ASPERGER SYMPTOMS (unusual) 2018

in this video we’ll be covering five
Asperger symptoms that are pretty interesting so by the end of the video
you may actually be surprised coming right up hey what’s good guys I’m Dan I have
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okay guys on the video so a few weeks ago I did a video on 5 Asperger’s
symptoms sometimes with their hands or their fingers or they rock back and
forth and these are like more the common ones that you may find if you googleing
around or if you know maybe a psychologist or a paediatrician who’ll
know exactly what you’re talking about but Asperger symptoms can very and
and the Asperger’s symptoms can be quite different depending on who you speak to
but there are some Asperger’s symptoms that’s so unique and so uncommon that
you may not have heard of all of them so today we’re gonna be covering five of
these symptoms that you may not have heard of just because it’s
an interesting concept and if you’re watching this channel to learn more
about autism and Asperger’s here are 5 Asperger’s symptoms that you may see in
somebody you know with Asperger syndrome or autism okay guys so let’s do it
also I’d like to point out I really like this minecraft touch how cool is this
day ok still number one is a Palilalia and Palilalia is when somebody repeats
the words that they’ve spoken so for instance I might be like hanging out
with my girlfriend and I’ll say something like she might say how was
your day I said yeah it’s fine but then i’d be like and you you kind of mimic the
words under your breath almost not even seeing them at all you kind of just move
your mouth those words and this is a very common symptom I’m not actually
consciously aware that I’m doing this when I do do it but this is actually a
symptom it has an unusual name i I’ve always just answered it as being like
repeating words under your breath and a lot of people comment on it I know that
growing up my sister was like hey Dan like why are you repeating the words
that you say and do breath after you say them and I’m like am I? and then like
other people be like Dan you’re repeating the words under your breath and that’s kind of
crazy because I didn’t even know I was doing it but I’ve seen videos of me
talking to people on an idea but I make a conscious effort in these YouTube
videos to not do because it helps with the flow of the video now number two is one that
is kind of comorbid but also in Asperger’s trait and it’s actually tics
and one of my tics are similar to how Tourette’s have tics where tourette’s tactics
we’ll all say things involuntary but this Asperger symptom in people with
Asperger’s syndrome is normally quite relevant but you don’t always see it and
it’ll be a tick where they may like jolt their chest forward they may hit their body
they may like grunt or they may cough in a certain way they move their eyes some
people I’ve known in the past were like you know bend their necks to the side and
these are all like these are called tics and they’re kind of almost like nervous
impulses that you can’t help but do these are very common Asperger’s
symptoms that you will probably unaware of and I find it quite fascinating
because I’m actually way more caramel my tics now but sometimes I do tick and the
tics can vary from different things since I was like I’ll hit my chest and I
like cough a little bit and sometimes I’ll like
like shout out really weirdly and like my face kind of stretches as though it
weird I don’t know I don’t how to explain it it’s very do it’s very very
individual to the person but it’d be cool if you guys let me know if that’s
something that you’ve encountered and what types of tics you get and that would be
super dope now this one again is another comorbid condition with Asperger’s
syndrome and this Asperger symptom is OCD now there is a fine difference
between OCD and Asperger syndrome OCD because OCD means that you have this
overwhelming urge to do things in a certain way or certain fashion or
certain amount of times or you have to touch something or do something and
because then you’ll have negative dark thoughts and can it may be like people
are gonna die or the world will explode or something you know quite epic like
that and you don’t like to have to do these things that I know people with OCD
don’t enjoy the routine but people with Asperger’s syndrome actually thrive from
routine and thrive from organization and structure and with that comes a form of
OCD where they like to have things in order and things in a certain place and
I certainly know from my experience is that I love having things organized when
things out and organized it’s like chaos and I can’t do much but I really do
enjoy having things organized especially in my office here and
especially around my desk and in my desk tidy I need everything in there
perfectly well and this again is another symptom of wanting things the exact same
all the time I don’t like changing my room around
that much and my girlfriend loves changing the rooms and stuff around all
the time we would examine it really bugs me because I like to have things like
certain place you know in a certain type of way and I and I love that okay so
number four is taking things literally now and I got a funny story about this
um this Asperger symptom is really really fun to – this story that I’m
