2D Glasses! Take the Headache out of 3D

Good morning John, so as you may have noticed,
3D movies are all the rage, and when I say rage, in some cases I mean actual, physical,
literal RAGE. I mean really, isn’t there enough 3D in our lives already? Almost everything
I have ever known has been 3-dimensional. Seeing a movie in 2D, that just seems like
a novelty to me, a little bit of a change – it’s refreshing! Okay, okay. I actually do like 3D movies,
and I like to go see them with my wife, because I like to go see all movies with my wife,
because that’s just the kind of couple that we are. And so a little while ago when I was
like, “Katherine, let’s go see Tron on opening night it’s gonna be so fun!” She was like,
“Eeunnnnnn,” and I didn’t get it. Cause of course it’s not gonna be a great movie, but
it’s gonna be a good movie, it’s gonna be fun. And Katherine, for the first time, let it
slip that she doesn’t like 3D movies because they give her a headache and I was like “whaaaaa–?!” So I did some research, and it turns out that
10% of Americans – that’s 30 million people – experience discomfort while watching 3D
movies, whether it’s nausea, motion sickness, or just a headache. And this was a pretty
revolutionary discovery for me. So what did I do about it? Well, I dragged Katherine to
go see Tron and she watched it pirate-style for half the movie and still got a headache.
But I did not ignore the needs of my better half completely. Because I know how 3D movies
work, and I knew that it would be a relatively simple thing to create a pair of glasses that
let you watch a 3D movie in 2D. So later that week, I called a company that
manufactures 3D glasses. “Yo, can you make glasses with the same polarization in each
lens?” “Yeah, I mean, we could, but that would totally ruin the 3D effect.” “By ‘ruin the
effect’, do you mean that it would be a crisp, clear, 2-dimensional image?” “Uhmm… yes?”
“Excellent. I will take 5000.” I’m not kidding, I actually did it. 2D-glasses.
I am so styliiinnn’! It’s kind of a big deal for me – I had this idea, and then I made
it. I made my idea real! Katherine has watched several movies with those and with the prototypes,
and she says it’s wonderful, and I can’t imagine she’s just saying that because she’s my wife,
and I have to say thanks to all the people who helped make this real. Winnie, at the
factory, Sam, for doing the web development, Karen, for design. Tim did a great comic that’s
up at 2d-glasses.com, my dad, as always, for doing the accounting and legal stuff, and
my partner at DFTBA records, Alan, and also Chris for helping doing the distribution and
actually getting them to the people who buy them. I made a thing! John, I will see you on Wednesday. Time for the endscreen and frequently asked
questions. Question one: where can I buy them? 2d-glasses.com. Special introductory offer:
$7.99 per pair, if you buy two, you save two dollars. Will they work with my 3D television?
No, probably not. I’m sorry, but it’s a different technology that televisions use. Will you
come on my nationally-syndicated talk show and talk about your glasses? Oh, of course,
yeah, absolutely – though I don’t like leaving my house, so, is it okay if I Skype it in?
How on earth does that work? Well, there’s a whole page at 2d-glasses.com that explains
it all to you. Do I have to buy them online? Yes, you do, because, it– the internet is
where it’s at, man. Are you excited about Portal 2? Yes I am excited
about Portal 2, look, it comes out in like 12 hours! I will be playing it at youtube.com/hankgames,
the channel where I am currently rushing to finish Portal 1, uh, because I want to finish
it before I start Portal 2. Didn’t you forget to thank someone in your
thank-yous? Yes, I did, I forgot to thank Victor, who was instrumental in making this
whole thing happen. Why did your lighting change so much to the endscreen? Because in
between when I filmed these two things I went to go see Rio in 3D; it was awesome. Beautiful
in 3D, but Katherine enjoyed it too, because it was not painful for her. Because of these.

100 thoughts on “2D Glasses! Take the Headache out of 3D

  • I love 3D movies, but yeah after a while you get a headache. although I sometimes get bored and start peeking from under them to see what the movie looks like. xP

  • though i dont get discomfort while watching 3D movies, i cant see the 3D effects of the movies because of bad depth perception.  when i wear 3D glasses to a movie it very rarely looks anything other than 2D.  though your glasses wont benifit me, im glad that you found something new that will help so many people have fun!

