100 thoughts on “Edmond man says cheap drug for dogs cured his cancer

  • Am I an idiot or are these high-priced doctors members of a liars club? I can just see these fake doctors getting high together and laughing at their fat bank accounts and how they have jointly bamboozled their patients. Psychopaths they are.

  • Can this person prove that he was actually sick with cancer?
    can he post some photos or vieos of him being in very sick stage of his disease?
    or show his medical records, or at least have his doctor testify that he was actually sick?

  • Try a tablespoon of Edible Dimetion Earth mixed into a glass of water or a mixture of honey and ingestible Iodine a day.

  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flubendazole




  • The problem is you the ignorant scum public who through conditioned obligation run to the M.D. Medical Drug Pimp & expect them to have advice about a Healing substance that is NO WHERE to be found on their Medical Drug Pimp MENU, so how & why do you expect them to spend time selling something that is NOT on there Drugs -R-US Menu. You can seek out a Natural Doctor N.D. a Functional Medicine Doctor but a Hospital FRANCHISE Drug Pimp is the last place to get information about Healing NOT on the MENU!!!!! got it dummies Mr.Tippons explained He did about 2000 Hours of RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH learn the definition of that word & learn the answer to Health Questions, no the answer you want & expect to hear responded back from the Temple of Doom Hospital Drug Pimp & then your eye's will be open to truth, or don't! Be the scum conditioned cattle you choose to be. Nitrice Oxide N.O.

  • Sometimes the time has come and no one can stop the cure ,This medicine fenbendazole tripled it's price from $7 to $21 since the story hit, and MD Anderson is studying it if they throw the study well we all know what that means,  Other countries will study it then the results will be out . Now if this medicine disappears off the shelves no worries China will make a close enough version of it and get it on the market. That is how they get around that proprietary. They make same version but just add turmeric vitamin E poof you got a new product to market. I think the CBD you have to buy separate depending on what state you live in

  • Can someone please help. My cousin is riddled with cancer she started with breast cancer and now has spread to her bones and her liver. I would like to know what are the dosage of the dog medication how many times a week should you take, also how much CBD oils you should take and vitamin E if someone could please give me the regimen I greatly appreciate it. I love my cousin dearly and I would love to see her live out her years. please please help. Thank you. I went to the blog however it does not say how much milligrams one should take nor how often. She is currently on chemo will these meds give her bad side effects? God bless you all and you are all in my prayers. Much ❤

  • And at 1 point our doctors and the schools not going to keep putting up with our failed health care of all these wrong treatments while you have DE wormer helping with cancer it's ridiculous they'd rather burn you with chemo and radiation they basically you feed your cancer with their pet scans and they don't even tell you to eat healthy and give you sugar and sweets when you go for chemo it's mad science in it needs to stop

  • And the only reason why they are even looking at this is because it is a drug it's not anything natural which they all refused to look at any way

  • My hubby was dying of melanoma 18 years ago. After all options, treatments and surgeries ran out, he tried juicing… Then slowly to vegan. All I know is he is still alive. Very active and happy. We will have our 50th Anniversary in 2020.

  • I won't be surprised if the greedy pharmaceutical and Cancer institute tries to get rid of this cure so they can keep selling their poisons like they did before.

  • Doctors are trained in death. So skeptical of cures. They take away their death money. People die and doctors just want you dead faster, offering archaic treatments with NO success.
    Doctors have known for decades, how to cure cancer. But there is no money in cures.

  • Diatomaceous earth, food grade, and green tea…without sugar.
    I'm taking it for prevention.
    Green tea kills the bugs which cause tooth decay and DE, causes bugs inside body to leave.
    Plus, DE, is 90% silica

  • Fenbendazole a antiworm drug for animals is more effective than Mebendazole which they use for humans .It is anti neoplastic which means it kills cancer cells better than Mebendazole.It is highly effective in cancers such as small cell lung cancer and pancreatic cancer.It was a vet animal doctor who deserves the credit on this one .Got to love those vets .

  • I heard everyone has cancer, just that your immune system hasn’t failed yet. So maybe I should take some just in case.

  • If it's found to have worked it will go up in price or fda will say it's not safe for humans big pharma not giving up there billions and will pay off someone to see to it

  • This has been well know to vets who treat farm animals.. And researchers were told to stand down by FDA your government criminal organization..

