Cancer (How to Cure Cancer?)

Cancer is one of the most
feared and misunderstood ailments on the planet today. And with cancer rates
so heavily on the rise, fear is on the rise as well. And what do I
think about this? Even though it’s perfectly
understandable, It’s also completely unnecessary. Cancer Cancer is basically a catch-all
term for any disease that is involving abnormal
cell division and cell growth. This is why there are so many
different types of cancer. Some kinds of cancer
caused a mass of tissue, this is what we call a
tumor, and some don’t. When a tumor does not invade
the tissue surrounding it or spread to other parts of
the body we call it benign. But when it does do
this we call it malignant. profound communication
takes place within the body. all parts of the body are
imbued with consciousness. And all parts of the
body receive signals for what to do and
how to behave. All the cells in your body
are listening to signals they are receiving they
are following orders, and so they are performing
specific functions. They divide in a
methodical way and when they die new
cells take their place. Cancer cells are essentially
cells that have gone rogue. But in an organized way. Cancer cells keep
making new cells and growing to the point where
they crowd out normal cells They no longer respond
to many of the signals that control cellular
growth and death. This eventually causes problems in the
part of the body where the cancer began, As well as the parts of the body
where the cancer spreads. Which it sometimes does. at this point we call it metastasis. When it comes to cancer there
could not be more of an extreme rift that has divided the
allopathic medicine world from the alternative
medicine world. Most of the allopathic
world views cancer as a very serious and poorly
understood disease. Often a death sentence. The allopathic world views
it as something to fight with everything you’ve got. and the standard approach taken
is surgery and chemotherapy. Most of the alternative
medicine world, views cancer as nothing more
than a red flag. a red flag that if not headed,
can lead to death. The alternative medicine world
views it as something to respond to not something to fight. therefore the alternative medicine
world tends to be against chemotherapy and often against surgery. And tends to favor holistic
approaches to healing. Relative to cancer, many
allopathic medicinal practitioners, blame alternative medicine practitioners for people dying of cancer. Basically many allopathic doctors and other people in the
allopathic medicine world believe that if cancer patients
came to them instead, For chemotherapy radiation or surgery
they would have actually survived. The natural medicine world blames
allopathic medicinal practitioners for the death of
cancer patients as well. Believing that what allopathic
doctors are doing is leading cancer patients
away from health, in fact, off of the
path of healing and into a direct war
against their own body. A war we’re cutting one’s self
up and poisoning oneself, seems to be the way to health. When they believe that it isn’t. Both of these camps of thought see the other as a main proponent
of harm in this scenario. And if you don’t believe me
about how vicious this war is, just read the comments
below this video. But separate of this war between
natural health medicine and allopathic medicine, I’m going to give you the objective
universal perspective about cancer. The first thing to understand is that everything in existence,
and this is scientific, this isn’t just a spiritual person
talking to you about this today, is made of energy.
The same energy And that energy that
makes up all that is, is imbued with consciousness. This means that all things in
this universe have consciousness. This united consciousness
simply divided in order to create
separate dimensions and separate things
within those dimensions. In fact, this happens much like
the dividing of a zygote in utero. The physical structure
of a thing is nothing more than a mirror of
that consciousness. in the same way that
a house is a mirror of the blueprint or idea of that
structure before it was physically built. Imagine that each part that is divided is not only connected to
the universal consciousness, but is also imbued now with
its individual consciousness. You are essentially one of these
divisions within collective consciousness. You are therefore not only
connected to collective consciousness, you also have your own
individual consciousness. That you call by your name. But it doesn’t stop there. You are also divided. Your organs all have their
own unique consciousness. This is why one organ becomes
a heart and the other the liver. And each tiny cell within each organ
also has its own unique consciousness. It is also connected to the overall
consciousness of the body itself. But if you notice that you tend to follow
the programming or signals or rules set out by your family
and your society specifically as opposed to a family
and society across the world. The same is the case for a
cell within a specific organ. Cells in the body more closely
follow the programming of the specific part of the
body they are part of. For this reason to
understand cancer, you’ve got to begin to see
yourself not as an individual, but as an ecosystem that
goes by one name. All parts of that ecosystem have
unique relationships with one another. Now we have to stretch
our minds even further. If you can see that everything
has consciousness, And that this consciousness
that is thoughts and emotions creates the physical, like a blueprint, dictates what physical
structure is built, then when anything is happening
with the physical structure, That means that there is something
that is happening with the blueprint. If the physical is merely a reflection
or extension of consciousness then everything that happens
in the realm of consciousness, including thoughts and
emotions affects and alters the way the physical
body forms itself. The signals sent to cells
therefore changes. This is why people are
correct in identifying that there is a mental
and emotional root for each and every illness or
ailment that a person experiences. This is also why people in
the alternative medicine field are correct in understanding
that if you use surgery or radiation or chemotherapy as a method
of dealing with cancer, that’s not really very
much different than looking at flies
in a garbage site, and eradicating the flies, thinking