  • I love this idea. I will totally buy a pair if I ever decide to go to the movie theater again. I refuse to pay over $10 to go see a movie….

  • Question: Would these work on the 3D newly used in the Star Tours ride at Disneyland? It's one of my favorite rides ever and not being able to go on it without the 3D triggering a migraine makes me sad.

  • what the fuck is the name of that mannequin of… obi whan? i've never watched star wars. anyway, those things are so awesome, and i've never known what they are, tell me, what are those mannequins called?

  • Yeah I get a headache from wearing the 3D glasses. I also get it with my sunglasses. Or holding my fingers in front of the bridge of my nose. Basically, anything other than my normal distance glasses right in front of my eyes hurts me.

  • Wait. What's the point of buying these and paying extra to see a 3-D movie if you're going to watch the movie in 2-D anyway?

  • These would be a godsend. I don't get a headache when viewing a 3d movie, but  do see each individual plane used for the 3d effect, which gives me eyestrain as I try an resolve the image by reflexively scanning the scene in front of me.

  • BTW these "2-D" glasses also work for the new Dual Play feature on the new LG TVs and other brands supporting Dual Play. But one set must have bother right eye lenses and the other set must have both left lenses. Of course its also possible to modify you own sets of glasses by simply swapping the lenses just as the uploader did. TOP tip. Don't pay 20 or 30 bucks for a set of dual play glasses when you can simply swap the lenses of your current set. 

  • These are perfect things! Hank like your wife I am in the 10% of people that gets sick during 3D movies, so thank you so much! For the amazing thing that is 2D glases

  • i think this is a great invention, and for all the boneheads out there go spend your money, but I'ld rather see a regular movie then if i am forced to turn a 3d into a 2d, just saying.  I my spouse would not want to or cant see a 3d, there are two options, she goes that way and i got this way, or i go the same way as her, because thats they type of guy I AM.  🙂

  • I'm not paying 7$ for buying 2D glasses, one, cause i cant and i don't have a credit card account, and two,
    you can make two 2D glasses with two 3D glasses!
    remove the polaroid from one side (say the left) from one of the glasses. they are not glued together if you push them hard they will come off.
    remove the polaroid from the right side of the other 3D glass.
    now flip both of these over side ways and add the initial left side to the other glasses right side, and do the same thing for the other polaroid.
    two 2D glasses made!!
    so basically your making the direction of both the sides of your eye in the glasses giving out the same polarized light. only thing is one glass will show only the left side of a general 3D glass, and one will show the right. 

  • Simple but excellent idea. I don't get headaches when watching 3D movies but the effect doesn't work perfectly with me and the slight misalignment annoys me a lot. I prefer 2D movies for this reason but might have to buy a pair of these 2D glasses in case I get dragged out to a 3D movie.

  • I think there is something here we all really need to think about… His wife told him 3D movies hurt her eyes and HE MADE 2D glasses. Thats mental most guys would MAYBE decide to just go to 3d movies alone. He started a freaking company to help her lol 

  • My problem is that as a wearer of normal glasses, my ears and the bridge of my nose hurt by the end from wearing 2 pairs of glasses.  You can get clip-on 3D glasses – is there any chance of getting clip-on versions of these?

  • Can you sell those glasses on  the DFTBA site too? I am trying not to buy from Amazon because I don't want to support them trying to bankrupt small local bookstores. I get a headache from 3-d movies too. Thanks for inventing this.

  • Will they show me things that 3D-glasses would have me see with my left eye, or ones I'm supposed to view with my right eye?

  • The movie theaters at CA Sacramento (at least the ones I go to) all have the type of glasses you are talking about, and for a couple of years too. Best part, you can KEEP THEM (although encouraged to recycle them at special bins around the theater).

  • Could you buy 2 pairs of 3d glasses, turn one lens around and insert it to the other, do the same on the other one, and you'll have 2d glasses?

  • I'm cross-eyed; I can't see 3-D anyway. It doesn't bother me, either. the 3D glasses essentially act as 2D glasses for me. 

