Changing a Man’s Diet After a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

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  • I spoke to a guy with ms, he said to me " no matter how much I hate this disease I won't change my diet for it"
    So he would rather loose his mobility, have his wife help him go to the toilet and never be able to hold his young son than change his eating habits.
    I think everyone who makes this statement lives to regret it, as does everyone they love.

  • this is why i hate man pig men. this is basically proof that they're inferior drones with no brains. simple as that…

  • This is sad. Men don't realize how much they are being brainwashed. I see ads with the words "man food" on it next to a slab of ribs.. Please stop paying attention to commercials, and listening to your make friends making fun of you for eating vegetables, those people are just mindless stupid sheep.

  • And still, you will have guys saying "oh, I underwent the procedure and I am more studly than ever, just ask my wife (and my new girlfriend!). Yes, there are men out there who are, indeed, that unconscious.

  • I've stopped trying to get family and friends to change their diet. It's fruitless and frustrating. I do me.

  • This is why the book "meat is for pussies" needs to be out there. It promotes a plant based diet and says with research why it's MORE manly to eat that way.

  • So men would rather risk never having sex again than just changing their diet? And they call women crazy? Lol. I cut meat out of my diet 3 years ago and dairy a couple months ago and my husband has actually done the same. He's literally been called a pussy by other men for not eating meat…like seriously? The stupidity of the situation makes me shake my head.

  • Dr. Michael Greger, The Maestro of Munchies, with another great great video.The only physician I know of who reports the current evidence in an unbiased manner, clearly, and with humor. His Website,, is my encyclopedia on diet and health.

  • Any man that needs to prove his manhood with food, probably has a macaroni noodle, a gherkin, a Vienna sausage, or even a 60/70 shrimp.

  • Mymy I thought prostate cancer was untreatable and therefore in most cases deadly. I think the entire vegan is for girls thing is a bit silly, but it's true most of my friends seem to feel the same way.

  • I wonder if this has a generational factor attributed to that attitude. Isn't it typical to be diagnosed with pc at an older age? Like 50 +. Since I hear more men 40 and under talking of cutting red meat and pork and some have even tried or succeeded in going vegan in my circle. Its just been my observation.

  • I have a question and everyone's opinion is welcome. should you give sympathy to someone who has been ignorant to factual information and now they are suffering the consequences of ignoring and acting upon the information they were given?

  • Im gonna start eating veggies, soy is supposed to be good for the prostate but Im soy intolerant as well and gluten and dairy as well.

  • As a man, and long time vegan, I hardly know what to say in response to this video. I'm not sure if my fellow men are stubborn, stupid or suicidal – possibly all three? I strongly suspect there's some degree of Pavlov like subconscious programing at work in the male psyche. Little wonder why women get frustrated by the men in their lives. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't the prospect of death have some motivational impact, greater by far than erectile dysfunction? Then of course there's a long list of vegan athletes, including bodybuilders – maybe they could provide evidence that being vegan one can still be macho in every sense.

  • Those who set forth popular parameters for masculinity are out of their minds. I hope most men aren't stupid enough to fall for the nonsense.

  • I think there's more to it than just obstinance. They say your body can "crave what it needs". Men with type "A" personalities tend to crave meat. I don't believe its entirely choice; there has to be physiological factors as well. It would make for an interesting study, but its not likely to get funding.

  • This mentality runs deep. America is plagued with man baby syndrome, mommy issues or something. We're doomed.

  • Listen bro's you don't have to cut out meat altogether, just limit it to 10% of your daily calories. Here's my daily diet: 40% vegetables, 30% fruits, 10% grains, 10% seeds and nuts, 10% meat & dairy. I also drink lot's of coffee and tea, both are high in antioxidants.

    Unfortunately people who don't care about their health don't watch Dr Greger's videos.

  • Almost a fourth of men prefer to have their lives cut short from prostate cancer rather than give up beef or pork. Yet another reason for me to hate humanity.

  • These are the same things that heroine addicts say about their addiction. They would rather throw their life away than get clean. Based on these responses, it is very clear that meat is an addiction like tobacco or drugs.

  • I regularly meet men who have had or have prostate cancer and actually have told me they'd rather die than stop eating meat. Well, the good news is they will, sooner than they think.

  • I could give a fuck if some body thinks I'm not a man for not eating meat or any animal products. You know why? Because I'm a grown ass man.

  • And a beautiful example of how sexism against women (women are weak and less than men and being in any way associated with feminine shit is bad so this also counts for female associated behaviors like eating more veggies and fruit) can backlash at men (or their health rather). Fucking gender roles man….a hell of a drug. Men rather losing parts of their dick or the ability to fuck than eat a fucking vegetable.

  • Those backwards guys who believe the "Mens Health Magazine" will get exactly what they deserve. Let them be "manly" in their grave… or lose inches of their dicks… What manly men!

