10 Rare Psychological Disorders You May Not Know About

hello sector goers we just want to take the time to thank you for all your kind support we are a team of dedicated passionate and hardworking individuals who come together every day with one goal in mind we want to make psychology come alive for you we are self-funded and recently launched our patreon if you enjoy the work we do and find it meaningful please stick around until the end of the video for information on how to get more involved with us and all the cool rewards you can get from us we hope you enjoy this video most of us know something about mental disorders like OCD or social anxiety however for every well-known diagnosis there’s a handful of others mainly coming out of 20th century Freudian psychology that haven’t achieved that level of notoriety here’s 10 of the most bizarre psychological disorders ever diagnosed by a doctor 1 split brain this is a condition occurring when the corpus callosum the bundle of nerves connecting the left and right brain is cut this can be done intentionally to prevent epileptic seizures but can also result in complications including problems with physical coordination information processing and even split personality to cotard’s syndrome aka cotard’s delusion discovered by dr. Jules Cotard in the 1880s patients with this delusion believe that they have died or ceased to exist even requesting their own funerals this usually occurs alongside other disorders such as schizophrenia or depression and can be treated with medication and electroconvulsive therapy 3 for goli delusion commonly occurring alongside schizophrenia this is a delusion that one is being haunted by a single person in disguise as several others such as doctors and family for Stendhal syndrome named after the famous french writer who became delirious while viewing art in florence patients may experience dizziness fainting even hallucinations when presented with objects of emotional significance 5 dissociative identity disorder this one you may have heard of as multiple personality disorder where a person cycles between separate personalities often entering into a fugue state when they can’t remember what happened 6 Alice in Wonderland syndrome this strangely named fiction entails a large set of conditions where patients perceptions of time and body are distorted like alice is growing and shrinking seven reduplicate of paramesha this is a variety of delusion related to the brain damage of certain strokes where a patient believes that a familiar place usually their home has been duplicated or disguised eight Lima syndrome the opposite of the better-known Stockholm Syndrome Lima syndrome occurs when captors sympathize and identify with their hostage or victim it gets its name from Peruvian psychiatrist men well quarrel whose kidnappers turned to him for psychological advice and eventually ended up setting him free they even gave him cab fare nine triskaidekaphobia for some people the number thirteen is unlucky but for people suffering from the stress reaction it can induce panic attacks often as part of a larger stress disorder 10 the jumping Frenchman of Maine this is an as-yet unclassified disorder diagnosed in french-canadian Lumberjacks who showed unusually strong reactions to surprise with anything sudden making them jump uncontrollably other symptoms included random bursts of mimic cry similar to dissociative identity disorder and suddenly obeying small commands that’s it folks which of these rare disorders did you find interesting and want us to elaborate more on let us know in the comments below we will take the comments with the most thumbs up until next time stay well

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  • I think the word “depression” and “anxiety” is being tossed around a lot. Just because you’re feeling down doesn’t mean you have depression, it means that you are depressed currently and it will pass within a few days. If you are having anxiety, you don’t have the disorder, its just a term used to describe anxiousness or feeling uneasy. Now of course, if these emotions don’t pass, then theres a chance that you may have a mental illness and should get a professional diagnosis. Depression and anxiety are both permanent and don’t go away. However it can be managed with professional help.

  • 2:00 I know this one! I actually did a lot of research on it, so I know more than most people about it. I'm really excited that it was on this list!

  • I think I have the jumping Frenchman of Maine? Because when I get surprised or scared I fling my hands or arms back uncontrollably….I also may or may not follow orders immediately when shouted out…………..not completely sure tho

  • When I was younger I always thought that my mom, dad, and dog were cloned and I needed to trap the real one the the fake one in the same room to see if it was true and I didn’t see my brother often so I didn’t really think he was a clone lol and then sometimes I act delusional and start randomly crying and then laughing and my mom thinks I’m a weirdo someone explain?

  • my birthday is on the thirteenth..
    and not just any thirteenth..

    Friday the 13th 😈
    btw that means my bday is in 3 days so yay

  • Combine DID and Maladaptive Dreaming and you get some weird false memory lapses.

    Just putting it out there, I deal with both and nobody knew why my memory was so bad.

    And now I'm on Topamax to top it all off, so now I just have 2 notebooks with me everywhere so my alters can write down wtf's going on and wtf's not actually going on, but went on in our head, because a Melanie Martinez song came on and made us completely forget what we were doing cause now we're on AGT in our head or something.

  • Apparently I have, like, half of these cause I'm completely mental. I have schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, and psychosis, from what I've heard.

  • 1:19 Weeeellll I didn't exactly hear everything u hear, but I kinda feel like I'm not real, like I'm in a dream, is that it?

  • This morning something happened really scary to me

    So basically I woke up and I wanted to sleep more so I closed my eyes. I know I was awake but I was dreaming while awake? I was in an odd looking school in a weird room chased by people. Then suddenly i open my eyes and close them again. I saw some kind of head? It looked human but with big eyes and a big smile. No body. It was going towards me shakingly. I had trouble opening my eyes because my heart was pounding a lot. It happened twice that morning and let me tell u. It was terrifying

  • I think I have no.10 being surprised easily my sisters say I overreact
    And was obeying small commands part of of it ? Or do I have 2 mental disorders ?