  • I have a different problem. I have permanent double-vision, and can not see in 3-D.
    So those 3-D glasses do nothing for me.

  • It is now 2014 and I never heard such a thing … I don't think it was a good investment? Just go to separate movies man … why pay for a movie in 3D when you can watch in 2d that's cheaper.  

  • 3d movies do not give me headaches, but I still prefer 2d. Unfortunately, I'm too cheap to buy 3d glasses, so I guess I'm not going to be one of your customers anyway.

  • I have amblyopia and don't have stereo vision, so I can't watch 3D movies. I find 2D glasses and think 'Yay, I can watch 3D movies with my friends and family!' I then find Hank hates the English, as he doesn't ship to the UK.
    Hank, I'm trying to be awesome, but it's difficult in 2D…

  • Hey Hank, is it possible to make the 2D glasses so they clip-on to existing glasses? It would be quite handy for people with glasses, like me. 

  • Hank, you are literally a life saver. I have an eye disease called strabismus. It keeps me from being able to see with both eyes at the same time. Therefore, I have no depth-perception and have never seen anything in 3-D. This also prevents me from seeing 3D movies. This is the first time I've seen this video, so I have yet to actually have this product and tell you if it works for my eye sight issues, but I just wanted to thank you for doing this because I have never in my life met anyone with the same disease and no one really understands it. Even though you didn't technically make these glasses for people like me, I am do happy you did.

  • If that's what he thinks polarised glasses manufacturer employees look like, I would really like to live inside Hank's brain.

  • But… aren't all polarized sunglasses polarized the same in each lens… meaning you just need regular polarized glasses to make a 3d movie into 2d?

  • I work at a theater, some people like 3D but most people really just settle for it when it's not convenient timing to see the preferred 2D version.

  • I'm part of the 10%. While I appreciate Hank's ingenuity, I've discovered my own workaround, which is to sit in the very back of the theater. I can still enjoy the 3D effect, but without the annoying headache from back there.

  • Hank! I really like that thing you made! I keep a pair in my car for when friends decide they want to see a 3D movie so I don't have to suffer!

  • I hate 3d. so much so that i wrote an essay in college about 3D film, completely tearing it to shreds might i add, and got the best grade I ever got at that level of my film studies course. I cant see 3D myself, having lost my left eye some years ago, but I do feel that 3D is a gimmick that will die a slow death, very slow as it 1st appeared in the freaking 1950s, and let us film lovers get on with a comfortable 2D viewing experience. Thank you Hank for realising such a great way to get around the stupidity of 3D movies 😀

  • OH MY GOODNESS I'M SO EXCITED!!!! I have a prosthetic eye which means I am blind in one eye. This causes loads of problems with depth perception blah blah blah pretty much I can't see 3D movies they just look like regular movies but fuzzy. Now, if any of you need glasses or don't need glasses but wore your friend's once, you know that things being fuzzy for extended periods of time can give you massive headaches. The problem is my friends really like 3D movies and I keep having to say no when I'm invited to them because I leave 8 dollars poorer and with a horrible headache. THANK YOU SO MUCH HANK!!!!!

  • I came back here from an Aug 2013 where John rants about Hank's weekly phone calls about his "million dollar idea". John never took him seriously. Hank wanted an investment for the 2-D glasses. John thought it was another bad idea…then he admits that he missed that one up, because now Hank has a 2-D glasses empire. Fortunately, this video was suggested to the right and I could revisit the grand day when the empire launched….

  • You know what's fun is wearing them backwards (with the temples pointing forward). Fun, or it raises your statistics of 10% to more like 100% of people having headaches.

    Then another fun project is taking 2 pair and wearing one upside down.

  • I wanted to buy 3 but there Sold Out. Knowing that I'm kind late to the Party I have a simple Question. Will I be abel to buy them from you or do I have to start searching on E-Bay?

  • I babysit kids from time to time, and I happen to take them to movies quite often, and they ALWAYS WANT TO SEE THE ONE IN 3D. ALWAYS. I can finally take them and not get nauseous! Wooooooooooo

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