Coldwater sponging for controlling fever! Is cold sponging effective? | Doctor Prasoon

Is cold water sponging effective in
controlling fever of your baby? should you give paracetamol along with cold
water sponging? This is what I’m going to tell you in this video I am Dr. Prasoon Welcome back to Dofody Cold sponging, it’s also called as tepid
sponging using a sponge which is dipped in water which can be cold or warm and
using that sponge wet the surface of your child so that a thin layer of water
is always there on the body surface It works by promoting heat evaporation from
the body surface rather than by localized cooling I have seen many
parents who keep this same piece of wet cloth or sponge on the body surface in
order to maximize the cooling effect But it actually doesn’t help. What happens is
that the process of evaporation doesn’t take place as there is a barrier which
is the clothe or the sponge which prevents the evaporation and thereby the
cooling process doesn’t actually take place so it should not be done According to NCBI several studies have been conducted
on the effectiveness of cold sponging alone then combining cold sponging with
paracetamol and by giving paracetamol alone. Most of these studies have shown
that a combination of cold sponging and paracetamol seems to deliver the best
results in lowering the temperature. It is concluded that cold water sponging
although it has a rapid effect in lowering the body temperature
it only acts for a short period of time that is for only the first 30 minutes
after sponging. Paracetamol on the other hand produces a much gradual but a
sustained effect. The effect of Paracetamol starts only after 30 minutes of
the intake of the medicine but once the effect of paracetamol starts it has a
sustained effect in lowering the body temperature which acts for approximately
six to eight hours. The reason why most kids and adults hate cold sponging is
because of the discomfort it causes this discomfort should not be a limiting
factor when using cold water sponging to lower the body temperature when you have
a fever. Cold water sponging particularly helpful if your child has febrile
seizures. Now body temperature rapidly reduces after
sponging and by the time Paracetamol starts its effect on lowering the body
temperature cold water sponging can be used simultaneously to keep the body
temperature at a reduced level in order to prevent further seizures and other
complications. If you have any doubts about cold water sponging just ask a
doctor using chat ,video call or audio call sitting in your home. So have you
tried cold sponging to lower your babies or child body temperature? Did your child
like it? Please remember that there are many doctors on Dofody who are willing
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