that they are to blame for the garbage. Therefore eradicating the flies
must get rid of the garbage. Even though there are so many
different types of cancers, all cancers have one
precursor in common the perception of
being out of control. When a consciousness
holds this perspective, Then the body must follow suit. It falls in alignment
with that perspective. And starts to behave in ways
that are out of control. It is a big deal to perceive
oneself to be out of control. Why? Because you came down
into this physical life experience as a conscious creator. Your well-being is actually dependent
upon your understanding that if you have a desire, that you can line up with that desire and
manifest it into your physical experience. Otherwise, you’re gonna do nothing
but be miserable in your life. Our happiness is about our capacity
to line up with what we are wanting in any given moment. So naturally when we feel
like we cannot do that, our own expansion
is being impeded. That’s the purpose for
being here in the first place. That’s a serious serious problem. Taking one step further, we have
to understand that all parts of the body are associated with a specific
type of consciousness. Here are some examples; bones correlate to
stability and support. Especially with regards to
the stability and support provided by the enduring and
unshakable honest truth of a person’s life in
any given moment. Breasts correlate to the way
we give our energy to others. Lungs correlate to relationship. They correlate to the way we
take in energy and give energy. Specifically with regards to other
people and beyond that to the world. If you want to
understand each cancer, what you want to look to
is where a person is feeling completely out of
control or powerless relative to the specific thing that
the part of the body associates with, that has manifested the cancer. Or where the cancer
has spread to. What is the perceived threat that this
person feels out of control relative to? For example the root
cause of lung cancer, is feeling out of control and therefore
powerless relative to relationships This is a person who
perceives themselves to be totally out of control
of the process of free will involved in giving and
receiving from others. This is a person who
tends to feel isolated. End up in a lot of
love-hate relationships and is generally
distrusting of others. This is a person who has difficulty
committing to relationships. Why? Because relationships have
caused so much pain and who the hell would
be able to commit to it? But here’s the problem; Relationships are life. So if you can’t commit
to relationships, you’re also struggling to
commit to taking life in. To make a long story short, this is a very difficult
pattern to change within a person’s consciousness,
which is one of the reasons why lung cancer is so pervasive. And… has a really poor
rate of recovery. because if it’s relative to
relationships, then obviously, for somebody to change out of the
frequency that’s causing the cancer to begin with, a person has to feel in
control of relationships Sounds like a snap of the
finger, doesn’t it? No! It depends on having different
experiences within relationships. On developing trust. And it depends first and foremost
on committing to relationships. Which is very difficult for
someone to do, isn’t it? Because like I said before, how easy is it for you to
commit to something that has only ever given you pain? Here’s a very important
thing to understand; from a universal perspective
cancer is in fact, it’s own entity.>From an objective
universal perspective, when a person feels out of control and that is the message that
is being sent to the body, then the cells start to go
without certain signals telling them what
to do and not do. This entity within the universe
that is called cancer, actually comes in response
to that cellular asking. It comes as that new leader. IMPORTANT!
The “entity” that we call Cancer is often
a fragment within the person’s own
consciousness. It is hijacking cells of
the body and by doing so, is creating a
state within the body that is akin to civil war. To understand more about this,
watch Teal’s videos titled:
– Fragmentation, The Worldwide Disease
– There Is No Such Thing as Self Sabotage What doctors call Cancer is simply the
physical cells that have been
‘drafted’ by this aspect. The best way to understand
this aspect of cancer is to think about a country
in a state of civil war. Somewhere there is a
leader that comes in and creates a new government
within that system. That’s what’s happening with cancer. This new government uses the body’s
lifeforce energy to survive. And acts as a diversion and therefore,
strain upon the body’s resources It only stands to reason that if
somebody feels out of control completely, then they run the very real risk
of falling under new government. Cancer is a consciousness that
comes to create massive shifts within a person’s being. But does so through antagonism. It is as if the entity of cancer
manifests so as to say: “You’re right if you’re
totally out of control, then I’ll totally take control and
if you want your control back, You’re gonna have to become
aware of your own powerlessness. And take back
your freewill. And make some serious changes
around here and fast. For this reason it could be said
that while from one perspective, cancer is completely
out of control, from another perspective the entity
of cancer is completely in control of how much cancer
to create and where. But here’s the most important
thing to understand about cancer; Many of you have already heard
the story of Buddha and Mara. If you haven’t I highly suggest
you go figure out that story. Because this is the relationship
between you and cancer. Mara, for those of you
that understand the story, is the agent for
awakening of Buddha. Therefore he is every bit as much
responsible for his enlightenment. And Buddha in his
state of awakening Recognized this in Mara. There is no enlightenment without him. Mara is therefore, not an enemy. What he is is an
antagonistic awakener. And that is what cancer is. Cancer is something that awakens
you completely through antagonism. Simply put, cancer is
your most antagonistic ally. And it comes with one
very strong message. You cannot keep living your
life like you have been living it. In fact, if you continue to the only way to keep in alignment with
your desires and expansion is death. Cancer does not happen to
a person in a healthy state. It happens to a person
who is internally whether they are consciously
