Breast Cancer: Taiwan Hospital Trials Proved that Tian Xian Fights Breast Cancers

It is widely conspicuous that the National Taiwan University Hospital for the first time carried out a human experiment on the traditional Chinese medicine since it was founded. Findings indicated that the “TianXian liquid-P” which was fine adjusted from a health care drink called “TianXian liquid” can improve the immunity of the patients who suffered the advanced phase of the breast cancer. Some patients even witness their tumors shrunk. However, some Chinese medicine practitioners hold a prudent attitude for this after seeing the already known 5 components. The pitch-dark liquid with strong Chinese medicine odor, is the so-called functional drink of “TianXian liquid”. The formula applied by the dealer and the fine adjustment experiment carried out by the National Taiwan University Hospital, upon the primary human test, the “TianXian liquid-P” which is compound of 5 Chinese herbal medicines, is believed to strengthen the immunity of the patients who suffered the advanced phase of breast cancer. We made a clinical experiment in the National Taiwan University Hospital. The report indicated that the cancer cells shrank and even disappeared. The “TianXian liquid-P” which was applied to human test by the National Taiwan University Hospital has not been put on the market. The already known components include codonopsis pilosula, fructus ligustri lucidi, astragalus, cordyceps sinensis and rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae. The Chinese medicine practitioners hold that it can help supply vitality and adjust immunity. However, they keep a prudent attitude on whether it can really prevent cancer. It does not make any sense only by these 5 herbal medicines. It needs to be combined with both Chinese and Western medicine. It may be beneficial to breast cancer, but it is still questionable to help cure other cancers. Currently, the health care effects of the long-sold “TianXian liquid” on the market have different results on different people. The dealer intends to apply for the medicine license in the future, but right now the “TianXian license” belongs to foodstuff. Although it can strengthen the immunity of those who suffered advanced cancer, curative effect can not be declared. Otherwise, 1 million will be fined at most. Here I also remind that the “TianXian liquid-P” researched by the National Taiwan University Hospital is different from the long-sold “TianXian liquid” on the market. It’s secure to purchase it until the medicine license is issued if the citizens hope it can be used to prevent cancer. Reported by Qiu,xianpei & Zeng,jianxun from CTI News.

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