about to tell you but it can be kind of annoying to some people on it it can be
difficult to overcome as well so people with Asperger’s syndrome may take things
literally and by this if you said to them like oh it’s raining cats and dogs
outside it’s a possibility that the person you said that to may actually
believe it’s raining cats and dogs I know that the first time I heard that I
actually thought it was raining cats and dogs actually not just the first time I
mean until I realized that they weren’t actually saying it’s raining cats dogs I
didn’t understand what that meant I didn’t understand what that was
was going on and he’s an example of people taking things literally so I
retain in access to science course a few years ago before I did my degree in
chemistry and when I was doing the access course there was a person on the
course called Heather and she was like she’s a mother of a guy who has Asperger’s
syndrome as well just cool so he’s to hang out with Heather and one day that
we were having lunch in the canteen and she had finished a cup of tea put a
banana and like crisp wrapper it inside the you know the rubbish basically
inside this cup and said to me hey Dan can you go put this in the bin I said
yeah okay cool so I threw the whole thing in the bin cup went in the bin
everything went in the bin and then she was like you weren’t supposed to throw
the cup in a bin you were just supposed to put the rubbish in the bin and put
the cup on the side but she gave me everything including the cup so I
checked the whole thing in the bin and I found this quite interesting because she
said done you know it’s obvious off the cup we just got in the sink and I said
yeah why don’t we throw it in the bin she goes well you know you have to kind
of pick up on these things and again people with Asperger syndrome have this
relatability issue where they may not get unspoken kind of rules and stuff so
it’s it’s kind of you know if you’re gonna be talking somebody with
Asperger’s syndrome then make sure you are very understanding of the literal
process of their thinking so that you don’t kind of say something like that
and then you end up throwing something away which he didn’t actually wanna
throw away okay so number five this one’s an interesting one this Asperger’s
symptom is sometimes apparent because it runs parallel with dyslexia so people
with dyslexia have an issue with certain motor skills and those motor skills
could be hand writing as well as a bunch of other things but with Asperger’s
syndrome these conditions do play a role in in Asperger syndrome
so this Asperger symptom is poor motor skills for handwriting I know my
handwriting is terrible it looks like a spiders jumped in an ink tank and and
walked across a page it just like this scattering of lines and and letters that
looked at you know disfigured and morphed into each other and it’s crazy
and you know not I can’t even understand my own handwriting which is crazy so
when I was in university doing my degree I actually had a note-taker to actually
take the notes and do those things for me because I just couldn’t do it but this
is very common and a lot of people with Asperger syndrome have this Asperger’s
symptom where they’re bad reading and writing and also bad
their own handwriting and I find it quite fun because in today’s day and age
handwriting is a kind of thing of the past you don’t really need it but I just
find it fun because I don’t expect you to have this like super good handwriting
you know when you’re doing academia but mine is terrible that’s always good
we’re gonna not do just five we’re gonna do an extra one cuz you know you guys
are my squad okay so this one is the last one I talked about this is number
six and number six is quite an interesting one I got a personal story
for this as well this Asperger’s symptom is quite interesting so people with
Asperger’s syndrome may be sensitive to touch and you can see that sometimes
that they’ll talk about pressure and stuff and so people Asperger syndrome
don’t like light touching or like soft touching because that is really jumpy
and overly sensitive so I know that like I have hyper sensitivity with like the
light sound and smells and also touch because when my girlfriend like touches
my leg if we’re driving on account like I jump on her my seat like “ahhh oh goh” and
happens all time we’ve been together like nine years and she’ll touch my leg
and I’ll jump out of my skin and it’s crazy and one of the things is that it
just makes me laugh every time for like How do I like how do I not know that
she was gonna do that you know she always like just touching my leg you
know or like touching me say hey you okay
or if I’m like sneezing and she’ll like touch my back to make sure I’m okay and I’m like “AHH” it’s crazy
but sensitive to touch is always is always a fun thing to experience but I
noticed that a lot of people kind of like good pressure and I think weighted
blankets help with this because I like feeling like things tight against the
oppression not like loose fit and stuff so this is another Asperger’s symptom
which you may have not heard of before that’s all for this video guys and I’m
pretty sure you have a bunch of things to ask me so put it in the comment
section below give this video a thumbs up and let’s roll the end screen

