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Interested in Medical Laboratory Science at
the Michener Institute of Education at UHN? Here’s what you need to know to make the
right decision for your education and career in Med Lab. First, the basics. Medical Laboratory Technologists play a pivotal
role in patient diagnosis and treatment by performing complex tests on tissue specimens,
blood samples and other body fluids providing analyses of the results. Medical Laboratory Technologists perform tests
in five different disciplines: Chemistry, Histotechnology, Microbiology, Hematology
and Transfusion Science. Medical Laboratory Technologists operate a
variety of complicated instruments. They must have good motor skills, hand-eye
coordination and manual dexterity. In addition to technical skills, MLTs must
be able to think critically in order to accurately interpret lab results. They must also be detail-oriented enough to
detect subtle changes to the microscopic appearance of blood, tissue and microorganisms. Test results have an immediate impact on individual
treatment, making a real difference in patients’ lives. This contributes to high levels of job satisfaction
among Medical Laboratory Technologists. Technologists often work independently with
minimal supervision. While still a key member of the health care
team, MLTs have greater control over their daily routine than many other health care
professionals. So, why choose Michener? Michener’s Medical Laboratory Science program
is constantly evolving to include new techniques, changing technology and new possibilities
for tests – ensuring that Michener’s Med Lab students are always ahead of the curve. Michener’s Medical Laboratory Science Advanced
Diploma program is a full-time program, and takes 6 semesters to complete. Your fifth and sixth semesters are clinical
semesters, which include simulation experience at Michener and a placement at one of our
clinical partners. To apply for the Med Lab program, you need
at least an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, with the following four grade 12 University
level courses: English, Mathematics Chemistry, Biology OR Physics With an additional two University or University/Mixed
level courses. Your average in these six courses must be
75% or higher. Whether you’re working in a hospital, public
health laboratory or forensic and pharmaceutical laboratory, the MLT’s analytical, scientific
and technical skills are a valuable asset to every team. Do you see yourself in this picture? Learn more the Medical Laboratory Sciences
program and the whole Michener experience at

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  • May I know how you deal with highly contagious samples? Is this something I need to worry about if my son is going to be one?

  • Hi! I’m a gr.11 student and graduating next year….I’d like to ask more about the application process and requirements, like if you need to undergo an interview or something. Also, I’d like to know if it is very competitive in terms of the number of selected students. Thank you…

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