Antibiotic Awareness: Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Cystitis or Bladder Infection

(upbeat electronic music) – Did you know bacteria
can live in the bladder without causing an infection? Hi, I’m Dr. Amit
Desai in partnership with Washington State
Department of Health. I’m here to speak to you
about urinary tract infections also known as cystitis,
or bladder infections. The most important thing
for you to remember today is that you should
only take antibiotics for a bladder infection
when you have symptoms and a positive urine test. Bladder infections are very
common bacterial infections in the bladder that can cause
a feeling where you can’t wait to urinate or need to
urinate more often, and burning when urinating. Other possible symptoms
include lower abdominal or flank pain, chills, fever,
and blood in the urine. A bacteria called E. Coli
is the most common cause of bladder infection but
this bacteria can also live in the bladder without
causing an infection. For these reasons,
bacteria found in the urine without any symptoms
should only be treated in special cases like
women who are pregnant, and in people who are about
to have urologic surgery. So remember, one way we
can avoid unnecessary use of antibiotics is to avoid
treating a positive test for bacteria when
there are no symptoms. Also, it is important not
to pressure your provider to prescribe antibiotics. Thank you for taking
the time to listen. I’m Dr. Amit Desai with The Washington State
Department of Health.

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