Air Canada has auction fever | 22 Minutes

Air Canada flight 615 to Toronto is now
ready for boarding. passengers in zone one are welcome to board. all other zones are – ready to rummmmmmmmmble!!!! Yup! yup! yup! I’m a gonna need a bid, now,
here, a bid now, here, a bid now here, ya hear me!? Will ya give me a bid now, here,
a bid now here, a bid of fifty dollars to start First class seat! Fifty dollars to start?
can I get a fifty? This is ridiculous. 45? Can I get a forty five? 45! Hey! 45! What are you doing? What? It’s exciting! I want 50! Looking for a 50 now, give me a
50. can I hear a 50? Wormy little man gave me a 45. Give me a 50 and make him sit in the middle
in a seat that does not recline, hurt his spine. can I get a 50? Yup! What are you doing? It’s exciting. New bidder in the game. 50 now looking for a sixty. Free drinks! Cheese and crackers, see how
the other half live! a peek behind the curtain and all it takes is sixty dollars! Heeyyyyy! Sixty looking for a 70, give me a seventy,
come fly with me for a seventy! Uh oh loo at this – baby on board!
baby on board! baby in the economy cabin. Don’t get stuck next to a crying baby! 75 now, 80, right here, 85, 90, looking for
one hundred dollars! one hundred dollars, Right here and thank you, sir! 150, right here, now two, will ya give me
two, now three, will ya give me three! I have three Three hundred goin’ once! Three hundred going
twice! Sold! One first class ticket to Toronto for three hundred more than you would have
paid for a row behind! Honey where are you going? We’re flying WestJet, you idiot. Air Canada flight 615 to Toronto has been
delayed due to a late arrival of the incoming air craft WestJet. At this point, all we have to do
is not be Air Canada.

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