Acupressure Therapy : Acupressure Point for Headaches

“Wow, I really seem to be having this problem
with my head”. Having problems with headaches? My name is Mark Brinson, Doctor of Oriental
Medicine, Physical Medicine Specialist and International Speaker. Headaches can sometimes
be a symptom of larger problems but if you’re watching this now, I’m kind of assuming that
you’re having generalized head pain or maybe specific patterns of pain that are going on
in the head. I’m going to give you a couple of acupressure points that can help with that.
I do want to mention also that many times a good massage or neuromuscular therapist,
specifically, can help with any type of headaches that you have that occur in regular patterns
or regular intervals throughout the day or the week. Some of the points that can help,
from an acupressure standpoint, specifically, one directly between the bony prominence underneath
the ear and the back of the head, there’s a little spot between the muscles that you’ll
find that’s soft. This soft spot, pressing directly up and towards the center of the
skull, gallbladder twenty-one, is excellent for headaches of all sorts. You can use it
on one side or on both sides, stimulating for approximately one to two minutes at a
time. The second point that’s really good for head pain, a common cold, busting the
immune system, is a point, LI4, that’s directly between the web of the hand, pressing towards
the palm of the hand. As you press this what you’re going to feel is a deep dull ache,
that’s going to help with anything that has to do with facial pain, head or neck pain.
Now remember, headaches, if going on for several days, if they become severe, if they are accompanied
with nausea or especially if they’re accompanied with fever, are something that may need to
be checked out by your health provider. My name is Doctor Mark Brinson, wishing you balance
in your life.

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