aware of it or not, In an internal civil war state. It happens when there is failure taking place in one of the systems. Even when we look at
etiological factors that feed into the idea of cancer, It doesn’t undermine this original,
let’s call it, root for cancer. What they do is act
as adjunct factors that just increase your likelihood
or increase your state of ill health so as to make it so that your body
falls under new government. When we get the cancer, we have a very important
decision to make. That decision is: “What are we gonna do about it?” We have to decide whether we’re gonna
go down the path of allopathic medicine or whether we’re gonna go down
the path of natural health medicine. Or whether we’re
gonna do both. If we choose to do both, what we get to do
is accept the fact that we’re gonna find ourselves
often in many situations where we are in the middle of
completely conflicting ideologies about what should be done. All this being said, so many people in the spiritual
field and in the self-help field in the medicine field are going to
tell you what their perspective is about what you should
do if you have cancer. It’s a lot easier for people to
talk about what you should do when you have cancer
than it is for them to say what they would do
if they had cancer. for this reason I think it’s going
to be much more impactful if I simply tell you
what I would do if I found out that I had cancer. 1. I would immediately understand that Cancer is not a disease,
it is a survival mechanism. It is a healing mechanism. That is taking place
within the body. What I have reached
is a healing crisis. I would realize that I
have become a match to the manifestation
of a teacher internally. An antagonistic teacher at that. Why? Because it is obvious that
whether I was conscious of it or not, I kept heading in a path thinking thoughts,
taking actions, that were in the opposite
direction of my authentic truth. Especially my authentic desires. I would understand
that the reason that I had become a match to this
internal antagonistic teacher, is because of the
fact that obviously, I was bulldozing
the way that I felt. In spite of the resistance
that I felt internally I continue to move forward or keep
doing something in a certain way, that wasn’t in my
best interest anyway. Therefore the universe has
gifted me the opportunity for something to come
up on the inside of me, that would no longer
allow me to do that. But I have worked with
cancer for so many years with individual clients
one on one, That I understand that cancer
is violently on my side. Therefore I would
get the idea of “getting rid of cancer”,
out of my head entirely Instead I would
aggressively own it. I would welcome it. Give it permission and
even ask it to stay as long as it needs to stay to
ensure that I have made those changes that I need to make. Cancer I would understand, is on my side in terms of
my personal authentic truth. and authentic desires
and authentic needs and authentic purpose
and authentic expansion. To the degree that it
is more than willing to fight the parts of me that are
currently in opposition to those things. I would therefore, consider myself to
be in an incredibly intimate relationship, almost like an
arranged marriage. Where from this day forward, I get to figure out how to
be in complete harmony not only with the cancer
itself, as an entity, but also with the very important
messages that it has to share with me. And I would make
those changes instantly. I would make those
changes, so as to ensure, that I am governing
myself with my freewill. In alignment with
my authentic self. 2. I would seek to understand
the area of my life that I so obviously feel completely
out of control about. This would obviously greatly depend
upon what area of the body the cancer had
manifested itself in. I would dedicate myself to
total and complete awareness of all the layers involved in that
perspective of powerlessness. I would dedicate myself to go directly
into that pain instead of away from it. I would uncover the beliefs
fueling that powerlessness the traumatic and painful
memories of the experiences that caused those beliefs. And I would seek to resolve those
experiences and change those patterns. By doing that I would
become perfectly aware of the needs that I actually have,
of the desires I actually have, and then I would go in
the direction of them. Which brings us to step 3. Like we said, cancer is
an antagonistic ally. It’s going to tell you aggressively
what changes you need to make. And so, I would
make those changes. No matter what. for example, if this message
that cancer had to bring me is that my career was not in alignment
with my authentic desires of truth, I would quit my career. If this message that the cancer had
is that there is something about my living environment, that I needed
to change I would change it. If the message that
cancer had for me, was that I’m miserable in
my current relationship, and that it’s not doing
anything good for me. In fact, it’s holding me away from my
expansion, I would end the relationship. But here’s the thing; I would not do those things
to get away from cancer. I would do those
things because I am developing such a close
relationship with cancer, that I’m listening to these
very important truths, and making adjustments so that
I am living closer to my own self. Closer to my own
personal truth. Which I so obviously,
having manifested cancer, have fallen completely out of with. Cancer can be difficult to overcome. Not because cancer itself
is difficult to overcome. It’s because what cancer
requires you to do in order for there to no longer
be a purpose for it to be there, It’s very difficult. Look at what you’re
doing in your life. So much of what you’re doing
you don’t enjoy doing. but you’re just doing
it so that ___________. You see;
“So that I can have security.” “So that I’m not alone.” And what cancer does is require you
to let go of that safety net entirely. When you get a
diagnosis of cancer you have to do what
somebody has to do when they’re given
a week to live. I mean get to the point where a
doctor looks at you and says: “Dude, I give you days and there’s
nothing else I can do for you” At that moment you would
truly decide to live. But you would be doing
things that caused you joy. Your number-one priority would
be doing what you love the most. If you get a cancer diagnosis, you’ve got to do that
straight out of the gate. What you’re facing
having to do is potentially give up your entire