100 thoughts on “ASPERGER SYMPTOMS (unusual) 2018

  • Hi Dan, I have Asperger's and I relate to a lot of these. I also have a hilarious story about me taking things literally. I was about 5 or 6 and my mum told me that the computer had a virus so I covered it in my blanket and put the tissues next to it and I was going to get mum to boil the kettle so I could make it a vicks in a bowl 😂😂😂😂 I also have OCD but not as bad as I was when I was younger and I have sensitivity to touch and sound. I get really triggered when people tap me on the back. At school people used to shout "BANG!" In my ear because it make me jump and they found it hilarious 😡 I used to get so mad!!! I also have multiple personalities so it can sometimes be challenging but oh well.

  • The real symptom is putting 6 ads in a video. Dude, it's already extremely hard to concentrate with ADD, you make it almost impossible. Think that many people who watch your videos may have one of the disorders you have or talk about. You just make it harder to get the info from your vid.

  • Taking things literally/not getting jokes was a real big issue for me more as a kid… for example a relative played a prank on me once and I didn’t understand it made me really upset and I cried. I always just thought I was over emotional. Also the touch thing I don’t really like it if someone touches me without warning, if they ask for a hug it’s cool mostly. And, with hand writing I can’t hold a pen properly and was told off as a kid for bad hand writing and rushing😂 I also like weight, I sleep with a beanie microwave teddy on my head I have no idea why/how I came up with it… possibly to noise block. But, I will definitely invest in a weighted blanket soon 👌🏻

  • I have this trait that if someting is Incorrect according to me it must fin corrected and if it isn't corrected, I get a panic attack if I can't correct it. I am not saying that's an Autistic trait but I am just curious to hear what you think of it

  • I have never thought about it like that, but i actually do have tics when i think about it. I blink very hard many times at once, and my family have often commented on me doing it. Its like a thing i cant stop doing but it has never bothered me.
    I allways took things litterally. My grandmother used to say (translation from danish) "its colder in the country than in the winter" and i just could not make sense of it. It still bothers me event though i know its not supposed to make sense

  • Thank you for these explanations as they help explain my 4 1/2 year old's behavior. Especially #6…he hates it when I touch his hair lightly and rubs his head all over afterward to get rid of the uncomfortable feeling. But he loves bear hugs and being squeezed.

  • I like that watchmen comic. I love The Watchmen. One of my obsessions (past) but still passionate about them. 😀

  • I believe I have Aspergers. I am trying to get diagnosed. I am a 28 year old female. I have OCD or been diagnosed, anxiety, social anxiety, been passionate and studied higher maths and tutored it ( Calc 11 and below), twirled my hair (as a kid) and now (TIC), i take things literaly. Not too literatly because I have learned. Unless I by chance have not learned I wouldnt know it was not literal. Anxiety medication allowed me to complete ( 3 classes shy) my associates in science. However I am not on anxiety meds anymore. Back in school and I need help. Just discovered that I was Aspergers. Need diagnosis for help and support so I can complete my goals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have 2 sons with Asperger's and I am also realizing that I too have female Asperger's. My boys also really like your minecraft torch.

  • Oh my, my daughter does the Palilalia thing. She moves her mouth along with me if I’m taking to her, like mimicking me. She also does it with movies and stuff. I can watch her just repeating everything she hears with her mouth through the whole thing.

  • #1 I find myself doing this,thought I was crazy,My son does this too! So helpful to know that I am not alone! You definitely know your
    Sh”t , if it’s raining cats and dogs, be careful you might step in a poodle!


  • I really appreciate these videos. My parents looked for something "wrong" with me so tirelessly, they missed the actual issue. I was well into adulthood by the time I learned I had Asperger's. It's caused much strife in my life, and I'm just now, at 32, learning to work with many of the idiosyncrasies I display.
    I do have one question for anyone here… Should I tell my employer? I'm kind of embarrassed to tell them, yet the symptoms do affect work sometimes due to its effect on interpersonal dealings. If you did, how did you go about telling your work?
    Thank you for your responses!
    Brian Walendy

  • I might have asperges I'm socially awkward my whole life.ADHD and lots of anxiety is the worst.

  • I notice that I sometimes have this tic where I turn my head but at the same time flx my musuclature so I kinda act against the turn (does this make sense) also I wobble my eyebrows randomly a lot

  • I love the Minecraft torch as well! 🔥 My 20 year old son is an aspie, still at home (still trying to figure out how to bridge that gap). He has writing difficulties as well, he forms his letters from the bottom up. I’m not sure if you have a vid about this or not but we are looking into CBD oil and wondered if you knew much about it?