  • im a man and dont eat meat, i eat fruit,veggies,etc those guys are just ignorant retards who are too scared to go against the status quo, these same men are also the ones scared to even talk to a female and take the lead aka beta males aka fem men lol these are the men that you see following their old ladies around while she shops and gives their paycheck to her to manage lol nothing masculine about that haha

  • Men who are worried about looking feminine in front of their friends aren't very manly. Personally I prefer keeping my dick (and prostate) in working order. Stubborn idiots.

  • I must be a woman then and my wife must be a man, when I met her I encouraged her to cook predominantly vegetable meals rather than the meat heavy meals she used to have. I also got her started on quinoa

  • Real men are warriors of the mind and body, real men are superior in intellect and powers of reason, triumphant over primitive ideas of manliness that pervades the commoners.

  • Diagnosed last year.  Heading for proton therapy. Read my story by typing the following link directly into your web browser:

  • I've been made fun of for being vegan by other men a couple of times.But these were men that didn't have any knowledge of it…. I always equated my masculinity to Male logic and reason…as apposed to female over emotionalism …."just the facts ma'am"…. I've had girlfriends that would not do it with me even when presented with the facts… Even after watching forks over knives with me and many of Dr Greger's videos…Even to the point of trying to get me to eat meat, and telling me that I need it to stay healthy…. The truth is that women have a much keener sense of taste and smell then men do, and have a huge tendency to eat strictly for taste…That's why my last girlfriend had chocolate and chips and other snacks stashed around the house…She did have an excellent sense of smell though…. I started to eat something from the fridge once, she smelled it and told me not to eat it… I didn't smell a thing, ate it and got sick…..Popular media is always trying to manipulate our beliefs and I don't trust any of it..Even science gets corrupted…I practice intermittent fasting to induce cellular autophagy and apoptosis(Dr Valter Longo), and for the growth hormone release , along with a vegan diet and sauna use to increase heat shock proteins , BDNF, and activation of the FOXO3 gene… AND women I know think I'm a freak for it, and so far none have even gone vegan completely with me…let alone the rest of what I do for health…. One woman I dated had blood sugar as high as 300 in the mornings… She spent the weekends at my place, I cooked and by Sunday her Blood sugar was 90… and she still didn't convert ??? Go figure.. My blood work went from bad to perfect and I've showed them that too…Women have dumped me after a couple of dates because of my "healthy life style"….Some people just have no self discipline…and no sense, male and female….I eat ground flax nearly every day…here's a healthy snack for when you just have to have one.. Rinse and freeze some chick peas, put them in a blender with ground flax, cocoa powder, stevia and and just enough water to get it to blend… It tastes great

  • (This my wife's gmail – I am am male, 67 years of age and awaiting biopsy results; with a PSA that has been above 10 but now dropping with PBWFD).
    Having been a social worker for years I learned how important it is to couch advice/counselling in terms people understand – eg talking with a plumber we might use metaphors about flow, blockages and pressure. This is essentially Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) derived from the highly effective work of therapist Milton Erickson.
    So men might have been found to have resistance to change in these studies but this is not an abnormal phenomenon regarding any changes in our perceptions of our lifestyle and beliefs – look at the number of women who resist their own liberation from repressive gender specific behaviours. It has become clear that our rational mind constructs defences to protect the status quo – our perception of ourselves, our beliefs and behaviours. That men often resist diet change relates to our socialisation as men and should arouse our compassion – we are all 'victims' of the system until we clearly see, believe and act on a different way of being.
    Good to see all the high performance athletes who are coming out as vegan/plant based, and good to remember the strength and power of vegan gorillas, elephants, buffalo etc. Thanks for everything Drs Gregor, McDougal, Barnard and the many who share their personal stories.

  • I'm just going to leave this here:
    "To quadruple their survival rate, many women would mortgage their home to fly to some quick clinic in Mexico, would lose all their hair to chemo, but most, apparently, couldn't stand the thought of eating broccoli, and cutting down on meat." – Michael Greger

  • my dad's the kind of person that will eat a (vegan) salad unless he knows it was intentionally made vegan. i don't get it. he will eat food that happens to be vegan (oreos, not healthy, but he loves them), but he made a face when he found out that i can still eat them. even his favorite beer is vegan. my mom thinks he'd actually stop eating the protein bars he is right now if he found out that they are indeed vegan. i don't understand toxic masculinity.

  • A lot of condescension toward men here. Looks like misandry to me. How about emphasizing the men who change their lifestyle rather than the 25% who would rather die than do so? Are you going to tell the overweight women how stupid they are because they won't lose weight? I don't see that video because man bashing is O.K. but women bashing is not. I don't support bashing either sex. Emphasize the positive. Don't condemn those who can't or won't change.

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