BUD BLAST: Premature Bud Drop off | Blossom Drop – Flower Buds dropping off

Hello Friends! Today we will look into What is Bud Blast
or Blossom drop and the signs and symptoms to diagnose the common reasons to premature
flower or bud drop off and the solutions to this problem. Thats Coming up.. Welcome back! If you are a hobby gardener or interested
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that you wont miss anything. Every single bud in your garden is like a
little promise from your plants. But, when these buds collapse for no reason,
it may bring tears in gardener eyes. So, What is Bud Blast? Bud blast is a term used to describe flowers
that have prematurely aborted before or soon after opening that means premature bud drop
off. What Causes this premature Bud Blast in Flowers? The good news is that the most common factors
involved in this bud blast are environmental factors and hence can be easily diagnosed
and treated. Just analyse the causes that I shall be listing
out now and find out which one is fitting to your plant and solve your problem. So lets list out the causes of this problem
one by one: 1. Water stress: Improper watering causes a great
deal of stress to plants. Under watering may cause plants to redirect
water from enlarging buds to the food-producing areas of the plant. This is an act of self-preservation by the
plant. And Over watering often leads to root rot,
or other fungal infections that may destroy the developing flower buds. Now The Solution to this problem: Always water
the plants when the top one or two inches of the soil is dry, and add a thick layer
of mulch to keep moisture levels more even. You can watch my separate video on What is
Mulching and what mulching materials you can use for mulching your plants. Find the link at top right corner of this
video, but lets first complete this topic. 2. Temperature Extremes – Extremes in temperature
can influence the buds development. When temperatures fluctuate, the plants get
stressed and may respond by dropping their buds and flowers in an attempt to survive
or conserve energy. Solution: Moving plants may correct the problem,
If its winter, you can start covering them with polythene covers by small making holes
in them or you can also use some support sticks or a garden trellis and then wrap around with
a blanket or a polythene cover to provide the correct temperature as required, specially
in night time. 3. Pest Attack: Pests also can cause bud drop
specially in hibiscus. Insects like Aphids are small, sucking insects
that will cluster on the new growths and buds. They are easily visible and can be easily
diagnosed, and can be controlled with any general-purpose insecticide. You can watch my separate video on How to
Control Aphids and Whiteflies after you finish this video from a link at top right corner
of this video. If you cannot control organically, then use
azathion or malathion organophosphorous chemical spray to control these pests. 4. Wrong Lighting – This is also connected with
temperature extremes. Light has a direct effect on how well the
plant can produce food and survive. Often, buds fail when high light plants are
in low light settings and vice versa, that is plants accustomed to low light situations
may overheat in direct sun, causing buds to fall off. Move these plants to more appropriate lighting
conditions. One hint here is: Avoid direct sunlight exposure
during noon, thats when the sun is at its peak. 5. Humidity – Insufficient humidity can interfere
with proper bud development. Also when humidity fluctuates considerably
then it will lead to buds that drop off. If you want to increase humidity, you can
make a humidity tray and place your container on this. Simplest humidity tray consists of some small
pebbles in a tray filled with water, which can increase the humidity around the plant. 6. Young Plants – Younger plants often lack the
root structure to support blooms and this might lead to aborted blossoms. 7. Recent Repotting or Transplantation is another
reason. What you can do in this case is, pick any
blooms off the plant to allow the root system to develop better before permitting it to
bloom again. 8. Transportation of the plant : which can be
another reason that can be considered for buds falling off because of weakening due
to the stress of transportation. So there we have it folks, that was our episode
on the reasons and solutions to the problem of premature buds falling off. If you have some more tips, please suggest
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