  • Wondering this happened in 2017 so why tell people now two years later why was this not reported right away..just wondering

  • They don't like the word "cure". I highly advise him to change the wording before "they" drag him through the courts.

    Replace cure with remedy or something similar.

  • The cure has been suppress by the pharmaceutical industry and they been bribing the Republican party for years and that's nothing but the truth.

  • Big pharma already has a cure for cancer but wont use it because things like cancer are used for population control

  • This country is something else watch the pharmaceutical companies remove this over price it and make it unavailable. Cancer is a billion dollar industry, and away of controlling the growth of the masses, by the elitist.


  • The formula for the drug is not under patent .. no one can “take it off the shelf” someone else will make it dogs can’t have worms and besides the fake news media will make sure it’s conspiracy theory

  • If all of you take the time to do some extensive research in the cancer industry, you will learn there have been cures a long time ago! You have to consider the cancer industry is in the billions of dollars.There is no way they will allow a cure by taking a cheap pill! Even consider this, there was a doctor Royal Rife. He had others doctors that observed his equipment to function correctly to kill the cells that had the cancer growing in them by vibrations. There are documentary's about his work. There is a doctor here in Texas that sued the american medical association, he won his case, cost him millions, and he kills cancer cells in the brain! But he can only practice in one state! Now think about that, he found a cure, and he is only allowed to practice in one state! Research the CBD oil for glaucoma, and seizures. They are cured!
    In the bible it states, The love of money is the root of ALL EVIL! Look at the cost for medicine, for doctors, for hospitals. Just think about it.

  • There was a study years ago that showed a direct correlation between cancer and fluke worms…not all people with fluke worms had cancer, but ALL PERSONS THAT HAD CANCER HAD FLUKE WORMS. So the dog wormer medicine kills worms! Pretty simply

  • so why does a dog get worms…because he eats meat via dog food which is ground up remains of downer animals mainly cows or chkns all sick with disease and full of what? drugs! so why do humans get parasites n worms which is a starting point for cancer (dr hulda clark) bc humans also eat meat which is full of…drugs! drugs to make the beef cows or chkns fatter for market ie causes unusual fast excess tissue growth…which is eerily similar to what happens to humans who eat these drugged up animals…they get cancer tumors n growths!

  • It's a terrible thing when the people in the medical profession want to keep a medicine that will cure cancer away from human beings. Those that view medicine only as a business are in the wrong profession anyway. Mr. Tippin did say he was also taking other cancer meds as well . Maybe the combination of all was the cure. No door should be closed when we don't know the exact formula that is needed , everyone or most ,have lost a loved one from their family to that dreaded illness. We can send a rocket into space and men walk on the moon it is time Dr. s. and hospitals cut the BS. Quit thinking about how much money their going to make and find a cure . Don't get me wrong I think most Americans know they have college to pay for and normal living expenses, that doesn't mean they have to charge so much , it makes the sick person feel there is No hope.

  • US National Institutes of Health: Unexpected Antitumorigenic Effect of Fenbendazole when Combined with Supplementary Vitamins https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2687140/

  • Fenbendazole Dewormer for the hogs you don't have. 1.5 ml or just under 1/3 teaspoon gives the recommended 300mg dose. Some studies are now using 500mg x 3 doses daily with no negative effects shown. Store in frig in smaller containers. https://www.valleyvet.com/ct_detail.html?pgguid=40D6322B-A735-4AFA-80CD-8E983BC7274D#tab-review

  • You done messed up now telling these satanic doctors this. If they find this to be true they are going to try and make a different type of dewormer or you just won't be able to buy it

  • It could be a combination of the new experimental drug, and the deworming pill, but even if that was the case it wouldn't be cheap.

  • Merck's vet side did research giving mice all types of cancer. The dog med cured all the cancers. M D Anderson knows about this drug. Other research has been done it in 2002 , 2008. I think they have known about this for 40 years. Lots of vets know this. This drug has had clinical trials for parasites in humans and is approved for humans. No big pharm wants to spend millions of dollars on a clinical trial bc its a cheap generic drug that just about anyone can get easily. Sooo, they just let people die while they approve chemo which only has a 3% sucess rate and should not have been approved for use by our government. China took his site and info, also Korea and are curing cancers. If I had cancer, I would certainly try it. In fact just sent info to a family friend who we think will try it. Been approved for humans for parasites, so can't hurt.

