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Here. Son. Stay here
and eat this bread, okay? You can draw if you get bored. I’ll check on our new place
for a minute. Don’t go anywhere.
Stay right here, okay? You’ll be back soon, right? I’ll be quick. – I’ll be right back.
– Sure. – I’ll be right back.
– Okay. You said you’d be right back. Hi. Eun Nim. What are you doing tonight? Should we go somewhere nice
for dinner? I prefer eating alone
with the table. I eat with the table more often
than I do with my husband. Eun Nim. I changed
my election district. – What?
– To… – Byeoldong-gu.
– Don’t you want to win? That’s been the Onnara Party’s
stomping grounds. You know that. You said a politician must not fear
losing an election. That was when you first
ran for the office. Do you know… how much time and money
I spent paving your way since then? You’re not like that. Tell me why. That district is undergoing
redevelopment. The magnolias and hydrangeas
over there are very pretty. I want to protect them. Now, you want to protect
magnolias and hydrangeas? That’s where we started
our lives together. Don’t you remember our first house? I don’t want that to disappear. Do you like acting cool? I thought you’d like that. Forget it. Don’t look for me today. Why not? Is something wrong? I plan to play. I’m going to play.
I’m going out to play. I’m going to go all in on me
from now on, not you. Okay. Wrap it like this.
Like this. You see that? Now, grab this. You see how
a circle is formed? Relationships overlap
and create new relationships, get tangled, and untangled. Just like that, take this end
and loop it through here… and make a knot like this. I hear Assemblyman Kang Jung Do
is running for office in our town. Oh, my gosh. That handsome
Assemblyman is coming to our town? He’s an Assemblyman
only if he’s elected! He’s not an assemblyman yet.
Who does he think he is? Aren’t I right?
He has to get elected first. I have to untie the tangled knot
to do it again. Let me untie the tangled knot. Let me check the item first. Sure. Did you eat fried chicken? Pardon? Yes, I ate it with my students. Coach. Hey, you’re here.
Are you here to return it too? I saw your car outside. Here’s the dress
and the accessories. Let me check them first. Did you eat ramyeon? I wasn’t wearing it when I had it. I just put it next to me. How could you eat… fried chicken and ramyeon
in designer dresses? Do you know how much they cost? Listen to yourself. People come
before some designer dresses. Are the dresses
more important than people? What you shouldn’t do
in a designer dress… isn’t eating fried chicken
or ramyeon. It’s patronizing other people. What do you take us for? – Hey, let’s go.
– Let’s go, Coach. Hey, clothes from Korea are
fairly good these days. Korean clothing has improved
so much. How dare she? By the way, I didn’t see
you last night. I had a lot going on.
There were a lot of people too. How was it meeting with Yook Ryong? Where are you headed now? To Noryangjin. I was going to drop you off
if it was on my way. There’s no need.
I can just take the subway. Okay. I’m going back to the dorm
after I go grocery shopping. My students moved back
into the dorm now. You’ll be busy now. For many reasons. See you later. Drive safe. Okay. – Jeong Eum.
– Yes? We only live once. What’s life without love? I’m leaving now. Life without love? I’d still have myself.
I’d have me, Coach. My gosh. Hello,
this is Add Beauty to Flowers. Yes. Yes. Ms. Oh? I’m sorry. No, no. It’s not Ms. Yoo’s fault. I did arrange it. I made a mistake. From now on,
I’ll set her up with men… that meet Ms. Oh’s standards. Yes, yes. Bye. My gosh, Doo Ri. How could I kill her? Hello, I’m from
a matchmaking agency. Please take a look at our flyer. Hello. My gosh, I bet things are tough. Have this candy, and cheer up. You can do it. – Joon Soo.
– Jeong Eum, I have a problem. A problem? I see.
Materials for the presentation? Come on. Where is that? Okay. Okay. – Did you bring it?
– This is it, right? – You’re the best.
– A tip for bringing it here. I already got it ready. Here. It’s my first cup of coffee today.
This is it. It’s like medicine. Right side, please. Left. I was freaking out
if you wouldn’t be here in time. Try to take all of your stuff.
Stop forgetting things. Oh, my. You’re worse than me. By the way, you wasted your time
because of me. Are you okay? Even if I wasn’t, I’d come anyway. You probably stayed up all night
to make the presentation. How did you know? You overslept and made a scene
when you left for work. I knew you stayed up
all night working. Living in the same house
is paying off. Yes, Ms. Bong. Yes, please go ahead. What? Ms. Oh? No, it’s not that. You know that we only have
two male members on the A list. It’s a problem after a problem. What is it? Did something happen? Hey, why are your ears so red? What? It’s because I’m hot. Hurry up, and give me the body. Hey, what about you then?