life for a brand new one. And I know that is
easier said than done. One thing that I would
deeply understand Is that I am in no position
to bargain with cancer. So often people who come down
with cancer begin to bargain with it. Cancer doesn’t bargain. Like I said, it is the
most antagonistic ally. It’s message that it has
to share with you is: “There stuff that needs to change and
you change it immediately or else!” I would also understand
the cancer cannot occur within a body that is
in a state of harmony. It has to occur within a body
that is in a state of civil war. Therefore my goal and prerogative
would be to end that war. 4. I would not opt for surgery. Unless the tumor that I had was preventing
me from doing the previous steps that
I have just mentioned. Also, I would make sure that all the
different aspects of my consciousness, all my various fragments, including the parts
of my body, we’re in alignment
with the decision, to do that before I
went under the knife. But the main reason that
this is not the strategy that I personally would
take with cancer, should I get it, is
because these methods whether it’s surgery or
radiation or chemotherapy are no different than trimming
back the top of a brush or a plant without realizing that the
root is still there. Because oftentimes mainstream
medical science today doesn’t recognize that root. Doesn’t see it. Obviously, if they saw it, because
these are not evil people, they would instantaneously
do something about it. 5. I would give my body
my emotions and my mind the most support that I
possibly could for healing. My focus would not be about
what I can do against the cancer. It would be what I
can do for my body and my being. I would especially focus on how
to support my immune system. This means removing as many
etiological factors as I can. This means being in a healthy
environment free of toxins. Doing what I need to feel
emotionally nourished. Doing activities I enjoy. Eating a super healthy diet. especially one that doesn’t
create acidity in the body. Especially high in vitamin C. I would be sleeping, I’d make sure I was being
touched in soothing ways. I’d be exercising in
life nourishing ways. surrounding myself with people with whom, I have emotionally
intimate relationships. I would focus on doing
lots of cleansing, so as to reduce the toxicity in
the various systems of my body. I would move to a place where
I can legally juice raw cannabis and drink it every day. I would also do other
forms of juicing. So as to super dose my body
with life supporting nutrients. I would enhance the
healthy communication and therefore unification factor in
my body by interacting with fungi. especially taking certain
mushrooms such as: cordyceps, reishi, maitake,
turkey tail and agaricus mushrooms. I would also take high doses
of curcumin and flaxseed oil. I would also take probiotics. I would sleep with and wear fluoride
crystals first and foremost. as well as, Selenite
and pytalight crystals. I would do oxygen therapy. I would do enemas, dry brushing
and drink ionized water daily. I would use frankincense,
clary sage, turmeric, lavender, thyme, chamomile
and holy basil essential oil. And make sure to get
sunlight every day. I would also stay open
to trying any other life and health supporting methods
that I feel resonate with me or may come across
my path at the time. I would support the body to
create resolution physically, while doing the much more important
psychological and emotional resolution so as to complete
the healing cycle. Cancer is a complex
healing mechanism, that occurs only when
there is a need for it. It’s very difficult for us to accept
that we need cancer in any way. But it wouldn’t manifest if we didn’t. Cancer is something that happens when there is a much needed
change that we need to make. And because of not
making that change we’ve reached a state of
internal toxicity and negativity regardless of whether we’re
conscious of it or not, that is no longer sustainable. Here’s the good news, when it
comes to the physicality of cancer, The body has no problem
getting rid of it. Cancer can vanish
in 24 to 36 hours. This is why oncologists all of them, have tales
of miraculous healing. They can’t really explain it. A person had cancer that was
gonna kill them one minute, and it was completely
gone the next minute. I have personally seen people
go from a death sentence, to completely cured overnight. In my opinion, death fright
is one of the worst things that doctors could
possibly do to someone. When it comes to cancer, it is death Freight that is preventing
so much of the healing the people need to experience. When a person is in the state of
death freight the body cannot heal and stress chemicals
are preventing healing. The body goes into
a freeze state that paralyzes most of the
functions within the body. People waste away
as a result of it. Because they cannot take
in energy or nutrients and they can’t let go
of energy in a free state. They can’t sleep either. It also impairs the
immune system. The worst thing
you could do if you want somebody to
physically heal from something, is to put them
in a state of fear. Especially one as extreme
as the fear of dying. And it is my hope that
doctors will hear this. Cancer is not something
that you have to fight. In fact, if you address cancer
as if it is something to fight you are much less
likely to survive. Although in today’s world with today’s very limited medical
understanding of cancer, it is perfectly understandable why
cancer terrifies the crap out of you. It is also not something that
you have to be afraid of. Because cancer is not
here against you. It is always here for you. It is an antagonistic ally that is calling you in the
direction of your personal truth. That is calling you back
into a state of free will. So that you feel like you are
the governing agent in your life and that you are governing your life
in a way that makes you enjoy life. It is calling you to
make changes in alignment with your currently
bulldozed personal truth. If you make these changes, there is no longer a reason for cancer
to be there, and so it won’t be. If you are making these changes,
than it is a guarantee that you are going to be stepping
into a place of governing your life according to your free will. Which means you have
gained control of your life. Which means there is
no longer any room for any other governing entity
to come in and take control. Have a good week. Subtitles by: Tanya Duarte Subtitles by the community