  • False hope? Sound like the doctors and scientist are the false hope to keep their income rolling for ever to line there pockets with you dying with false hope. Let's be positive. The medical establishment is exactly what it is, an establishment. Organised at that. Doctors want only to treat your sickness in order to keep you spending money. To cure your illness would be out of the question. 💰FDA works for the establishment.

  • NO ONE IN THE CANCER INDUSTRY WANTS A CURE!!!!!!!!!!!!! They would loose BILLIONS and BILLIONS of DOLLARS, people withe 6 figure incomes would loose their jobs and not to mention the impending population EXPLOSION. please…

  • I don't know why people insist on going on MSM. Hope they don't kill him now and ban him from talking about things while spreading lies about him.

  • I'm not surprised at all. There are many thing that kill cancer. Some real doctors say cancer is a type of fungus. Every one has cancer cells, Lose of immune system, Vitamins, Minerals allows these cells to start taking over… Big Pharma, Food industry, FDA, Population control are the real cancers.

  • Big pHARMa knew about the cures for a long times. While holistic doctors was suicided. And avoid vaccines and roundup to stay healthy.

  • "Neither diet supplemented with vitamins alone nor fenbendazole alone caused altered tumor growth as compared with that of controls. However, the group supplemented with both vitamins and fenbendazole exhibited significant inhibition of tumor growth."


  • Are government hates us ONCE were no longer paying in to there pockets there going to do everything thay can to rob us and shorten are life

  • If ANYONE,….phd, physic, nurse, vet, a guy in the street… finds a cure for ANY terminal illness, he/she will be killed “in an accident”.

  • What's the bets that drug is taken off the shelf now. Already blured it out on the clip so we cant see what it is properly.

  • I take it also to clean your body out! Here is the Dog Deworm Safeguard4

  • cancer is big business. Most cancer cells are due to parasites. Look into the Turkey tail mushroom trials or even the Avemar studies done in Texas and around the world. It's the second gross domestic product of the united states. There is no interest in curing it. Only treating it. Like HIV.

  • Cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment. The common factor among all cancer patients is pH levels. Their bodies are acidic, usually from a poor diet. Drink alkaline water.

  • A friend of mine was in the same situation.
    Doctors would not medicate him.
    He took cbd pills and the cancer was completely gone in a year – after they said he would be dead in 3 months.

  • There will be no study. There is advantage to the pharmaceutical companies to cure cancer. Vets know more about human health than MDs.

  • So we all know the d rug companies are corrupt, the government corrupt, the doctors corrupt, obviously not all members of those 3 bodies but enough to prevent the release of any actual cures. So my question is this. Why are we letting them do this to us? We all know it’s true, that these parasites 🦠 are eating us for lunch. We bury our loved ones, we plan our own funerals. Why are all of you such cowards? Why are we all such cowards?

  • In 2015 my wife cured her cancer naturally (cannabis oil, apricot kernels and more) She had non hodgkins follicular lymphoma. (worst kind,3 lymph nodes around her stomach) All info at Cancer Beaten Naturally on FB..https://www.facebook.com/groups/224545407909211/

  • It amazes me now after many decades, that we the general public, now know more about true Heath than a $200,000 a year doctor that probably graduated his class with a C- .
    Just think about that next time the doctor sees you and he starts scratching his head saying to himself, now what did they teach me in medical school, oh darn it, here, just take this, and if it doesn't work I got something else I think "might" do the job.
    More money for him if it doesn't; because you got to go $back$ again.

  • Has Dr. Tullio Simoncini's theories finally come home to roost? His theory is that cancer is caused by an infiltration of a fungus into the body tissue. The fungus is what causes the body to form a tumor that tries to encapsulate it. A fungus is a parasite and this drug is an anti-parasitic drug. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

  • There have been many things things that cure cancer. They seem to disappear. Only chemo, radiation, and surgery remain after billions spent in research over many decades. My sister is dying using one of the "new, experimental" chemo drugs. Her doctor literally tells her to NOT change her diet or lifestyle.

  • I use Superthrive. Plant food. 20 years ago I was foliar feeding plants. Two months later I saw no gray hair. Sweat smelled better and hair got some loft, it had become a little oily. All that ended. I spray it on myself, dip some tissue paper in it. 70 now. Superthrive is minerals.

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