Creating My Medical Record Binder [CC]

Hello, hello! It’s #WhyNotWednesday so we’re
gonna make a Spoonie Binder! Because why not? Yeah, we’re going back to school kids! My mom got me a binder and a bunch of cool materials like heavy weight sheet protectors and a um..
business card protector and all this stuff because the time has come to accept the situation
and realize that I’ve been in and out of doctors offices for two years, so I need to get organized. It’s partly adulting and it’s partly accepting… …an adulting spoonie situation. They never tell you that when you start going to the doctor a lot and you start going to a lot
of different doctors that they don’t congregate at the end of the day to discuss you, so they
don’t know what’s happening in other doctor’s offices. As a patient, it’s very hard to keep
track of which doctor knows what. For this reason and for my own sake, I need to start
getting things organized. Now, what I used to do, is I used to have everything in just
one little manila folder, and you can imagine how hectic that got. So now, da da-da DA!
I got this sweet binder! So here’s how I ended up putting my binder together. First, I inserted
the dividers, which was pretty intimidating because I had no idea how I would go about
organizing all of this. Ultimately I decided to use the dividers to divide up the doctors, the
specialists, and any legal forms like parking permits or applications for social security.
Then I decided to put everything in chronological order as best I could. It’s important to keep
track of all my receipts, and my test dates, and my test results. And I decided to add
an extra color tab for easy access to my test results. So… that’s my Table of Contents
there and I used tape beause I have commitment issues, um, and these yellow tabs will be
for any test results I have. And these red tabs are for procedures that I’ve had. Something
that I haven’t been doing but I definitely should even though it’s emotionally difficult,
I should be journaling after every doctor’s appointment. So, I wanna set up a section
in each divider for journal entries and they don’t have to be anything extreme or poetic,
just a little jot down about what happened at each doctor’s appointment. And I haven’t
done this yet but just like I have an index for the binder, I also want a front page index
for my health findings, so a full list of every symptom I can possibly think of and
a full list of tests and results if I have them on hand, that way, all the information
is easily accessible to new doctors. On the front page too, I have this cool place to
keep all my doctors’ business cards and contact information, I obviously don’t have all my
doctors’ business cards at the moment cuz I see them all the time and I’m like, “Why
do I need your business card?” but now I think I kind of I should do that, if only for the
aesthetic. And speaking of aesthetic! On the front of my binder, I put a little collage
of all my #HospitalGlam photos! [laughs] Cuz I will be visible, darn it! [Sigh] So as half
a Virgo.. half a Leo, half a Virgo, uh, getting everything organized is very exciting! I’m
super happy to have a binder of organized stuff, in comparison to a little folder that
was so full, it was getting curved and broken.. bye, folder! Now I have a nice organized binder
and I’m gonna keep really good notes.. I hope! I’m actually not really good at being consistent
but so far this year I think I’ve been pretty good at it! I hope so! So I’m interested in
how you keep organized! Let me know in the comments and I will see you eventually.. [whispers]
probably tomorrow! Bye! [OUTRO MUSIC]

35 thoughts on “Creating My Medical Record Binder [CC]

  • Omg you're so organized 💯🙌 Goals. I literally just carry around a giant reusable grocery bag with all the random papers and notes in it. ~*~Aquarius~*~

  • I'm always super sad when your videos end. I never thought of a binder. I wish my parents had done this. I've lost most of my important doctory information and have to keep it in my head. I was also very upset to learn doctors don't communicate with each other for you….

  • I bring one of these to all of my appointments! I call it my health binder. I keep different sections for Tests, Symptoms Logs, and Results. It always has helped doctors take me more seriously, and make my 30 minutes with the doctor be more useful!

  • I've been sick almost 13 years, and I have a cabinet full of like 30 random notebooks and phone memos of symptoms and tests and bills, and procedures Taurus. Information is any and everywhere. I think I'll make a super project of this, because spoonie adulting. And see if I can fit it in a binder lol.

  • You should see my spoonie binder! I have one section for test results, organize by year (8 years and counting!), one section for handouts and resources I got at chronic pain rehab, and one section for receipts and forms I have to fill out.

  • I have 24 years of medical tests and information. My Mom used to keep them all stuffed into a binder but all those papers became too much (and the giant binder wouldn't close anymore) so she and I sat down and went through the entire "Great Big Book of Everything" and made a "Little Big Book of Everything" It's all on our computers through spreadsheets. It has a full list of every surgery I have had and which doctors performed, tests, medications, and information about my disease. When I update the surgeries or information I just print a new sheet and plop it in the binder.

    I REALLY like your idea of journaling. i think I'm going to find a way to incorporate that into my system. I can see it being handy also for what medications make me feel what or do/ do not work.

  • This is a great idea. I have this one large envelope type situation (secured by Velcro) that I keep everything in, but a binder would be far more efficient.

