FAQs: Headaches After Head Injuries

People that suffer concussions or mild
head injuries in car wrecks or other accidents will frequently have headaches,
sometimes they’ll have other symptoms as well. But the medical literature reports that
eighty to ninety percent of people that suffer a concussion report having
headaches. The issue is if those headaches persist for any length of time,
let’s say more than three weeksm then they become a concern and it’s important
for the patient to make sure that they mention the headaches to their doctor.
That they mention the duration, that is how often do they have them, the length of time, the frequency, that’s how often they happen, a detailed description of the headaches,
and ultimately they probably want to get referred to a neurologist who
specializes in treating headaches. That’s a brain brain and nerve doctor.
Hopefully, those headaches go away and that’s usually the case. But not always. And so every now and then, we’ll have a
client who has been in a bad car wreck, maybe had a loss of consciousness due to a head injury, and now they have what’s known as ‘post traumatic migraines’, and
that can be a life-changing injury. Because now they’ve got headaches that
may be so bad that there are sensitive to light, they’ve gotta lay down, they have to
leave work ,they completely have to unplug from society. And it’s important
that those kind of symptoms get followed up with a doctor and if a patient has
that kind of injury from a car wreck, that they make sure their lawyer
understands the significance of the injury and knows what to do in
developing the case.

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