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  • Teal, I’d love to know your thoughts about childhood cancer. My thinking is that a child has so little control of their experience. Is it a parent’s responsibility to find out what they need spiritually to heal? And I’m thinking of a friend who had a brain tumor as a teenager, had brain surgery three times, and the tumor is still there at age thirty though it is benign. Could this be the result of childhood trauma? But this particularly worries me about small children. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this.

  • Based on all of that, with the way i lived my life this 27 years, i am the major canditate , bringing this into awerness, what can i say, thank you

  • Completely agree, my mom had cancer, she had already got surgery for it and taking medication. I don’t know how can I convince her to do this type of work. I will try my best, as I’m doing my inner work already and listening to my emotions, body, mind and sensations.

    Thanks for bringing this information up, really appreciate that.

  • I’m not sure how I feel about this video in all honesty. Number 1, you don’t really know what you would do until your in this position . I don’t drink alcohol, never smoked , live a healthy life . When diagnosed with stage 3 Ovarian cancer I made further changes to my diet and my cancer still returned. I did opt for surgery and chemo . I also feel as a cancer patient the absolute guilt you feel as if you yourself have done something wrong go get cancer whilst others who drink, smoke , take drugs and live until they are a old age!
    This video made me feel even more guilty they once again these “changes must be made or you die”!
    I’m not saying changes should not be made they absolutely should but for example I found myself last week unable to eat and vomited anything I had . The thought of another beetroot smoothie and kale made my stomach turn. My taste buds fancied I piece of chocolate and do I had this in my opinion was ok!
    I have made so many changes such as high CBD/THC , fruit daily, I juice, eat fresh organic food , High turmeric /cucumin I’ve stopped eating red meat etc etc and it’s videos like this that’s helped me … but you need to also be realistic and happy.
    The end part of this video was great but please remember cancer patients emotions #guiltfree #weneverdidthis

  • Hi! My cat was diagnosed a tumor recently, and apparently she's too old for an operation. Is there anything I can do, to help her heal somehow? I'm pretty desperate, as I don't know how to help, she's a genuine beloved family member, and I am willing to do pretty much anything :(.

