even start I wanna make this clear that I’m not a doctor I’m not a medical
person I’m not endorsing any products or anything this is just strictly my story
that I’m sharing but in any case please consult your doctors you know discuss
with them use your own logic before you do anything
this is strictly my story and it’s out there so it can help anyone who’s
looking for support information or what did I do
so let’s jump right into the questions so the group that I was talking about
the fork over knives I posted my success story and oh my god the response over
there was just tremendous I don’t where two thousand likes and over two hundred
different comments and everybody just congratulated me as I said they’re just
amazing group of people and there are a lot of people who wanted to know what I
did so I asked them if you can just leave me a question that I would answer
them wide what exactly I did so I have a lot of questions that we will be going
through first of all I want to thank everybody who asked the questions thank
you guys really when you do something and people appreciate it it just gives
you that satisfaction and it’s actually very helpful so from the bottom of my
heart from my family on behalf of raysh she’s actually by the way outside with
the kids and that’s the reason I can do this the support that you have given me
is amazing and let’s just jump to the questions so the first question comes
from Holly Holly asked me what was your first step in changing your diet so the
number one step in my diet was eliminating any kind of fat now being an
Indian in our food we do have a lot of veggies that we eat but also we used oil
and ghee which is made out of the butter so these two things are heavily used in
our vegetables when they curve even for naan or roti if guys know it’s like an
indian bread which is made out of a whole whole wheat but they still put
ghee on top of it just to give you that you know flavor so we eliminated every
basically no oil in our vegetable so when we make subji which is like cook
vegetables we’re not using any kind of oil we’re not using any kind of ghee 1
type of butter so that’s gone even if I eat the bread my breads are hundred
percent whole wheat or whole grain we eliminated all daily products so no milk
no yoghurt nothing that comes out of animal in any form whether it’s meat its
milk if it’s yogurt cheese so the biggest reason is the fat fat is the one
causes a lot of issue in your bodies whether it’s diabetes or heart condition
in any case you want to eliminate out of your diet so that’s number one
step the next question comes from Nicole Nicole say this is super awesomeness
congratulations to both of you thank you so much Nicole appreciate it I now start
posting some of those amazing recipes of Indian Fok lol alright so the recipe is
a little bit harder to explain they’re mixed of vegetables different vegetables
but there are a lot of things so to make things easier raysh is actually having
another video where she’s actually showing you step by step process on how
she’s making this Indian recipes or in your food that we eat every day so that
video is coming pretty quick stay tuned for that so the next question comes from
Harman Christina sorry if I butchered your name so the question is can you
list what you ate I have the same issue it’s a list of the foods so let me just
give you a rundown of what I eat on a daily basis first thing first I get up
early in the morning I get up around 5:30 6 o’clock between 6:30 and 7:00 I
will have my first meal which is oatmeal cooked in water these are not the pre
packs that you get from the Quaker these are different ones again as I said I’ve
leave the details in the description down below so I eat my oatmeal cooked in
water with apple walnuts and blueberries blueberries are actually amazing one of
one of the shocker that you are gonna find out is I eat a lot of fruits and
fruit contains a high sugar but its natural sugar not processed if you want
to get more information on that I highly recommend the books by dr. Neal Barnard
and I believe joel fuhrman those books goes much more in detail in regards to
diet what food to eat what for to avoid and what food you’re simply should not
be eating so those book links are also in the description down below the second
meal or second snack you can say is coffee at work I would have a coffee but
my wife cooks this Piratas and I would have two or three of them they are a
healthy snack I would have with my coffee in coffee I don’t add milk
half-and-half or any kind of dairy the only thing I would add is not pods again
the link is in the description you can have
1 tablespoon of nut pods and if you don’t like the taste initially I was
using the equal or the artificial sugars but now slowly slowly I’m developing the
taste who completely eliminate that I don’t like to use the artificial sugars
now I’m not adding any kind of our different sugar I’m just doing a coffee
and nut pod third meal comes I would say 10:00 10:30
it’s the sets of nuts so I would have walnut almonds cashews dry raisins I mix
them up I just measure with my fist and I know the nuts have fat but that’s a
good fat so again you gotta find what works for you next comes up is the lunch
now lunch I usually have homemade coke witches Indian roadies sub juice which
is mixed vegetables cooked together with Indian spices and all lentils dal which
we call so it’s it’s a good heavy meal that I eat we don’t use oil or we don’t
use ghee or butter any kind of fat in it it’s just naturally made after that I
would take a fruit so probably orange or banana
I would limit banana once a day to have another coffee before I come home when I
come home that’s when I eat a vegetable sandwich or sometimes I eat Adworks a
whole-grain bread with carrots beets cucumbers and sometimes lettuce and we
use hummus so that gives you a nice protein and it’s a good balance between
vegetables carbohydrates and and the last meal of the day my dinner is
usually a salad I use kale carrots beets blueberries orange mango and cup of
beans and to be honest that’s my every night meal I love that meal I don’t get
bored of it because it has a lot of flavors has a sugar in it has a beans in
it so it’s very fulfilling meal at the night and that’s what me and Rach we
both eat so that’s my breakdown of the meals every day the next question comes
from Gemma did you go super low-fat or cut the sugar or both number 1
completely no sugar no soda no sugary drinks no alcohol I mean you get the
natural fat from nuts and all of the food but no cheese no dairy products no
any bad nothing this is a very interesting
question by Ashley crik crik crik Kristin sorry I’m watching everyone’s
name the question is what were you eating before that’s a very good
question so the first thing you have to identify is what crap you are eating you
know junk food bars sugary stuff so you need to identify what you’re eating
wrong that’s when you will realize what do you have to eat right so the first
week when we found out and we did the research and we need to change the diet
