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I’m Clive Barlow I’m from Lythm in saint annes,
I’m a retired HR manager. I was diagnosed in 2003 with bowel cancer. For some reason
I happened to notice blood in my stool one day when I went to the toilet. I kept that
to myself but then it continued and it had gone on for a couple more weeks then I did
spoke to my wife and through the conversations it’s one of those things I guess men are a
bit like that in terms of ‘oh it’ll go away, it’ll sort itself out’ but with a bit of persistence
and nagging she said I think you’d better go and get it checked out. At that time you
don’t want to think that it’s Cancer because that happens to everybody else and not yourself.
When you have that conversation and the consultant tells you that caught it in the early stages
and it hasn’t spread anywhere else on reflection you have to look back and say that that discussion
that happened with my wife really saved my life. Certainly going through the experience
I’ve gone through, I can highly recommend to go and see the doctor. The early diagnosis
of my cancer has led me on to have another wonderful 9 years and hopefully more years
to come in the future.

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  • I've had blood in my poo for 9 days now and I have only just told someone about it I'm going to the docters in a couple of days I'm very frightened and about to start secondary school in only a few days if i have cancer will i survive if I do how long will the treatment be????

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