China Swine Fever Impacts Millions of Pigs | Pig Farm

Hello Frinends. Wishes from SD AGRO FARMS Now days China is suffering from African Swine Fever Its spreaded in all over China No Need to worry Watch this video till end to protect from Swine fever Subscribe my Channel And Press Bell icon to Get my latest video’s. Watch this news Its news news that Swine fever is not under Control In China Millons on Pigs Died from Swine Fever And pigs being killed Dont worry No news that shows Its spreading in India You need to take care that And its good news for India Because its Big opportunity in India to export the Pigs to other country China is biggest Consumers of Pork Too many people eat Pork In china That why its opportunity in India India is 5th in Production of Pork Now we can export Pig to China Its in news that Pork price may rise So we will get benefited from it. So you should be Happy And also you need to take care. So that India can be protected from Swine Fever You can watch that its a mess in China Live Pigs are being killed They all are suffer from Swine fever Thats why they are culed live Many farms became empty All pigs died in farms This lady is crying seeing her empty farm She got big loss from this She had 600 pigs and all died You need to take care of bio-security Bio-security is that whenever some enters in farm You should not allow to enter in farm without cleaning foots and hands They should wash hands and foots before entring the farm allow entery only after disinfecting the foots with white color powder Behave same when some visitor came at farm and allow minimum entry in farm With this way only you can protect your farm Any animal boughts from outside should be bath before entry and entery of any vichle should be banned With bio-security only you can protect your Pig farm If siwne fever vacine not done then you should do it now Repeat vaccine every six Months But you should do Vacine now So that you can protect animals from Swine fever Normal disease can be controlled But if swine fever enters in farm than it could not be cured and all Pigs could be die It spreads very fast from one pig to other If you suspect and skin problem or fever is re-occurance than you should take action fast Its opportunity , so you should rear Pigs as much as you can do New pigs should be open in India So this was full details from my side Like Share and comment if you like this video Ask any questions in comments I will reply as soon possible

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