we were in shock how much junk we were eating it the whole a snack area was
filled with cookies and Doritos chips a lot of processed food a lot of processed
food somewhere low in fat somewhere low in sugar but they all were processed
food and that is the biggest reason for many many health issues so eliminate if
possible just dump everything out clean your house from processed food stay away
from processed food so the next question comes from Shannon Jones asking me how
are your morning BG else BG l stands for blood glucose level so for those who
don’t know or you know you monitor your blood glucose level by poking yourself
you’re riding the finger take a small sample of the blood and the Machine
gives you the reading so that reading came somewhere between 105 to 110
sometimes it came back at like 115 but again my focus was more on a 1c rather
than the daily BG else but if you really wanted to dig deep on that I would
suggest just talk to your doctor they have more information than me the next
question comes from Justin Lau low low low
I did go to school congratulations thank you so much Justin on your achievement
did you continue to have starches yes I did initially the first month I would
say January because of the misleading information that you can’t have potatoes
I completely stopped eating it but come February we found out potatoes are okay
we started including that I don’t have much detail how much you
and you should be eating so just go by your doctor or your nutritionist if you
have one or try to find some more information I’m pretty sure you can have
you can find a lot more information in the fok group next question comes
fashions McCarty McCarthy McCarthy McCarthy McCarthy McCarthy McCarthy
marker patience McCarthy occurred immigrant problems first of all
congratulations thank you so much this is awesome I know I would love to know
how you got started and some of the resources you used to make the changes I
appreciate you wanting to help others on this journey most people are very scared
when they get diagnosed and tend to hope to go away on its own first of all thank
you so much and yes my purpose to create this video is to help because guess what
even I was hurt when you hear this news you know it’s not easy it’s a medical
condition that stays with you pretty much till the end of your life takes a
little bit of courage to just sit yourself out there because I know there
will be people who are gonna point finger at me questions my diet or my
exercise again I’m not telling anyone to do this I’m just sharing this story so
you have to use your own brain come up with your own plan execute it see what
works for you and stick to it so now back to the question and that is what
resources I used the question is living unclear so let me try to cover
everything I use Apple watch and I also use a polar a chess trap which basically
goes right on your chest and that has all different type of workout which you
can select and do the exercise so I do CrossFit
I do weight workout in the gym I do cardio I also do kickboxing so all these
workouts are predefined in the app and you can just select based on that my
average workout I burn 500 calories minimum that’s my minimum requirement no
matter what like even if my workout is ended and I’m at 450 I would put in some
more time and make sure I burned those 50 calories and reach my 500 that’s one
of the tool that I’m using towards the workout so I hope that answers your
question next question comes from Kimberly great success story thank you
so much would love more tales of what and how you changed so
thank you for the question and let me just start that everything starts here
first you get this reality check hey you know if you don’t do something you may
not be here for a long a lot of people kind of you know get taken by that how
was also but then I realize you know what we don’t know when the end is we
don’t have control over death but what we have control over is our present you
know the way we live I came up with this sentence and I remind myself that every
time I have any kind of doubts and dad is I don’t want to live sick I want to
die healthy that’s that’s my guru sentence and that motivate don’t focus
on that don’t focus how long you’re gonna live
focus on how healthy you are gonna that helped me a lot and that pushes me when
you’re happy you create positive energy and that energy gets passed on to your
immediate family my life is happy my kids are happy come up with a mindset
prepare something that helps you and remind you that why are you doing this
to push yourself you have to remind yourself that what exactly you wanted to
achieve and I want to achieve is I want to stay healthy I want to enjoy life but
in a positive in a healthy way that’s the mindset I prepare and that’s how I
got started next question comes from Mary
did you eat mostly potatoes I wouldn’t say I ate mostly potatoes my food is
mixed with pretty much every vegetable that you can name by wife she’s a foodie
she loves to cook she need an item every day and because we have access to all
these different vegetables and grains peas beans and lentils and the goom’s it
just works out but Tara’s is not the only thing that I eat but we do mix them
up with different vegetables and come up with different recipe every day being
Indian we got lucky because we have lot of spices and relaxed spicy food and all
those stuff so we have a lot of variations that we can do with different
vegetables and it works out but no I don’t eat potatoes only next question
comes from Tara how long did you exercise each day how many days a week
my numbers are exactly the same as yours where can we to get them rechecked in
three months great job Thank You Tara and I’m pretty confident
you’ll meet it to exercise regime is Achilles five days a week I mix up three
different activities number one is CrossFit number two is kickboxing and
number three is weight workout in the gym CrossFit is something where your
entire body is engaged it’s a high intensity interval training so my heart
rate stays very high somewhere between like 140 to 170 range you you just have
to come up with what works for you but you have to make sure you consult your
doctors or a professional if you have to because I wouldn’t know what exercise
would work for you by days a week it please I hope that helps any alcohol
none zero reason is I’m not against alcohol you can have it once in a while
if you want my go-to drink is always been whiskey a single malt very low in
sugar but it’s empty calories do you want to eat empty calories then you have
to put in more work in the gym so for me I want to go work out to 3 hours a day
it’s just not practical so in that case should I give up alcohol
sure I don’t drink every day it’s just once in a while in occasion my friends
they try to push hey it’s okay one drink doesn’t do anything well it does
actually if I drink one drink which can have anywhere between 100 to 300
calories then guess what I have to spend another hour in the gym to burn those
calories so for me that’s how I come up I tell them thank you but no thank you I
