My name is Keely and I have type 1
diabetes we found out Keely had diabetes in
December of 2015 it was a huge shift for us you kind of wonder
how does this impact activities what she can do what she can’t do and thankfully
very quickly we learned that she can do whatever she wants we just have to plan for it I’m blessed
to say that I can work from home so i was able to be there a hundred percent
for her and never leave her side and through the first few months of
diagnosis help her with the insulin so we have an incredible family both
sides are very very supportive the first time they offered at the
hospital they said you know bring the people who are going to be there you
know that might administer insulin or want to learn about this so we had about 15 people show huh
because we have a family that really comes together when we need them through
this all they’ve all been very active in learning all that they can so that when
the time comes or if they need to look after her they know exactly what to do I think my
advice for other families is take all the help you can get connect with anybody you can learn as
much as you can as fast as you can but it’s ok not to have it all figured
out we can manage and there’s so much support and don’t you know make your
child feel that it’s going to make them weaker you might not like having needles and
I might not, but we both have to them So be brave

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