Wellcome at the Horoscope. In the days that follow the planet Mercury changes the sectors of life influenced, it still has a balanced energy path, half positive, half negative, each man having the option to choose when allowed, his good or bad part. But let’s continue to look at what chapters of life are influenced until the end of this month, for each zodiac sign. Aries- Good things can happen at home, and it can be about family members or even the actual home, the monetary gains made by you together with your life partner in the activity from which you earn your living are capitalized in the house. However, he did not borrow any money for housing expenses and avoided house parties. Taurus – A favorable decision come to you regarding a dispute in which you were involved and in which to emerge victorious you mobilized all the relations and friends who could help you, the communicative side of your personality being an important factor. Instead you can find out something negative about an older member of the family or life partner. Gemini – You can make small financial gains if you work in the field of art, sports or leisure or entertainment. Another possibility of winning may be related to passing an exam. However, a state of confusion and errors in communication can cancel you any chance of financial benefit in the workplace. Cancer- An additional benefit or financial backlog from your job raises your morale and so you have the energy to overcome the obstacles in your life. However, you can remain upset over life after an outing in the world where you will spend a significant amount and not be treated with respect. Leo- In certain sectors of your life, your free will is very limited and without you doing something, good or bad things can happen to you depending on the nature of your past actions. Thus the good ones are related to the qualities for which you are appreciated by all your acquaintances and the couple relationship in which you have no problems. The bad ones are related to a conflict of attitude with an older member of the family. Virgo – You can make a small progress in the activity from which you earn your living, all because of money gains from work and at the same time the effects of a penalty that was applied to you even though you were innocent are canceled. Instead, you may encounter bureaucratic difficulties in obtaining a loan, the problem being the necessary documents from the workplace. Libra – Everyone appreciates you for their material achievements and for your activity in the field of sports, entertainment or art, but most of all for your temperament and the spirit of adaptability that brought you to success. However, in the workplace, bosses and colleagues will not look at you with good eyes because of misunderstandings in your relationship with your life partner. Scorpio – The couple’s partner and the whole family support you with all their strength if you are going to go abroad soon or you are already away from the country. With all these good things, beware of any conflict and do not let the ambitions and pride of you win the respect of others at any cost, because the results can be more unpleasant and complicated. Sagittarius – You can be the beneficiary of additional gains in the workplace, the most favored ones are those active in the field of transport, communications and health. You can incur a pretty expensive damage if you go on a touristic trip, far outside our country. Capricorn – The respect that you have managed to gain and your material achievements after work and effort strengthen the relationship with your life partner, not to forget that we live in a material world and in a relationship many things besides love are needed and respect. However, some problems you have at work can make you cooler with your partner. Aquarius – You can face a time of payment for your past mistakes and for the good that you have done, giving up your own person, you can be the beneficiary of some good things. So good things can happen at home, a family member can be the indirect beneficiary of your good deeds without you doing anything at present. On the negative side you can have a dispute with your life partner and you can lose a lot. Pisces – It is a good time for short trips where you can disconnect, practice sports, tourism and everything you love or enjoy. You have to make the most of the moment, especially if you benefit from a financial supplement. However, you will not feel as good if you are going to have fun on a longer trip abroad. These are the forecasts for the influence of the planet Mercury until the end of December for each zodiac sign. Thank you for your attention, stay with ROMANIA TV. I am Adrian Bunea and you can reach me on the AdiBun Astrolog social page. AND DO NOT FORGET, FAITH OF THE HUMAN BEING IS ALWAYS IN HIS HANDS, BECAUSE THE FUTURE HAS NOT BEEN DECIDED BEFORE.

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