Chicago Neck Decompression for nerve pain, numbness, tingling and headaches

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, Dr. Eric Smith from Optimal Health Chiropractic
in Downtown Chicago, right next to the Willis Tower. Today I’m gonna talk a little bit about another treatment that we have. In another video, we talked
about spinal decompression. This is also spinal decompression, but the other one I
focused a lot on low back, so today we’re gonna talk about the one that is for the neck. So, we see a lot of people
with injuries in their neck just due to poor posture,
having their head more forward, a lot of compression on their discs and their nerves in their neck. That could show up in the patient such as radiating pain down the arm, dropping things, numbness and tingling, weakness in the arms, a lot
of different things like that. At that point, a lot of times, when people go to
physicians, they’re concerned that they might need
surgery on their neck. This is a great service that we provide that typically helps
patients have some relief without having to go to surgery. So, I’m gonna show you
really how it’s set up. So we have a patient set up here. She’s just laying here really comfortable and the machine itself
slowly pulls the neck at a certain amount of pressure and we set it for the
angle that we need to for the discs that are involved. So, it just slowly pulls and if you wanna take a
look at this screen here and how the route would typically go is I would have this
set where it’s pulling at about 25 pounds max and it’s gonna drop back
down to about 15 pounds and then go back up. So it repeats this cycle multiple times and what that does is
it oscillates the disc in between your vertebrae there to pump that so it gets a
little bit more fluid in there, releases any pressure, gets
the joints more flexible, and can, inevitably, end up in relief of a lot of different symptoms. So, if that’s something that
you think you have going on and you have any questions, feel free to contact us below. Leave a comment or give our office a call so we can do a free consultation for you. (upbeat music)

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