Drive Thru Trick-Or-Treat Challenge | What Will We Get?

– What is happening? – I look scary right now. – You look funky. Today, Bailey and I are filming a drive-thru trick or treat video which basically, we’re
dressing up in costumes and going to drive-thru’s
and trick or treating. So, any guesses on who Bailey is, any guess, any guesses? That’s right, Pennywise. (laughter) Don’t know if you guys
were really confused by that or not. This is what she looks like. I am Georgie which means I just have to put a rain jacket on. Really not that complicated,
just some rain boots and a rain jacket. Bailey’s got the hard part here. She’s gotta finish up her white face paint so we’ll show you what
that looks like later. Give us a big smile. And here’s the final product. (creepy music) Ew, this face makeup is trash. Time to go through the drive-thru’s. (energetic music) – Drive-thru one. – I feel like my voice
doesn’t fit the face that I have on right now. Hello Georgie. – Oh my gosh. We haven’t decided what our end goal is. – Yeah, we don’t know if we
should order at the window or just drive through and trick or treat. I think that we should just drive through and trick or treat. I’m afraid that if we order something, they’re just gonna give us what we ordered when we trick or treat and
not give us anything else. – Let’s try just driving through. – I’m just waiting for someone in the cars next to us to look at me. – It’s not that weird. – That chick starts laughing at me. – Jack in the Box is not busy. – Perfect, Jack in the Box is so fitting. (emergency alert) – A lot. – Surely we are not the first people to trick or treat through a drive-thru. – I wonder if they have like
company procedure for this, like oh man. – Give you like a toy. – Yeah if people come through
just hand them a free fry and keep movin’. – That is success.
– One singular fry. (ding) – These people next to us
just like go like this. – They’re freaking out. – They were freaking out. (playful music) – Oh, we’re not ordering. Oh, the rebels. Oh, I’m nervous. – What if they just say no? What if they’re just like, no.
– And you’re just gonna be like – Okay, bye. Here we go. (pop) Trick or treat. – I have some candy. (pop) – No candy? Aw, what a bummer. That’s okay. Thank you. – She like ran away from the window. – She literally just ran
away from the window. – She was like, ahaha, runs away. – What did we learn from
our first drive-thru? – We’re gonna have to order something. – And then when they’re
like, I won’t help you, you can give me anything. – Yeah. Alright let’s go to the next one. – I need to start this up. (laughter) – That women goes. (energetic music) – [Cashier Woman]
Welcome to el pollo loco, what can I get for you today? – Can I just get a water? – [Cashier Woman] Yes. – Thank you. (pop) And slowly drives away. – Awe. – Trick or treat I don’t have candy, sorry. – Do you have anything? (pop) – Here you go. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – We got food. What did we get? She gave us a bag of chips
– Yah. – and some queso. – Yah. – How kind of her
– Awe. – Here you go.
– Even though I look scary. – She just goes awe. (drum beat) Can I just get a cup of water? – [Cashier Man] Alright, anything else? – No thank you. – [Cashier Man] Alright, second window. – Trick or treat. Awe sweet, thank you
– Have a good one. – You too. Alright, time to switch places. – Try number three. – Four. – Four? – We just finished up at Taco Bell and they gave us a whole bucket of sauces. – We got sauces and queso. – Sauces and queso. That’s not bad for free? – That’s not bad. – For free. (classical music) (energetic music) We’re back. – After some minor difficulties. – We’re trying to figure out how – Best to accomplish this video. – Yes, so far, we’ve gotten food but like, sauces. We’re gonna try a couple other places, hope for the best, I guess. – I guess so. Ready, do your best Halloween rap. Go. (rapping beat) – I want candy, yes I do. Your name’s Mandy and
you’ve got some food. I want it now, please give it to me, oh yeah, oh yeah, this is Halloween. – Oh.
