Allergy Rap – Hay Fever Rap music video

 Ahchoo! What’s the pollen count? Man, I’m so sick of allergies… Girls think I’m crying, folks think Im flyin,  None of these treatments work that I’m buyin, All day long it’s, itches and sneezes,
Coming with a vengeance flying on the breezes  w-w-w What’s the pollen count? In the heat of the day or the cool of the
night, When you think you’re on top it will pick
you a fight, Poppin Sudafed, Claryntyne, Telfast, and Zyrtec, But what I’m paying for my problem aint worth it w-w-w What’s the pollen count? Achoo! I’m bite’n my nails searching for relievin’,
All these treatments, I don’t believe in, rubbin my eyes, it itches like mad,
Squirt’n steroids up my nose, now that’s gotta be bad w-w-w What’s the pollen count? Scratch tests might find my triggers alone,
Can’t live in a bubble, allergy-proof home,  If your so smart then go ahead and fix this
Tingles in my nose like I’m snorting some Whiz Fizz! (it’s sherbet not cocaine!:) w-w-w What’s the pollen count? I’m sittin at my laptop, searching for a cure, People coming at me promise and a lure,
Naturopaths, Pharmacy salesmen and Doctors,  Do these experts know how to stop this? Allergic Rhinitis stealing all my energy,
Sniffling and itchy for another bogus remedy, house cleaning products and canine company, All trigger chaos in my sinuses’ capillaries w-w-w What’s the pollen count? Chamomile, honey, butter-bur and diet, Sell me that hope cause you that know I’ll buy it, Millions frustrated, desperation shows, It get’s a bit gross with vaseline up my nose!  So I’m, Rappin’ n Flappin’ my Trappin’ just to make you aware there’s mould, dust, grass and pollen in the air!

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