Coverage Target for Influenza Immunization

hi my name is on the c_n_n_ they’d
various scenes i’m only set some policy analyst here in the region of peel with
abouts in preventable disease this program tell you a little bit about a review off
the literature that we did on influenza immunization tiger cartridge here in the region but we have
consistently below the targets set by the ministry which is sixty percent and
ninety percent for general population and high-risk
populations respectively however at this time gets a second two
thousand by the ministry imparted to make a decision about
improving our coverage we need to know what the required coverage is fine
feelings that chief second help outcomes by us and the question what is the
immunization influenza immunization cochran’s rate for the general
population were quiet so cheap health outcome set by the ministry what did we find evidence recommends that as many people
as possible the immunize when a special focus understood but about high risk for influenza related complications all
health problem if you’re interested to know more please click on the link below thank you

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