  • This is a great idea! I have numerous folders with all of my medical and surgical records going back to 2005 and if I need to find something specific it takes forever. I've been meaning to organize it all, and I love the binder idea. Actually, scratch that I have ALL of my records, I have MOST. My disabilities are psych (bipolar [severe depression], generalized anxiety disorder, and ptsd. I don't want my psych records because they are more subjective and don't want to read them. However I have info on my treatment and hospitalizations if other docs need them. Ok, I'm done babbling! Lol 🙂
    Oh, I also have a suggestion about the 'index' you're planning to make. I have a 2 page word doc that I keep in my Dropbox so I can access it any time. It contains: name and contact info, diagnoses, meds with dosage and instructions, allergies with reactions, surgical history, pertinent test results, and my family Med/surg history on the second page. Doctors love getting something concise like this.

  • I would be completely screwed if I went to any specialist outside my medical group. LOL They have my data in a central computer so my Pulmonologist can see what my PCP has on me, so can my GYN and all the others. Although I do find it funny that they ask me to bring in a list of all my meds. I tell them, "No, go look it up!".

  • This is great! As are the tips in the comments. Many thanks fellow spoonies for the inspiration to get my act together. Also, taxes. Taxes get me inspired every year. For about a week I am on top of my game and then it's all downhill LOL.

  • I've never tried to invest the energy to do this. Almost every doc I've seen sort of freaks if I have a single sheet of paper with me at appointments. I'm afraid of how I'd be treated if I came in with a binder.

  • Confession: Mine are shoved into random boxes. … I know. I gotta get organized. Thank you so much for the organization inspiration. Now I just gotta track down those papers. … It could take a while.

  • OMG this may be amazing. I never thought of this!! I really need to take the leap and open my spoonie channel! It's created but I haven't yet uploaded. #chronicallyill #nochronicallytrill #chronicallytrillyoutube

  • do you think it's possible to go into more detail about this binder??? I love this idea but I can't grasp how to go about making one myself. also unrelated, when you describe Chronic pain, I feel like I can't relate. I feel that my pain isn't enough to be chronic pain even tho I understand that everyone is different. I feel like I would be taking terms that don't belong to me. do I "qualify" as a spoonie??? even if I have green light days or wake up with green lights and can end days with red lights??? wouldn't your traffic lights be different than mine???

  • do you think it's possible to go into more detail about this binder??? I love this idea but I can't grasp how to go about making one myself. also unrelated, when you describe Chronic pain, I feel like I can't relate. I feel that my pain isn't enough to be chronic pain even tho I understand that everyone is different. I feel like I would be taking terms that don't belong to me. do I "qualify" as a spoonie??? even if I have green light days or wake up with green lights and can end days with red lights??? wouldn't your traffic lights be different than mine???

  • Ahhhh thank you so much! This helps so much as I been struggling getting organized too, and have a binder but haven't organized it quite right yet. Yay!!! Your's look SO awesome. I love it. I hope it helps a lot and i'm super ready to work on mine now cuz of your awesomeness!! thank you! <3

  • Oh man I love the feeling of a good solid binder! Haha. I don't know about you, but I can have all of my test results sent to as many doctors as I want, I just have to nominate them on the paperwork. It's not perfect but less for me to hold on to.
    But I think I'm at that point myself. May go out and find a pretty binder when I'm feeling able to get out of the house!

  • I know this is an older video but I have to say thank you so much for this video! I'm only 16 but I am already starting to see a bunch of doctors to try to diagnose my own Mystery Condition (very probably EDS) and I have really debilitating executive dysfunction bc of developmental disabilities which makes it hard to keep track of things regardless of how important, so this is really helpful!! I will have to use it, and maybe introduce my mom to the idea, since she could really use one too! Thank you!!

  • Thanks for saying you find the journalling aspect hard – on the one hand getting organised like this helps so much and on the other it can feel like an extra task when you're already exhausted/upset by medical appointments so thank you for being transparent about it, make me feel less alone!

  • I just bought all these similar supplies, and have all my records, scans etc into two filled bags. So thank you. Fir this. I'm going to finally do it. New subbie btw. But yes after 3 years of non stop appts… and yes journal- for meds and symptoms. Going to rewatch this study learn and do.

  • I’m half Leo half Virgo!! I always aesthetically write current symptom lists and descriptions of how life is before every doctors appt (don’t get me wrong they take a week and 4 drafts) and it’s really helpful

  • Should also put on a Zip drive and put on ur necklace so if ur in and accident. Maybe they’ll also be able to load it right into ur electronics files at dr office

  • Mine are all in a floppy binder with school letters and my work number and passport 😂 I’m know separating it as it’s been 6 years and it’s only going to get worse from here

  • I have a binder too, but it’s basically too full and I don’t love how it’s organised yet! I have 10 main dividers that start with discharge reports, scans, pathology results (there are so many), then a section for the different specialty types. It’s so bulky, so I usually just keep it at home and pull out the relevant papers for each appointment. Have you started the appointment journals? I need to do this but not sure how to start!

  • Congrats, girl, for doing that! I am 70 yrs old and recently diagnosed with MS. I may have had it for decades but no one picked up on it but my physical therapist . Power on, girl.

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