  • I recently went to a therapist because I have anxiety that’s so bad that it causes tics. I’ve had them all my life and finally had to enough to i went to see them. My friends made jokes on occasion about some things I do being on the spectrum but it never crossed my mind till my therapist asked. This was a few weeks ago and I’m 24. And after going through the DSM I realized I fit almost every symptom listed as a child and still have some. I never believed it because I’m so social now. I learned to adapt to my surroundings and start small talk by using phases I’ve heard other people say. But honestly dude your channel and especially this video gave me a sense of ease. I feel so much better that other people experience tics or the talking under their breath. Thank you for making these videos.

  • Hi. Have been watching your channel for a while and just subscribed. Undiagnosed yet but quite ok. Funny thing about literal thinking; few months ago sister in law asked me to moisten half a rag at the sink so she could clean stuff with it. 2 minutes later I had to go back to ask how could I known what the half would be due to rag geometry and water capillarity getting the whole rag wet if my half would be just one side of it. The whole family still make jokes about it.

    By the way, I scored 48/50 at the AQ test too.

  • My son is an Aspie. My daughter is being assessed, but has most of the symptoms you talked about. Coincidentally, they've both been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. Wondering if there is a strong link? Also, they both seem to have a very blurred line between fantasy and reality. (My son at 13 asked to 'borrow' some money because he saw a spoof YouTube video offering surgery to get Wolverine claws implanted for ONLY $25,000. LoL)

  • A you discuss a little too fast next time speak a little 2 seconds or one second slowly then they will be more enjoy it I understand you very well but I will be more than enjoy it

  • I have adhd and I do palilalia sometimes reaping whole conversations quietly to myself. I don’t know why I do it, I just do.

  • I'm an Aspie and as well as many of the things you listed here, I have prosopagnosia (face blindness). It can be quite challenging. It has a wide spectrum from mild to severe.
    I looked it up and according to one study it affects about 1 in 50 people, and it's very common among those with ASD.

  • I have no issues with fine motor skills like handwriting & love beading/knitting/etc, but instead quite extensive gross motor skill delay & impairment, directional confusion and poor spatial judgement ('suddenly a wall appears' type deal). Family of origin wrote me off as extremely clumsy (and received negative mindless comments like retardation). In my 30s now & no dx, not sure if seeking one has any benefit due to the minuscule difference to my life it'd make within my local health system, plus risk of social backlash.

  • I'm 18 and I looked at all the symptoms and I fit a lot of them especially the social ones, tics, and pressure sensitivities but I'm afraid to get an evaluation because I'm scared they won't believe me or say it's not worth doing because I'm so past the age of catching it. So I was wondering if you have any advice?

  • I know what you mean with the last one… My girlfriend also does those things – this light touching or even tickling and I always tell her I don't like that. This can go as far a some kind of panic attack and is even worse while I'm swimming.

  • my gf has Asperger's we just found out that she was diagnosed as a child and her mom never told her or got her to any specialists or put her on any meds for the symptoms. She is 27 and just now lerning about the Autism community and something she does is the odd time she will get really excited, like will kind of freak out and just smile really big like a little kid on Christmas. For no reason some times… She will do this so hard she clenches her fists and smiles so hard all her muscles in her neck will be showing. she now can control it to the point she goes and hides when she knows it will come out. Like her going up the stairs, causes it. She gets really over joyed to get up any stairs that are an even number. if they are an odd number you can tell she's upset/bothered by it. Her new friends who are also on the spectrum have said they don't do this, but have many other tics and she needs to just accept that as one of her quirks. She loves your videos and sys they help her not feel like a "freak" because there are LOTS of people who are just as awkward as her. – no hate for the wording please… It's her wording.

  • Years ago, I worked as a web designer for a small mom and pop operation and on the about us page, they wanted me to say that they first hung their shingles in such and such a year(started their business). Not knowing that this expression meant to start a new business, I took it quite literally and wrote that they hang shingles as part of their business.

  • Is being EXTREMELY superstitious similar to the ocd? I love to be organized as well and I can’t accept if it’s not organized. But are these two things tied?

  • I haven't been diagnosed with ASD but I find myself relating to nearly all of the things you've said, and I've watched your other videos on symptoms and stuff and it's the same thing. I think the only thing I don't do on this list was the tics and I'm not sure about the ocd one, see I like having things neat and tidy, but my room is a complete mess, because I don't want it to change and get moved around without knowing exactly where everything is going and stuff before hand and I just can't bring myself to change it. I have this thing where I will feel this need do something (it's often when I touch something or smell something or something along those lines) three times, it's always three or if it's not three it's odd number. I hate even numbers, and the number 5 bugs makes me highly uncomfortable when it's comes to reading the time. So I don't know if I should sort of mention it to a professional or not, and I really don't know how I would approach it or mention it or even bring it up. Does anyone have any advice?

