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Welcome back to my channel Today’s video is on public demand While we talk about makeup, fashion and clothes We can’t ignore hair Some of you are obsessed with hair treatments A lot of people kept asking me what is a Brazilian Blowout I think it’s better to show you the experience rather than talking about it I would go for it because it’s not as hard as Keratin or straightening & rebonding treatments is Brazilian Blowout different from Keratin or Straightening treatments? Yes! It’s lighter and is less harsh it won’t break your hair much it creates a protective layer on top of your hair and it gives strength to your hair especially if they’re thin you will still have volume and body in your hair you can tie them easily you can even curl them with a curling rod similar to Deepika’s curls will it break your hair? it depends on how your technician used the iron if he’s very harsh and pulling your hair then your hair will break but not so much if he uses it gently and spends time on it make sure you get the original product and not the fake one if the price is too low then there’s definitely something wrong with the product You get a hair test for keratin and rebonding is not done on thin hair but you can go for Brazilian Blowout with any type of hair the frizziness that you have in your hair or the roughness will be sorted out after this treatment and your hair will look straighter and nicer so join me in the salon! it’s a long procedure and will take at least 3 hours! This treatment will reduce the hair blow dry time and makes hair smoother After this blowout treatment you don’t need to use a brush you can just dry yourself and it will straighten out itself After this test, I will share the results with you whether I am recommending it or not we will find out in 3 hours so the procedure has started now at first, my hair has been shampooed using the Brazilian Blowout Clarifying Shampoo After he’s washed my hair he’s gonna apply the number two bottle which is the smoothing cream which will stay in my hair for 45 minutes as it is the main chemical it’s very difficult to wait for such a long time so I’m thinking of trying out this new restaurant in the middle! it’s being applied section by section you have to leave quarter inch from the scalp don’t need to touch the scalp and has to be applied generously and after applying it, you have to comb it out as well combing is done to even it out till the end This is where I’m going to have my lunch Sushi Burrito Let’s see how is he making this This looks yummy Sushi is a healthy Japanese dish it is low in fat and calories this is a fusion and is being served like a burrito look at it..YUM! look at my get up..thank God nobody got offended so it’s gonna take one and a half hour more we have to apply the mask now for fifteen minutes which will close the cuticles so at first cuticles were opened so the product could seep in then they were sealed by ironing them In order to seal it off to lock the treatment there is going to be a mask It been almost an hour of hair ironing now I’m really tired but I’m hoping that the result will be amazing and my hair will be silky and smooth I hope it’s gonna be worth it Each strand has been ironed out shooting for my new drama is about to start it’s named ‘Zanmureed’ and will appear on HumTV the director has told me that my hair needs to be dark and no lenses so I’m gonna dye my hair as well to a darker shade I think I will look really bad in black These are some shades that I have to choose from what do you guys think of this shade? I think I’m gonna go with this one So now hair color and mask are left and then we’re done so the mask was on for quite some time hair color is also done my hair’s gonna look darker now give me a thumbs up if you liked today’s video! and I will share my opinion with you whether to go for it or now and I’m back home now I’ll be able to share my views with you whether it is worth it or not I just need to check whether I can still curl these or not Dark hair makes your face look slimmer and you look younger I’m not talking about black Dark brown So I’m gonna curl my hair now then I’ll share my review Time to announce the results I paid 700 Dirhams as it was on promotion It’s price varies normally between 700 Dirhams to 2000 depending on the salon and their promotion make sure you have the original products the procedure was very long and it was tiring but it gave a shine to my hair and I’m enjoying it and they’re getting curled as well unlike after a Keratin treatment so would I recommend it? Yes definitely! specially in a humid season So if you liked me video and found it informative give me a thumbs up check out my Instagram account and Facebook page

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