Bosch E01 E02 E03 E04 E05 error code diagnosis and repair

Hey everyone and welcome back to the
Sawickipedia. Today we’re looking at the different error codes that may be thrown
up by your Bosch, Siemens, Neff, Kenmore, I think a couple of other different brands
dishwasher. There’s going to be separate videos for each error code so I’ve split
these up into a big playlist so you can look at your particular error code
without having to look through all the other crap about the rest of the error
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straight into it. Okay, so if you’re getting an E01, E02, E03
E04 and maybe E05 codes, these all relate to the power control module
having an issue. All right now before we do
anything else just make sure that the power dish washer is turned off, and also
the water to the dishwasher is also turned off. If you’ve got an inbuilt unit
you will have to remove your kick board in order to access the bottom of the
dishwasher. So in order to get the whole machine out you first need to open up
the door and just undo these two t15 screws, there’s little brackets here, and
then at the bottom of the machine you’ll probably need to lower the actual feet
themselves. So you need a 17mm spanner and just turn the feet counter clockwise
until the unit drops down. There’s also a screw here which will take a flathead
screwdriver, you also just need to turn that counter clockwise so the rear the
unit can drop down as well. And then the other thing to do would be to disconnect
your outlet hose and also the inlet hose. And of course disconnect the machine
itself from the power depending on where your power outlet is. So to remove the
power side panel first figure out which side the actual power is running into,
that’ll be a power side panel, and you’ll need a Torx t15 bit which you can pick
up at any local hardware store or electronics hobbyists store. Open the
front door of the dishwasher and you’ll find just behind the seal there’s two
Torx screws that are hidden away there so undo those. And once they’re out you should just be
able to pull the panel out towards you. You can grab it just behind the back
because there are just a couple of clips here and here that are holding it in. So
if you manage to pop it out around those and then you should be able to just
slide the panel downwards and off. This little bit here has just come off the top,
there remove that, that’s just sits on the top, and then if you can take off
this insulation and sound-deadening. And down here you’ve got your power
panel, so you can pop this open, there’s two clips at the front. Lift that
up and then pretty much just make sure everything’s plugged in properly and no wires are frayed inside. If there’s no obvious problem you can also pull this out, it
will involve disconnecting all these wires then opening it up, but I’d only do
that if you are confident that you know what you’re doing. That’s about it for
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  • Help. I started with an E15 code. Tilted it… water came out. The machine then worked. BUT didn't heat and had an E04 code. I cleaned propellers out. Used rinse cycle a lot with descaler. It can now heat up but when it does it trips the electricity to the flat. What can I do.

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