  • Can u post a video where you go through what areas of the body correlates to which psychological aspects and why? I would really really appreciate that !!! love you teal/universe you helped me so much

  • Please, where can I find the info about which area of life correlates with cervical, uterine and ovarian cancers please.

  • 'In the talmud it's illegal for a Jewish doctor to heal a non-jew. Everybody needs to know that since there's so many doctors in America that are Jewish.'Dan Bannister

  • "The Jews are called human beings, but the non-Jews are not humans. They are beasts."

    Talmud: Baba mezia, 114b


    · "The Akum (non-Jew) is like a dog. Yes, the scripture teaches to honor the dog more than the non-Jew."

    Ereget Raschi Erod. 22 30.

  • “It is permitted to take the body and the life of a non-Jew.” – Jewish Babylonian Talmud, Sepher Ikkarim IIIc, 25

  • You are so f…ing wrong and dangerous. My dad had lung cancer and died because of that. He got that cancer when he was most happiest of his life but he was smoker and he was exposed to asbestos in job. Those are the reasons of most lung cancers not that BS that you said.

  • I have been afraid to watch this video from the time it came out and finally decided to do it. Never had and I don't have cancer now, but I am, as long as I know triggered by this topic. I always seen it as something bad or as incurable disease. But why I was getting triggered or being afraid of getting it, is because it is call to action to change all the unaligned parts of my being and there are some parts I must change. I guess this is call to action for me because if I don't change this is where I'll be heading.

  • What’s happening when really little kids get cancer? Are the parents manifesting it or is something else going on?

  • You are just a rockstar – I refer to this as our own trials and tribulations – a wake up call to pay attention to the real things in life – what a gift you have to share – thx Teal

  • We watched a documentary about cancer on Netflix. Very popular right now, they said most cancer patients had been though a horrible situation 2 years prior.

  • I can't tell you how right this message is. It would simply take too long. Suffice to say that the mind totally controls all bodily functions. The proof is everywhere.

  • Thank you Teal Swan!🙏I have to say this video makes great sense! I had a neighbor who had liver cancer he didn't choose to take chemotherapy and radiotherapy instead he quitted smoking and drinking turned to live a healthy lifestyle and did things he found were healthy. The doctors told him he could only live no more than few months.But he actually had lived for over 20 years. Quite a miracle right! In that time he looks energetic with good vibe And you can't even tell he had cancer. Although he's gone and lived to be over 70 but at least he chose right path in the last over 20 years to re-control his life and lived in his authentic way again.

  • Thank you immensely for this video, what you say applies to all illnesses in general and mostly to so called “chronic” or incurable diseases.. Cancer is also a suboroduct or an egoistic and selfish society.. as autoimmune diseases are created by excessively competitive environments..

  • Just read the comments below the video, teal I think you underestimated your fan base, it's literally all love down there, no war, just beautiful stories

  • Nice video, as always. I think it covers the root causes of many cancers well.
    However what about cancers that are caused by physical conditions, such as living in areas with high radiation?

  • You know what i think she may actually be a reincarnated saint, like if you are really into spirituality and believe in reincarnation and all that, this may mean that she is a reincarnated saint or a divine spirit deep down.

  • “I’m going to give you the objective universal truth about cancer” red flag you are not omniscient you are a human with flaws and a lack of formal education to even be talking about cancer from a place of authority. Stop talking like a know it all expert just cuz you claim to have extrasensory powers. You are at best a pseudo scientist and at worst a harmful cult like spiritual leader who preys on vulnerable people

  • And that is valid for every body problems. Not only cancer. Every problem of body is a envoy of news of our realm, which we have to hear carefully. Not reject and fight but understand and with respect and kindness change what prevents harmony and activate flow of deeds which brings joy.

  • Thank you. wow…I'm trying to heal My precious Dog from enlarged heart and heart murmur, also from Chronic Bronchitis and Collapsed Trachea. I would Love to know your advice on Animal healing, Dear Teal Swan Whether it is possible to heal him alternatively, energetically or other ways to Avoid the Medical drugs they try to put in him….Could you please help me, He is my true baby. Thank you very much for your time. I love you and Respect you for all you're doing. Peace and Love and Thank you from the bottom of my heart. PS: Is it also possible to heal Someones COPD and how? thank you. xxxx

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