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Hi everyone! Today is Wednesday. Wednesday is a lecture day for me so I’m gonna
be at the hospital all day but in a lecture room. I just wanted to check in and say hello and
I will see you guys in a little bit. Hey guys I’m back from the hospital/school. That was a really long day of lectures. Being in 3rd year, I’m just not used to sitting
for a 6 hours straight for lecture. But I made it! I’m hoping to go to the gym today because
I haven’t gone in couple days. I have been busy with whole vlogmas thing. I’m hoping to go today, do some upper body
and I’m gonna try to record the workout so I will see you guys in a little bit. Hey guys so I’m back from the gym. I did a quick upper body workout. On the weeks that I know I won’t be able to
go to the gym that often. I try to split up my workouts in upper body
and then another day for a lower body, and then maybe another day I’ll do some mixture
of both. This week is definitely one of those weeks. So I’m doing a mixture of upper body workouts,
back, chest, shoulders and all that. In the future, I’m going to try to link my
workout on my website so it will either be in the form of a blogpost or I’m gonna actually
make a little file and put in under downloads and it will be free for you guys and try out
the workout if you guys are interested. So for today, for the rest of today I have
a to do list that I have made. So some of the things that I have left to
do on my to-do list are these med-u cases. It’s actually a website called med-u. My school gave all the students a membership
and this is where you can go and do some simulated cases so it will have all the information
about a patient and you answer some questions and think about how you’re gonna present the
patient and what the next steps you wanna do for the patients depending on their complaints. Also I still have to do more of my AAFP questions. There’s about 14 hundred questions and I think
I still have about 600 left. Plenty more to do for that. I also have to work on my blog post on my
website. It’s gonna be about my favorite podcasts. It should be live by the time this video goes
live. So definitely go check it out. Let me know what you guys think and let me
know what podcasts that you guys like to listen to. Lastly, I have to do a little bit of merchandize
inventory. We have a lot of stuff ordered. I can’t wait to show you guys. I think today I’m gonna try to make sometime
in the vlog to show you all the merchandize that I have on the website. And I just have to count and make sure all
the inventory is correct. So that we don’t run out of stuff when people
order them. So thats my to-do for the rest of the day. So earlier today at the hospital, I asked
a couple of my friends some of the most frequently asked questions from the channel. My friend Precious is a third year medical
student and I asked her why she decided to go into the field of medicine. Well from the beginning, when I was a child,
I always loved sciences and I had an incident where I had to get a surgery–a major surgery
and if it wasn’t for the doctors I wouldn’t be alive today. So, from that I started looking more into
healthcare field and I met this doctor and he mentored me and really got me interested
in medicine from there it just kept going from where I was in college and I got into
a specific program that helped me get into medical school. A medical school I always wanted to go, which
was the medical school that had that hospital where I got the surgery from. So really, it was faith if you can say that. But yeah, thats basically the reason I went
into medicine. I felt like it was faith and it was something
I was destined to do. The final question I had for Precious is what
advice she has for high school students and some younger students if they’re looking to
get into medical school but they feel like they’re not good enough or smart enough. My advice for them is don’t believe what others
tell you. If you have that passion. Keep going with it. Do everything you can–to be honest with you,
as long as you have that drive, no one should ever put that fire out. Nobody should have the power to do that. So just keep going at it, and keep working
hard, look for resources. There are a lot of resources for a lot of
people, for minorities, that wanna go into medicine. Use those resources. Use the people, use mentors, people like me. I’d love to mentor any person that wants to
go into medical school and need somebody of color to help guide them. So use your mentors, talk to people, a lot
of doctors are very open to helping other students that are interested in medical school. So just talk! Be open and ask for help. Don’t be scared to ask for help. Because people do wanna help you. Jamie: Talk you so much! Precious: No problem, thank you Jamie. Bye! Next I talked to my friend Sonia. She’s a 4th year medical school student. And the first question that I had for her
was also why she decided to go into the field of medicine. I chose the medical field because my mom is
a Registered Nurse. She became a nurse knowing no English, she
studied to learn English. It took her longer than everyone else but
when I saw her going into work (it took her 10 years to complete her full education) but
when she would come home. I just saw the gratitude, and her being so
self fulfilled that it inspired me to learn more about the sciences, understand the body,
but most importantly, I just love making people feel better. I feel like it helps my day go better and
it makes me happy, genuinely, as cliche as it may sound, I like to help and even if I
can help one person because I studied something and I know more about it. It really makes life worth living. The second question I had for Sonia was how
she manages her time between med school and seeing friends and having a life outside of
med school. I strongly believe in taking breaks. You have to take breaks, I know you’ll feel
guilty about not studying but you can’t physically and mentally study for 10 hours straight. It’s impossible. So if you think you’re gonna do that, you’re
obviously gonna–for four hours atleast, your mind is gonna wander. So why don’t you prioritize and say to yourself
that you’re gonna study for two hours and for one hour I’m gonna do this, and just have
things to look forward to cause thats gonna make studying easier and you’ll learn more,
you’ll retain more but take breaks. Schedule activities with friends. Everyone has to eat. Have lunch with friends. Eat with someone, watch a TV show, decompress,
read something that has nothing to do with medicine. You have to, you have to treat yourself. There are other desires than just studying. Who really enjoys studying all day and all
night. It’s impossible. Okay so, I’m gonna close the vlog now. I think that I’m gonna take a break from vlogging
tomorrow. So there won’t be a video on Friday but I
will see you guys as usual on Saturday. So I hope you guys enjoy this vlog and I will
see you guys in the next video. Bye!

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  • I'd like to hear of the books used in Medical School and the cognitive process of learning and applying your knowledge to medicine. I think your cute in studying but, I can't tell what your thinking or what others are telling you. I used to date a beautiful nurse Chau that worked 3rd shift. I'd pick her up from the hospital and go to bed with her. She'd sleep and I'd slay awake for hours just watching her beauty but, I couldn't tell what she was thinking. I love her but, I found out she didn't love me. I was used by her gang that pretended to like me and than I was raped by them. Lied to, puppeted, drugged, and raped. I won't want that to happen to any person. Medical communities have gangs also. If you need some help in the future email.

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