  • Could you do a video on the challenges of being in a relationship for those who have Aspergers or those who are dating someone with Aspergers? It would be greatly appreciated!

  • Love your videos. I have learnt so much from you about Aspergers and your presentation style is fantastic! Keep making videos please! Love from a fellow Welshie!

  • I repeat myself outloud and I don’t mean to, i also make facial expressions without being aware of it

  • When my son was younger about 4years he was struggling with a word and i told him "just spit it out". He spit on the carpet in the house😀

  • Curious. My son has meltdowns where he straightens his arms and squeezes his hands into fists by his sides and squeals. Would this be considered a tic? I’m a little confused. Thanks. He takes the Ados test in August to find out whether he has autism or Aspergers. He already has OCD and ADHD. I’m surprised these diagnoses are all correlated to each other.

  • I’ve noticed I tick quite abit I coach kids part time and despite having to basically have eyes on the back of my head. I have ticks where I do a full ‘mirror check’ where I look to my right and left rapidly.

    Which is quite funny in my daywork in sales where I’m in a client meeting talking and once I finish what I say I look to my left and right 😂😂

  • I have very weird vocal sounds and facial movements and rocking back and forth movements. My family laughs but I just don’t understand most of the time.

  • I have this tic where I'll sort of jerk my head a little to the side. If it's not that. I'll kind of wiggle my shoulders. People always stare and it upsets me and makes me uncomfortable.

  • I don't have much propensity for palilalia anymore (maybe just slightly) but as a kid, I used to repeat the ends of my sentences (or sometimes the whole sentence) in full voice (but slightly quieter) quite frequently, or I would echo things said to me in whole or in part. Apparently it's also common in Tourette's kids though. I also had major motor tics as a kid. I am going for my autism diagnosis soon.

  • That last one could explain why I always hated blood pressure cuffs or anything squeezing my arm, but a jab in my arm like an iv or vaccine doesn't bother me in the least… I'm an undiagnosed Aspie I'm pretty sure

  • I would have thrown the cup in the trash too! But, I would have asked if they were "sure", and they would say "yes", and then it would be thrown in the trash.

  • I sometimes have these nervous ticks during job interviews and always wondered what they were and whether they're noticeable, I'm articulate so I can mask it.

  • I definitely can't write to save my Life. And I can understand the touch thing I'll be at work running my lathe with my headphones in and someone would come touch my shoulder or my back and I'd jump and hit the emergency stop on my lathe because it like freaked me out or I've had seen some walking up fast and the same thing happen. And I have a big problem with scratching my head all the time not really sure why but it can be very hard not to at time's

  • My son is 7 and his doctor said my son has ADHD, a psychologist said he has high functioning autism and ADHD. How do I know which is correct?

  • Love your energy! Could you do a video on how to help loved ones with AS? How can we make them see there's a name for what they have without it seeming bad? Are there social groups that welcome aspies?

  • I feel like I dont fit in with society and people don't know how I feel and i cant relate to them and they can't relate to me and I'm shutting myself off away from everyone and even the world except from nature areas where the most people I see are dogs walkers and not a lot of people at all, I stutter a lot when I'm trying to explain things to people, but if i say what i want to say to their pet and they respond (not the pet) I find it easier to speak without stuttering, how do i change this please, thank you if you respond 🙂

  • I wish that when I repeated things it was silent….I repeat things out loud….it sux, I wish I could stop doing that.

  • Hey Dan! You said you have really terrible hand writing… my son has dyslexia and dysgraphia- which means problems with with writing, can't stay on lined paper and his hand gets super sore from having to write a few lines… just wondered if youd noticed this with your writing

  • Omg your handwriting looks exactly like mine! Haha certain letters are capital and I'm horrible with spelling too.. as for the rest, I'm not sensitive to touch, I just don't like it but I am sensitive to sounds and light.
    My work mate told me last year every time I talk to someone I rub the back of my head, I wasn't aware until then

  • 1. I always mimicked my words and everyone always thought I was talking under my breath.

    2. I have weird little tics, I jolt my head sideways and bend my neck to the side; sometimes hitting myself on the chest.

