Cat Got The Tongue – Day 6 of “100 Symptoms”

You are tuned into nednednerB the
Schizophrenic. This is day six of “100 symptoms”. Today’s topic was inspired by
the symptom I experienced last video in the last minute or so. I call– I’m calling
it linguistic freeze. It’s different than what you might know of as
catatonic seizure where a patient, usually in the psych ward freezes in a rigid position
and doesn’t move for quite a while… Um… It’s not that. For me I’m talking— Right now,
I’m talking about linguistic freeze, linguistic seize up where I have a tip
of the tongue moment but the cat got it! Cat got the tongue, and I am unable to
speak, because I had some kind of apprehension or worry or anxiety or a
sense that what I was saying was important and I was overlooking
something. Any of those reasons I might hang and just not be able to come up
with a sentence for a while. and.. If I’m in front of a camera that means hanging
and not talking. In a group setting if I have a linguistic
fluff moment like that,
where I freeze up another person usually can carry in. It happens from time to
time to anybody that the mind loses track of what it’s saying and, uh… The cat’s
got the tongue [laugh] and… A little bit more about the catatonic, um, seizure type of
freeze: uh.. Sometimes I do experience, um.. motion freeze: Where I’m alone and I’m
low motivation and I’m depressed and I may be dissociating. There’s intrusive
thoughts or intrusive memories and I don’t have any action for a while I feel
like I want to do something. I want to get up. I want to do it, but that doesn’t
happen. That is different than the linguistic freeze I’m talking about
where it’s more you have a focus on something on a topic but the mind is
obscured by some motion inside
and you don’t [stutter]… and I don’t… respond as quick to my
own thoughts; hmm… Anyway, thanks for tuning in to
nednednerB the Schizophrenic! This is day 6 of “100 symptoms”.
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1 thought on “Cat Got The Tongue – Day 6 of “100 Symptoms”

  • I’m watching through your videos now, and as someone who is schizoaffective, I’m finding myself being like “oh! I do that! There’s a name for it?!”

    So thank you for these videos, I like them very much, and theyre helping me understand my diagnosis a little bit more!

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