100 thoughts on “GBI medical examiner who examined Laila Daniel’s death testifies at Rosenbaum trial

  • This lady is soo educated it’s fucking ridiculous. Like really this woman is a fucking beast. I love love love her.

  • For Jennifer to do this to get even with the little girl's mother is over kill poor little girl she went thru hell

  • For Jennifer to take her hatered for the little girl's mother out on the little girl it's so sad. Child protective services should of checked out if there was any connection between the child's mother and Jennifer but because she was in the political lights they didn't bring that into the case. Even ppl in the political field can abuse children even kill them. Me the red flag on this case is Jennifer wanting to foster these girls. I truly believe Millie would of died next

  • Now the case will drag on cuz they're bringing in a procutor from out of town. I figure cuz this one failed to enter into evidence the connection between Jennifer &the child's mother

  • This defense ass white asking the ME questions like she doesn't know her job. He act like he's getting information to do a crime and not get caught. He asking the same questions indifferent format 🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽
    Hey over here We are Smart and Intelligent too. Sheesh

  • Jennifer manipulated Tessa in every text. Never allowed visits. The times were impossible on the text about Laila getting sick at school to the doctors, to the IV. All of it couldn’t have been done with those times. Tessa believed everything Jen wrote.

  • I love this medical examiner! Jennifer’s worst nightmare! She is up there stating nothing but facts against that evil witch!

    On another note: Jennifer has a mean looking mug on her! 👿

  • This Doctor is very knowledgeable, smart, clear and professional. Poor child, what she went through.

  • If it were me and there was a chance I did something wrong to a child where it ended up in death such as bursting their internal.organs cause my cpr was too hard ..i would feel so bad i would refuse a trial and punish myself and admit i did it wrong and I was the reason.but not in this case why cause jennifer is a psychopath.whats sad is the bio mom took way better care of them and she was a meth addict.
    Too bad baby killers dont have a goodtime in prison.i cant wait

  • "Sit down and eat your dinner eat your chicken i made for u damnit " thats all i can hear in my head and seeing jennifer just slinging her arpund and slapping her and grabbing her ..disgusting .jennifer knows and so do we .guilty guilty and obviously guilty

  • I’ve watched her in many different trials and she’s amazing! She’s the truth & is extremely knowledgeable. Thank God for her

  • Laila was too good for this place on Earth. I'm hoping that some sort of change will happen as a direct result of her tragic experience and death. Throw away the keys on the Rosenbaums. Their story is over and will beigin behind bars

  • This woman is very educated. Wow I would love to be her assistant you would learn so much from her. This state is lucky to have her working for them

  • I’ve taken care of thousands of patients who have been through traumatic accidents. I have NEVER seen a patient with a pancreas SPLIT IN TWO. Devastating.

  • I do wonder how many times that baby tumbled down the ungated stairs between the kitchen, and the living room. Those stairs look sharp too. I don’t know how you can have a toddler in the home without properly baby proofing an area such as that. Seems pretty common sense for non parents even. I don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong?

  • I really like this Medical examiner. She is so thorough, and clearly very comfortable explaining things in layman’s terms for the jury. I feel like she would be an amazing instructor, if she hasn’t been doing that already.

  • The prosecution team is also quite remarkable. They ask all the right questions to make a very impressionable case for this baby girl.

  • That was a slow painful death for this little girl, for an hour or so…it's so heartbreaking the suffering from abuse that she went through.. To have to have her entire hair shaved just goes to show, how many inflicted wounds were visible once this was done…consistent bruising. The top off her head anyone off her bruises were concerning. The amount off bruises and injuries alone on her head were 22 …. The left side of the face had abrasions..bruises.. Firstly red then brown then yellow….time wise she was able to define wether it was a day ago, an hour ago. The left ear was a concern..skin loss maybe a burn mark at 2 years old this beautiful little innocent child Suffered cruelty at the hands off Jennifer…my God as a Mother myself…I would do time myself to inflict every 22 wounds on her head and see her watch me, see her Die

  • ME Laura is so articulate, and her level of professionalism along with her clear communication is unmatched . She has done an incredible job at helping to bring justice to so many victims. Exceptional work!

  • Can someone explain why Laila had bruising in her upper thighs? @39:48 pubic area – really ?? I shudder to imagine and can’t help but to think the worst – please tell me I am wrong – the whole defense argument / attempt to make it seem like those bruises were as a direct result of a layman’s mistaken attempt to deliver CPR / dislodge food seems so preposterous

  • …that (j.r.) is 1 sick azz, fat azz, jealous azz, disgusting azz, PiG Bit#@…!!! Uugghh!!! The more I hear, the more I wish they wld just release her on the street & cops/authorities hold a "press conference" 2 give us the date/time so we can all make sure we r right there when she walks out…. I think us girls can handle taking care of her….I'm Sorry , I'm becoming so Angry…!!!😤😠
    I bet she loves seeing those autopsy pics of the poor baby,
    uugghhh, grrrrrrrr…..!!! Oh, Laila baby, I know ur feeling love now, it's over , up there in Heaven with Jesus with your little angel wings 👼👼👼❣️😇😇

  • Like I have said many times. If someone kills a child as in this case,they should get the gas chamber or old sparky and televise it ! And people who knew it was going on and did nothing should get prison time. And a huge fine. Then maybe people will stop killing our babies. I want to change the laws. Can anyone help me ? Our children are our most precious. We are supposed to protect them!

