Headaches! A Patient’s WIN Getting Rid of Migraines!

– Do you or someone that you love, suffer with headaches? If you do, we have a
story that will give you a little bit of hope. I’m Dr. Christy Flick. – I’m Dr. Jennifer Taylor and we’re with HealthWorks:
A Family Wellness Center in Plano, Texas and this
is a real life story from a real life patient, right here at HealthWorks
and I hope it encourages you. So Dr. Taylor’s gonna tell us. – Yeah, so this particular
person, she came in and for years, she’d been suffering from debilitating migraines. She has changed her diet, basically she’s done everything
that we would recommend as far as diet, exercise, stretching, everything there is to do except chiropractic and
that was the missing piece of the puzzle for her, I think. So she came to us and she says, I don’t know if you can help me, I’m on several different medications, just to manage my life. – Yeah and so, at that
point, it was migraines, it was nausea, vomiting,
sensitivity to light and not just every once in awhile but multiple times during a week. So you know, no small problem. And she was, it wasn’t like she was just letting this happen to her either, she was trying so hard. – Very hard. – In so many different
ways to take care of this and she was so frustrated. I mean, I don’t know if you
might be in that same boat, where you’ve tried so many things and you just feel like, you know what, maybe I’m just gonna have
this problem for life, maybe this is just the
way that my life is. – Yeah, and it doesn’t
have to be that way. – Yeah. – So when she came into our office, she had the full new patient experience where we, we leave no stone un-turned. We really look at the entire, the entire nervous system
to make sure that things are functioning the way they should. If not, where is the problem? We’re not gonna chase
your symptoms around, we’re gonna find where the problem is and so her problem happened to be up here. Our area of expertise is
the upper cervical area and this is very common in migraine cases because it’s so vascular in nature and there’s so much vascularity up in this particular area but you know, we do look at
it very, very precisely too. – In English, that means
there’s a lot of blood vessels that go from your heart to your brain and if this area is not aligned properly, that can create inflammation and trouble with that circulation,
which makes your head hurt, really bad. – Exactly, that’s why your head feels like it’s gonna explode. – Yeah absolutely. – So what we did, we
performed the adjustment, over a series of adjustments, really a short period of time, just within the first month or so, she was gradually getting
rid of her medications cause she didn’t need them. She was able to go on vacation. – Yes. – Imagine that. – Without a headache. – Exactly so she was more than excited and now her medications
are virtually non-existent. – Yeah. – You know, so it’s really a privilege to be able to take care
of people like that. – Absolutely and so, there’s
some really interesting research study that followed
somebody just like this. So in the literature, this lady was having migraines one to two times per week and they were lasting
between one and three days. So up to six days of migraines a week, I mean that’s, there’s one day left to do your grocery shopping
and say hi to your kids. That’s horrible. After she had a course
of chiropractic care, she had no migraines and she decreased her medications by – [Both] 100%. – And this particular study
followed her for seven years and she had no migraine
following her care, no more migraines. So that really follows
along with what we see in clinical, clinically here in our office and the patient that Dr.
Taylor was talking about so you know what, if
you’re one of those people that suffers with headaches or migraines, I really encourage you to
find a chiropractor near you. If you’re near us, we’d
love for you to come in. Give chiropractic care an
opportunity to find out if that’s what’s causing your headaches. You’ve tried everything else, chiropractic care gets very good results for headaches and migraines. – So if this is you, comment below of give us a call at our office at 972-612-1800.

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