– Word. Obviously our rapping skills
and our beatboxing skills are mediocre at best. – Bailey’s turn. – My name is Pennywise and I am a guy. On Halloween, I scare the kids. That’s because I have pigs. Yeah. – You have pigs? (energetic music) – Hi, can I just get a water? – [Cashier Woman] A water bottle? – Yeah. – [Cashier Woman] Anything else? – That’ll be all. _ [Cashier Woman] Okay, I’ll
help you out at the window. – Thank you. – Hi, that’s gonna be a dollar ninety. – Trick or treat. – What do you want? – Anything you give me. – Thank you. She looks terrified. – One fortune cookie. (ding) (laughter) – This boy is like, ah,
he likes your makeup. He just commented on it. – It’s funny because the drive-thru people are not reacting, but everyone else that you guys can not see keep reacting. (peppy music) Guys this was my Bob Ross wig. It’s like Bob Ross gone bad. – Is Pennywise just Bob Ross? – [Cashier Woman] Hello,
welcome to Wendy’s, how may I help you? – Hi, can I just get a water? – [Cashier Women] Yes, anything else? – That’ll be all. – [Cashier Women] Alright,
just pull up to the window. – Thank you. – Three thirteen. – Trick or treat. – I don’t have anything. – Perfect, thank you.
– Thanks. – She gave us food when
we didn’t order food. – I was about to say. They just gave us two chicken nuggets that I think I just paid for. – Well she gave us a free
frosty on our next vist. – Alright, Brooklyn has to eat a full spicy chicken nugget, and you guys know, from
watching previous videos, we are not spicy people. That’s why it’s unfortunate
– Three, two, one. – Okay. – Ooh, that doesn’t feel
very good on a sore throat. – Oh, yikes. (playful music) Hi, can I just get a water? – [Cashier Women] You said a cup of water? – Yes. – [Cashier Women] Drive around please. – My phone doesn’t recognize my face because I have so much makeup on. – Probably because you
don’t look like your face right now. – Oh, my. Let me take a picture of you. Have a great day. – Trick or treat. – I know, right? – Thank you. – Have a good day. – You too. We got ketchup. – Yay. We have so much water. – So much water. She won’t pull up. (ding) She won’t pull up to the window. – [Brooklyn] There’s like two cars length. So the GoPro just went boom to the ground, and I tried sticking back on and it’s decided that it doesn’t want to go back on. So, I’m gonna have to hold the GoPro. And, we’ve got so many
waters that we don’t even have cup holders for it. – This video is a mess. – I said, Bailey you’re
makeup is peeling off, our GoPro has now flown off
of its place in our car, people aren’t really
reacting to your costumes through the drive-thru,
and all we really have to show for it is a
bunch of ketchup packets and ice waters, so, I think
this is our last drive-thru. I think we’re calling
it a day on this one. (energetic music) – So, our GoPro died for the third time, so we’re recording on this thing now, and then we’re going home. I think it’s the clown costume. It’s cursed this video. – One ninety four. Thank you. – Thank you, trick or treat. – Oh okay.
– Is there anything you can give us? – Hold on, are y’all Brooklyn and Bailey? We have to give them something. – The boy literally changed
as soon as he found out we were Brooklyn and Bailey, oh my. – Public humiliation. – I’m gonna give it to you in a cup. – Okay. – It’s just candy in there.
– Ah, thank you. Thank you, bye.
– Trick or treat. – Wooh, we got candy.
– We got candy! (pop) Yay Dairy Queen! Bailey the clown, still recognizable. – He goes, oh my gosh, are
you Brooklyn and Bailey? I’m like, yeah.
– Yes. Do we wanna say yes to that? – Do I really wanna be
recognized like this, right now? Probably not. – Reese’s peanut butter
cup, a whole cup of them. That’s what I get in
my ice cream normally. All I need is ice cream
right now and I’d be perfect. I’m feeding her right now. – The clown wants food. Feed the clown or the clown will eat you. – Oh wow, Reese’s it is. (spooky music)

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