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Ashlee, what happened after the show ended
when you first found out about Alexx’s illness? ASHLEE: When I
first found out, I tried every over-the-counter
medicine possible, and nothing was working for him. So finally, I proceeded
to take him to the ER. The doctor ran a
couple of tests. She said, OK it’s just a common
cold, he’s good, he’ll be OK. She sent us home. And so we went home with
some nausea medicine, nothing for the flu– NEPHEW TOMMY: So no
antibiotics or anything? ASHLEE: No antibiotics. No anything. And he went to the ER
two times after that, and was still sent home. But the fourth time,
we had to call 911, ’cause we knew that was the
only way we were going to get him admitted into a hospital. So he’s been there ever since. NEPHEW TOMMY: How bad did it
get for Alexx in the hospital? ASHLEE: (HOLDING BACK
TEARS) It got bad. I mean, it was to the point
where you’d talk to him, he doesn’t talk back. You squeeze his hand he
can’t squeeze your hand back. (CRYING) His lungs collapsed,
his kidneys were damaged, and it was nothing I could do. I’m not married, but
I love ’em, and I knew I had to be strong for
Alex ’cause I don’t want him to hear a weak voice in me. That’s it. That’s it. NEPHEW TOMMY: I commend you. I commend you on
what you are doing. How strong you’ve been. And trust me, he hears you. How was you all’s relationship,
before this happened? ASHLEE: Amazing. NEPHEW TOMMY: Yeah? ASHLEE: I couldn’t wait
to see him every day. Talk to him every night.
(CRYING) I’m sorry. He makes me so freaking happy. Like, y’all we listen
to music, we cook, we play games, like we hang. That’s my dog, y’all, for real. We are two peas in a pod. I’m corny and he loves it. And he’s corny, and I love it. He country, and
I’m working on it. EVERYONE: (LAUGHING) ASHLEE: And he’s the best. I love ’em. And, I mean, he’s my friend, and
I just miss my [BLEEP] friend. I miss him. We just, we got something
good, Tommy, and it’s real. NEPHEW TOMMY: Keep
doing what you’re doing. Keep standing by your man.
believe he going to be back. ASHLEE: I know he will. NEPHEW TOMMY: Right.

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