    3. I have more of the actual OCD symptoms (someone will die, world will explode etc), but I do like having things in certain ways.

    4. I take a lot of thing literally, when someone said "Pull your socks up" I actually did and everyone laughed lol. I've gotten better with this because I have friends with a sarcastic sense of humour, and I picked it up lol.

    5. My handwriting is absolutely TERRIBLE, I can't even read my own writing. Lmao I look ridiculous squinting at my own handwriting.

    6. I don't like touching at all, I would jump when someone touches my leg and I always laugh at how weird it is lol

    I'd like to say that today I was professionally diagnosed with ASD and this channel is really helping me understand it.

  • My daughter has a facial tic where she grimaces. She saw her reflection in her iPad screen the other day and said she had no idea that she did that. We’ve noticed it for quite a while. Should you point these things out or leave it be?

  • Have always had severe tics.. they have changed as I have aged. My writing would win me a award for impersonating a Doctor and I am SUPER Touch sensitive…. Great video!

  • Hey mate! Thanks for your videos it has helped me to explain my friends about my condition. I am 21 old female, I've finished my career in robotics at a UK university. Even though I've been diagnosed with Asperger and other syndromes at the age of 8 I have never had any therapy whatsoever. So I had to find my own ways to cope with it. Your videos have helped me and my friends to understand why I do what I do and now I just realize that I'm not a Frick like I use to think.

  • I’m curious as a mom of a child with autism etc., as to what it is like as a small child to experience the world and how it is to notice it being different from others or not being able to communicate as well at an early age. I just remember wishing I could jump into her mind so I could help her better when it was obvious that she had things to say or things upset her and I couldn’t understand why. Does anyone remember being small and what it was like? She actually doesn’t remember very well but it is seared into my mind how upsetting it was for her and I.

  • I didn't realize I repeated words, silently, until a judge told me to "STOP" or I would go to jail for mocking him. I was just trying to make sure I remembered my new court date & time, since I got lost & went to the wrong courthouse & was late. Now that I knew the correct place, just trying to remember the correct date & time…Thanks a lot judge, now I will never know when my next appearance is required.

  • It's raining cats and dogs? 1st time I heard that (2 or 3), I literally, ran outside looking for cats. I love cats. I thought that was where cats and dogs came from. It seemed to be a special occasion, like an opportunity to get a cat or dog or both or more. I just thought I was really unlucky to never find one. To be honest, I don't remember, when I realized it was a lie. Since my parents & their friends liked to trick me, even when it wasn't actually raining. I probably blocked it from my memory, along with all of the other realisms, I was lied to about, that I have to accept as "truth"

  • Thank you for reminding me to like the video because I tend to forget. I enjoy your videos a lot. They help me understand myself.

  • Ok so I’m 42 and we just found out last year my 8 year old daughter has autism. I’m pretty sure my son has it also but hasn’t been diagnosed, He is 11. I homeschooled both my kids. My son till he was in 4th and my daughter till 1st grade, my son is HIGHLY intelligent but he has so many symptoms! He doesn’t like to be around kids his age much and speaks like an adult. VERY literal and will go on and on about LEGOs and YouTube Hishe channel. Ok so my main point is I feel like honestly maybe I’m high functioning after watching my kids, but my teachers in school always said they thought I had ADD. Would there be any point in getting diagnosed at such a late age?! The only reason I feel for me to do it is that sometimes I do socially inappropriate things and people give me funny looks. Like I had a conversation with someone and I got super excited and interrupted someone else and blurted out what I was excited about. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I have such bad social anxiety but I try so hard to disguise it and honestly it works. Am I rambling 🤣

  • me i rock back and forth always rocking the more stressful or anxious the more intense the rocking

    ….anther symptom i notice is extreme hyper sensitivity to odors and sounds….

  • Palalellea. Yes. I have been asked why I repeat my words under my breath. I was made aware of it many years ago and occasionally catch myself. It happens much less now… I think.

  • My hand writting is verry good but light touch is… disturbing.
    Also, my spelling is still not so good despite years of practice and having studied the rules. (American English) A constant problem. Always being corrected for it. Must edit constantly.
    Often forget how to spell a word.
    Lots of anxiety. Not for anything in particular.
    Americans are gun officianadoes but I can't stand the sound of them going off. Did shoot a couple of times and enjoyed it except for the sound.
    Prefer archery.
    Never diagnosed despite having been to several phychologists.
    May not have it but some of this sounds very familliar.

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