Engaging Patients with Mental Illness in Patient-Centered Outcomes Research

we’re engaging african-americans with
serious mental illness because what we know is a shocking numbers is that people
with serious mental illness get sick and die about 5-10 years younger than
everybody else and that ethnic diversity makes that worse and so clearly in the
sense of patient-centered outcomes if we’re going to develop interventions
that reflect those needs we have to have in this case african-americans with
serious mental illness driving the show and so what Sonya and I put together as
a team seven or eight other african-americans
some with serious mental illness some that are service providers in the area to put
together this program we sent out fliers we held interviews we called everyone we asked questions over the telephone so we had a pretty in depth interview
and application process we’re teaching patient-centered outcomes research so
we’re doing is we’re setting up teams in chicago providers researchers and people
that experience to go out there and work together and what Sonya and I
have done is put the manual the show together to show them how to do that also I can say that the major impact is also an individual sense of accomplishment most
of the people on our team really feel like they’re making a difference within
their communities and within their own personal lives and that’s really
something to see the light bulb goes off and they see that they’re making a major
difference that’s in and of itself priceless and their major partners so we
pay them and we pay them full hourly I think for two years once a week you guys meet yes we do and they will be involved everyone from the advisory board fully
within the decision of the two projects that were going to choose and the
training curriculum so they’ll be there right with us full all the way

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