  • Very good analysis by this expert leaves no doubt this baby was systematically beaten to death over time. Dear God how that little lamb suffered 😢

  • Thank you to all who testified and spoke for Layla …. sweet little baby girl….she had a tough, short life…may she rest with God…..
    what evil people who harms a child, they will suffer in hell

  • The hate this foster monster had for this child must have been palatable to Laila. It’s heartbreaking to know that was what she experienced as her last thought in this life.

  • WARNING !!!!! DO NOT mess with this “SISTER” under ANY circumstances. Did Y’all notice when asked a question referring to ANYTHING SHE DID NOT ONCE refer to ANY notes. SHE DIFFIDENTLY HAS HER s _ _ t together !

  • So these two idiots thought that they would get away with murdering this precious child? Really?? And you have the audacity to lie through your a***s about what actually occurred, you can fool some people some of the time, but not all people all of the time. This Doctor sending your murdering backsides under the jail. I'm so pissed and sad all at the same time.

  • A very confident & incredible intelligent woman, depth of her education/ knowledge incredible! Under continuous education!
    Very credible witness!

  • This monster did all of that to a two year-old baby?!! I hope those other prisoners are whooping both of their behinds, right now!!!! And I hope those whoopings occur EACH and EVERY DAY!!! Lowlife pieces of TRASH!!!

  • Incredible woman…. this is so sad. So many failed this little girl. Bio mom and aunts in court crying all pointing finger but they failed her as well. She chose drugs over her babies, point blank. Be a mom and another woman won’t have to care for your children. These foster parents are just cowards I hope everyone that failed this baby get theirs. Sweet innocent baby that only wants to be loved and cared for. RIP Laila, you won’t be hurt anymore!!!!! ❤️🙏

  • The ME testimony is factual. No implication, no inflection, no assumptions or personal opinion. Factual. These are the types of expert witnesses that seal a case. Cannot be a reasonable doubt after this testimony.

  • Wow!!! This woman is beyond brilliant!!! She has done it ALL with her education. Just unbelievably intelligent! I know her family and friends are very pleased with her.

  • Bravo to the lawyer for asking such thorough question so there's is no way for them to wiggle out of this horrific crime

  • This precious baby girl….her mommy and daddy couldn’t or wouldn’t….so these bastards took her for what…an easy 2k a month so they could take out their stress on her?

  • The autopsy is damning evidence no child should have various injuries all over her body and head.
    Why are they so many foster parents who are actually either dirty sex peadophiles or suffer with so many issues they feel the need to torture some defenceless baby.I would find it very easy extinguishing the life out of peadophiles rapists kid killers or those who hurt the elderly too.

  • Jennifer and her husband were soooooo busted! I'm happy to hear that justice has been served. My sister was killed in her foster home. She was severely beaten.

  • That disgusting wildebeest dragged that baby around by her ear, I feel utterly useless right now! WITAF????

  • Why is it necessary to ask all those questions about her education and background? The fact she's holding her position should be enough proof she's a professional.

  • This is the single, most heartbreaking and disturbing this I have ever listened to. Oh my, those horrible, horrible monsters. That poor little angel.

  • Wish we could see Jennifer face and how she reacts when she is hearing all monsters stuff she did and hoped it will be never known. So stupid from her and evil, this woman gave very good evidence.

  • Could this be why GBI investigation at Dooly County was called in to investigate B Martinez with one of the officers to see how GBI investigates for your FBI on line detective game. I'm a victim of some of the worst mind game software investors in American history..
    They have cyber experience an want high paying jobs… Back ground checks needed in top positions. CEO, AF bases, Frito Lay, People working at home on internet., etc

  • I have a 2 yr old daughter and this just sickens me. What did these monsters do to this poor little angel? The injuries are so extensive, they must have beat her over and over. This poor child knew only pain, sadness, loneliness, fear, extreme anger from adults in her life, confusion and distrust of everyone she ever knew. Her short life was only misery and pain! I really truly hope with all my being that these monsters get what they gave, in the exact same ways and for the same length of time they made this baby suffer. Someone do us all a favor and kill these people and get them off the face of the earth so they can never hurt another person again. In cases of child abuse and neglect, the abusers deserve to be killed, two wrongs is right when kids are involved, you dont hurt children, period.

  • This medical examiner is absolutely incredible. So professional and she explains things perfectly. I hope she is being paid very well.

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