Why is your face so red? I’ll give you the body.
My gosh, he’s so impatient. What? What? It’s nothing. I’m leaving now. Be careful. Thank you. (Singer R’s Tearful Confession) What’s this? (Assemblyman Kang Jung Do saved me.) That’s what really happened? I had no idea. Excuse me. – Yes?
– I’m getting younger, right? Yes. We gave you the baby perm,
so you’ll look younger. Make me look at least
10 years younger. At least 10 years, please. – Trust us.
– Okay. Your baby perm was 345 dollars. – How much?
– The baby perm… was 345 dollars. How many chickens is that
for the kids? Six-month installment please. The 345 dollars for the baby perm
has been paid. Thank you. (Duke’s Art Gallery) How am I supposed to face him? Should I play dumb? No. That would be weirder. Should I just say it? I’m here to give him the body.
The body. Okay, give it to me now. I’ve been waiting all morning.
What took you so long? Did you eat ramyeon
before going to bed? Your face is all puffy. Let’s go in. Go get something
to drink from the fridge. Okay. (Vegetables for the Day) Look how they’re all lined up. You inflexible man. It seems like you take
your health very seriously. “A healthy body in a healthy mind.”
Don’t you know? You were an athlete. By the way,
you weren’t able to get that one? I thought you were
a professional collector. I couldn’t find it when I was trying
so hard to find this. I ended up getting it
from a weird source. Well… About yesterday… “Seize the day.” “Put very little trust in tomorrow.” The lines are
from “Dead Poets Society”. Just think about the present, and forget the past. Let’s do that. Let’s forget about everything else. I’ll only remember
your poor pronunciation. You won’t be able to forget
my flawless pronunciation. All right. What’s our next project? I want to see the legs
as soon as possible. – Not your legs.
– I know. The toy’s legs. Whatever it is, we have
an urgent matter on our hands. – An urgent matter?
– I have to set Oh Doo Ri… with members from the Grade
Special A list until she’s happy. So? It’s not easy to get men
that qualify as Grade Special A. Other people seem to
get those guys quite easily. So what’s the definition
of Grade Special A? You know the criteria. Education, wealth, and occupation
in top five percentile. If those are the criteria, we might
be able to find the person nearby. Yook Ryong. Hey. I know that you’re there. I caught you. Come here, Yook Ryong.
Good job. Come here. (Wang Dae Bak, landowner) (He travels around
the world every day.) No. (Kang Eung Seok, diplomat) (He speaks 8 languages.) (And he’s handsome.) No. (Kim Chung Chi, dentist) No. (Choi Kang Ham, lawyer) No. (Baek Jong Hwon, chef) (Jung Jung Chi, spokesman) No. No. No. No. (Charlie, editor,
Why is he here?) No, no! I can’t. I can’t. Just kill me instead. Jerk Ryong. Jerk Ryong, please. Think about it carefully. There will be someone.
There must be someone. No. She will say no to
Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jung Jae. At a time like this, the grade
doesn’t matter. Don’t you get it? Then what I had done was
all for nothing? – I can’t believe you.
– Wait, be quiet. Can’t you explain it
in a simpler way? This phenomenon is called
the primacy effect. (Primacy effect?) Information that was introduced
first strongly influences… on the formation of memory
compared to the information… that was registered later. Who was the first man Ms. Oh met? It’s Mr. Kim. – No way.
– That’s dating. That’s impossible. Why don’t you try
if it’s impossible or not? Where does Mr. Kim live? What about Ms. Oh? She’s taking a cab. When she’s in Seoul, she stays at a hotel
and only takes cabs. What about Mr. Kim? He told us to visit him
since he’s a really nice guy. I only told him that I’m bringing
some of my acquaintances. Since he didn’t ask,
I didn’t tell him about her. We didn’t lie to him,
so don’t feel so guilty. But still. I don’t think
this is a good idea. Should we cancel it now? No. Since we’re at it,
we either go big or go home. (Ko Eun Nim’s Bucket List) (Take a train trip.) (Go bungee-jumping.
Learn carpentry.) (Master a 3rd language. Join
an international volunteer group.)

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