Dorica’s Malaria Journey

My day starts very early. [Our shop’s] approximately 7-8 kilometers
from the village. At times when the bicycle is down I do walk this distance. carrying a few things for the shop. My name is Dorica. We have seven children and seven grandchildren. When we started having children, it was
very difficult. Malaria has affected me and my family in many ways. We did not know how it is caused, how to prevent
or treat it. We did not have enough food and money to take care of the family. In 2002 I had a bad experience with malaria. At that time our community was hunger stricken. Many people died. One day when I was preparing for a funeral,
my son told me that our daughter was sick. She was 20 months old. St. Francis hospital is the only hospital
in Katete. My husband tried to borrow a bicycle from relatives and friends… but to no avail. We arrived at the hospital around 9:00 a.m. only to join a long queue of patients. They put her on an IV drip, but she kept getting worse. At around 10 p.m. The doctor informed me she had died. When I remember what happened I feel very bad. I remember that we suffered a lot trying to access medical help. In those days, we didn’t have community health workers. But now I know because of the education the
community health workers are providing. Now, we are free from sicknesses. Now I see things differently. The husband is healthy, and business is going well. All these put together is enough reason to
sing and dance. I’m a happy mother and grandmother.

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