Beethoven Virus : KDRAMA RANT!

Let’s talk about Beethoven Virus. Yeah I think that segment cue is a bit of a lie. What the hell you kids excited about? Beethoven Virus. Well that was 18 hours of my damn life I’m never gonna get back. Can you tell I hate this drama? Because I really hate this drama. Alright enough stalling, let me vomit out the plot really quick. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. “Plot.” That’s funny. I’ll explain later. Beethoven Virus. Genius conductor. Plucky violinist girl. Prodigy trumpet player. Throw them all in a blender with dull blades, and watch them for 18 hours. Good enough plot description? No of course not. Alright fine, I will be serious. So basically we’ve got this mid-sized town trying to put together an Orchestra that will put said town on the map. Because tourism and money. Our female lead is responsible for said Orchestra-putting-together. And through a series of unfortunate events, screws it up, and tries to scramble to get anyone to play. And I do mean anyone. So we’ve got a rag-tag team of musicians, all with their own personal musical hang-ups, and cue the world famous Conductor from over-seas. Who is an asshole. And literally the entire drama follows him being a displeased, prickly asshole. Throw in a half-baked love triangle/romance that wasn’t even a love triangle OR a romance. The most unlikable male lead you have ever met. Seriously, he makes the lead in Boys Over Flowers look like Prince Frickin’ Charming. And the most repetitive writing you’ve ever been forced to sit through in your entire life. And there you have it, that’s the drama. Beethoven Virus. “Sounds like fun!” No it doesn’t because it sucks monkey balls. Remember when I was laughing earlier when I said the word “plot?” Well spoiler alert, that’s because this thing had no plot. It had like 2 plot points that it recycled, and I am not kidding you here, 5 damn times. And along with having to sit through that boredom, the story literally had no resolution. The romance went nowhere, and if memory serves me correctly the fundamental “Is the Orchestra still a thing” plot point…THAT WENT NOWHERE! I don’t even remember at the end of the drama if they did the whole “Yay we’re an Orchestra again.” And that is infuriating. Almost as infuriating as the fact that Beethoven Virus had SOOO much potential. There were a slew of characters in the Orchestra that so much more could have been done with! But no, we get to focus on Mr. Asshole Conductor being an asshole for practically the entire drama. He wasn’t just an unlikable lead as far as the “romance” was concerned…he was unlikable period. I never understood him as a character, and half of his motivations confused the hell out of me. The other male lead was probably the most interesting character. And while the drama does devote some time for him, it wastes the time that it focuses on him by having him recycle yet another plot point mid-way through the drama. And if all that were not enough to leave me begging for a lobotomy… What they did to the female lead! Oh dear God! She spends half the damn plot doing absolutely nothing, and the other half just being a sad turtle. Yes, something of note does happen to her… But even that health issue is just kind of written off without any sort of resolution! She’s this wonderful, passionate violinist, and I swear nothing ever comes from that. Oh she’s just kind of there, you know, in the story…I guess. I’m like dammit, drama, what are you doing with your life? This thing was so not worth your time, my time, the actor’s time, God’s time, no one’s time! Which really sucks because you can tell the writers love music, and wanted music to be the focus of the drama. But I’m sorry, that does not pull humans into a story. You know what pulls humans in? Other humans, as in characters. Plot. Conflict. The Basics of Writing 101. Not conflict and plot and characters that are half-baked and weak as hell. Ugh! I really need to stop bitching about this thing because now my blood pressure is up and I’m mad and no one’s having any fun. How do I end these again?

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