Do you need to take malaria pills in the Kruger National Park? Rhino Africa’s Travel Tips

Hi I’m Sarah, sharing my expertise so you
don’t get no disease, and this is Rhino Africa’s Travel Tips Today we’re asking, do you need to take
malaria pills or vaccinations in the Kruger National Park? Yes, the Kruger is in a malaria area, but
if you come prepared, you will easily avoid it. Mosquitos and other insects are more active
in the summer months, which is November to March, than in the cooler winter months. The lodges have mosquito nets and know all
the tricks to keep the mosquitoes out of your rooms but nevertheless you’ll need to take
the necessary precautions throughout the year. Other than that there are no vaccinations
that you’ll need for the Kruger. If you are especially concerned about malaria,
there are numerous safari options that are not in malaria areas such as the Garden Route
Safaris and Madikwe Game Reserve. For more information we encourage you to speak
to a medical professional who will be able to answer any questions you may have. To find out more about the Kruger National
Park visit our website, and if you liked this video don’t forget to
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Tips, and you are one step closer to Africa.

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