don’t want to spend another hour in the gym I want to spend that hour with my
family try to control your surroundings no alcohol congratulations w thank you
so much those results are awesome dedication and consistency paid off it
absolutely did when you started this diet what changes you made to overcome
if possible can you share what you ate in in a day I already covered what I eat
in the day but the biggest adjustment that I have to do is when you go outside
so restaurants where you go out eat you know majority of the restaurants would
have very small sets of vegetable options so you can modify we actually
started going out quite often as a lot of restaurants adjust based on your
request we also try to find vegan restaurants and we don’t have to worry
about too much of cheese and oil and stuff like that we went to Mexican
restaurant we told them you know I we’ll have my burritos but I don’t want
cheese I don’t want oil I don’t want any chicken beef or pork and it just you
know put some more vegetables and beans and it worked out so be little bit
flexible when you go out to eat just make sure the restaurant that you’re
going the they accept your adjustment to the food and in most cases they they
would honor it did you cheat at all ah very interesting question I have no
cheat days so one thing I even have to create a cheat everything that you
consider cheating maybe eating sugar or chocolate or ice cream or meat I give up
on me basically for me it does not bother I don’t miss it I people can put
food in front of me and it’s not gonna bother me I don’t miss cheese because I
was never into cheese that much do I miss chocolate yes but at the same time
my wife rich actually came up with an excellent item and now no more chocolate
problem here it is she makes this which is out of dates and cocoa so it looks
exactly like Hershey’s Kisses I pop one in I eat them right after my meal it’s a
sugar for me it’s like a brown it tastes like chocolate so works out perfectly
fine for me but it satisfies me so G I don’t have to because there are options
you just have to find which one works for you oh by the way she’s also
creating another video for this particular item which is I think it’s a
bomb so it’s not the bomb the taste one H it’s really good let me just enjoy
this hmm next comment comes from Elizabeth congratulations thank you so
much I hope you had the pleasure of seeing your doctor’s jaw drop such an
inspiration well thank you so much I actually could not see his jaw dropping
because number one I was on the phone and number two he’s my best friend and
he knows that I would do this and that’s the reason actually called me on
December 31st saying hey got a change buddy so I’m pretty sure he’s happy I’m
pretty sure his eyes will be like hmm he did it I don’t think so his jaw drop
like yeah I don’t think that that happened but hey he’s happy I’m happy
we all are happy did you add any supplement or herbals or just all with
food diet I do take supplements there are three of
them that I am taking the first one which is called Vedic company Cove ADAC
it’s a sugar balance juice it’s created out of aloe vera juice kerala juice
which is an indian bitter melon indian black berry or blueberry what is its
call it’s jumbo and basically it comes in this small container all you have to
do is just fill it up and take a shot before you eat your meal so I take these
three times first in the morning afternoon before lunch and before dinner
the next one I have my green which is this one this one is just basically just
a powder before I go to sleep so I take one small scoop put in the water and use
a hot water mix it up it just helps me sleep better that’s all and the third
one I have is a bitter melon bitter melon captured you have two
option either you can buy the bitter melon and grind it and drink the juice
which is a little bit bitter again it’s a bitter melon or you can just take one
tablet I take this when I travel otherwise I just stick to this one I
used to drink the bitter melon juice but I stopped it I don’t think I need it
because I have this one which has all the different melons blueberries and
different greens like I think it’s five or six different ones and it just helps
me so those are the supplements that I’m sufficient comes from Colleen did you
stop nuts and seeds I already covered about nuts no I haven’t stopped eating
nuts but good question about seeds I do eat chia seeds I do eat sunflower seeds
I incorporate them in my salad and once in a while I do make smoothies but I
haven’t eliminated nuts and seeds the reference to your questions so that’s
all the questions that I have from you guys so thank you so much for sending
these questions I really appreciate it and I hope you leave more questions in
the comment section below also let me know what you would like to know
or if you want to see the specific workouts that I do how I balance my
day-to-day life that’s one of the area I want to cover that how do I focus from
eating to workout to family you know majority the time we struggle with the
schedule I hope I answered and said it’s leave me a comment in the comment
section below and if you have more questions if you have anything that you
want to know know you can reach me by leaving the comment here or I’m gonna
leave an email address for you guys so you can send me your questions even you
need a moral support or anything just you know feel free to reach out to me so
my tribe with this video is give back to the community by just creating this
video share my story you know it is possible to reverse your diabetes just
have to come up with the right plan that works for you and which you can maintain
the key is not to just reverse but to maintain this lifestyle and that’s where
my focus is and that’s where I want to put out more information but I need your
help on that why don’t you click the subscribe button hit the bell that’s
next to the subscribe so every time when I post over you you’ll come to know that
I have posted something if you have anything you can always leave a comment
in the comment section below and we’ll have a conversation going I’m pretty
good at responding all my emails my comments here I’m available across all
the social media so my Instagram my Twitter everything is sound in the
description below so feel free to reach out to me if you need any kind of
information or any support and let me tell you this and this has been saved so
many times by so many people if I can do it so can you
just find the right way to do it right person for the information right plan
that works for you but again this is something that you have to discuss all
your options with your doctors so please make sure you remember that I’m not a
medical professional I’m just sharing what worked for me ultimately you have
to come up with your own plans and you have to execute it and stick to it
that’s all for today folks I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a
thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you guys in the
next video till then

15 thoughts on “How I reversed my type 2 diabetes in 3 months | From A1C 7.5 to A1C 5.3

  • Do you or anyone in your family is struggling with Type 2 Diabetes? I highly suggest these two books (link in description) for some really great information on Whole Food Plant-based diet.

  • DJ. Great! It is really hard to get that A1c down. I have a patient that has an A1c of 16 if you can believe that! All your numbers look great and u lost a lot of weight too! Always better to do this without medications if you can!

  • Very interesting. I did exactly the opposite. Of course I'm being monitored by a doctor.
    I'm on a LCHF diet. I have a lot of fats everyday. My HbA1c was type 2 and my LDL was over 250 and the total was over 300! I started doing the LCHF diet monitored by my doctor and I got everything to normal in 4 weeks to 3 months.

  • So glad you are able to share your story, Abhijit. Diabetes runs in my family. After watching my mother through the years I’ve learned a lot. So I try to eat ways you are talking about. Not saying I don’t ever treat myself. Very inspiring to hear your story!

  • Thank You for this video.I will start working on your tips.I need to live healthy & longer 🙂

  • Thank you for the advice, Abhijit. Good luck with your journey to beat Diabetes and stay that way!! Great Video!!

  • Wish you could have seen my face when I heard my name haha I can’t wait to watch the food videos. Thank you for making this video, you truly are an inspiration. I do have another question for you through. Do you guys incorporate any Ayurvedic principles in your daily lifestyle and food?

  • Hello was drving ur car with ur a1c 7.5? Its bother u eyes ? I cant drving and out of control with my a1c eyes no power at all and am very scary its happed to you sir?

  • Hlo brother I am from Nepal. Now I am in qatar 4 months ago I got 224 fasting blood sugar. My doctor told me if I drop my sugar level within 1 month than I didn't need to take midican but if the sugar level is same than I have to take medican. She gave me 1 month time I am 31 yrs old. I told her I do it. Than after that day star I control my diet no sugar, no white rice, no fasting food. Every early morning I drink fenugreek water and also chew fenugreek and go for morning walk than do 45 min gym. Eat 1 time brown rice, 1 time brown roti. Cucumber, onion, garlic. Every month I go for check my blood gulscuso it's came 101, other month 95 but my alc level came 8.5% after 4 month last my 3 months test my alc its 5.89%. Fasting sugar 82 I do it. Within 4 months no medican. Treat by my food and doing excess. It's real its happen to me.

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