  • sometimes when i get even slightly startled i'll shreek and jump. did i say sometimes? i meant every Goddamn time i get startled

  • 6. Is how i feel sometimes when I have anxiety attacks, not necessarily the mental disorder but i just recognized it as how I get when I have an anxiety attack usually when I’m sick, everything I touch feels smaller giving the illusion that my hands are bigger along side that everything is significantly louder to me

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  • has anyone ever heard a noise or something or just someone talking and you can hear the noise speeds up, slow down, get higher pitched and slower?

  • DID is not a rare disorder. It’s occurrence is around 1-3% of the population which is the same as people with red hair.

  • Honestly would kinda wanna hear more on that dissociative identity disorder, I've had a few people suggest that I may have it and I want to find out what it may be

  • Alice in wonderland syndrome, i experienced a version of that so many times in my life but as an adult only experienced it again once , haven't for nearly 3 years now

  • I'm so happy that there's an actual name for a delusion I've had for a long time, ever since I was a little kid I had no idea why I thought I wasn't real.

  • I have Alice In Wonderland Syndrome. (Diagnosed by a doctor). It sucks, I get it all the time and it's hard for me to do simple tasks.

  • If I stare at something too long, it will get smaller and smaller very slowly, but if I actually focus on it it resets. Also if I look at something on a blank or almost blank space it will turn greyer and greyer until it literally disappears

  • More than half of the comments: hey, I think I have that. I do that too!

    Me:…….rrrriigghht. And I deal with not giving a damn. We all have issues🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Also With split brain syndrome, when the corpus callosum is separated, the two hemispheres of the brain are unable to communicate with each other which can also result in both arms acting independently of one another, so basically you could play Rock Paper Scissors with yourself

  • Hey, um today I was looking at this white curtain with blue leaves and suddenly everything went blank. Blue butterflies appeared and slowly transformed into the leaves and the curtain slowly appeared. It's not the first time I experienced a legal drug trip by the way.

  • hey guys, I really need help with this one because its starting to get bad. when i was diagnosed with Todd's syndrome, or like it said here alice in wonderland syndrome, it didnt help, well, imagine you're 8 and you're told your normal is actually some strange rare syndrome. it messed me up. I'm getting older now, and the episodes are getting worse, I had one where i woke up at 2, couldn't get to sleep so I rested my eyes, then around 2.30 i was screaming and running out of the house, stumbling on my way out because I thought the walls were closing and the house was shrinking. I've looked at so many websites, so have my parents, all of the strategies say deep breathing and mindfulness, but doing that just triggers it for some odd reason, please, any help? any tips at all?

  • to all the people who are "omg i have this" – relax. these arent common disorders & just because you were sad one day doesnt mean you have depression. this is why people who really do suffer are never taken seriously. unless youve been diagnosed on paper by a doctore or psychiatrist/psychologist, you dont have it. so annoying

  • If any of you guys is interested in DID, there this youtube channel that covers the topic very well, since its owner has DID. https://youtu.be/B7tAOLXVbSQ

  • for some reason i can hear someone walk very loudly in the background of the audio, it got really loud nearing the end.
    wohoh weird..

  • Do you think you can make a video based off of Dissociative Identity Disorder? I have been recently diagnosed, and it would be extremely helpful to my family members. They want to help, but I don’t think that they understand. Some I think even don’t believe that it’s real. If anyone else here has DID, I’d greatly appreciate it if you could tell me of your experiences

  • What mental disorder does the malkavian protagonist from VTM:B (Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines) have? They speak in riddles and hear voices (which is probably part of their power but what if they werent supernatural? What would their mental disorder be?) or is it just schizophrenia???

  • Theres also this thing called Trichotillomania, its where you need the need to pull your hair out in large amounts…i have it and it only seems to affect girls

  • I experience alice in wonderland often and it's always at night. I don't like it 🙁

    Another thing I would like to find out is,
    Sometimes when I try to nap or sleep, my thoughts become frightening. Like they've become extremely enhanced and feel so intense/real and like my mind suddenly feels small and my thoughts are huge/too big (and loud but at the same time so quiet to the point where my ears feel like they're ringing) and like they're floating away from me. I don't know how to describe it but it's a scary feeling. Honestly feels like I will lose my mind sometimes when it happens.

  • I love how 90% of the comments are jokes then there are the 10% that are replies going:
    "Oh I actually have depression don't joke about this."
    BRUH- they're jokes. That's the beauty of human humor. We can laugh at the darkest things, just live life a little weirder, it goes a long way.

  • Freud was also the creator of the identity pansexual
    pansexual & bisexual are the same
    bi= attracted to 2 genders
    there is a boy, and a girl (trans people are either male or female) OR they are non binary meaning they don’t HAVE a gender (therefore it is not a third gender) + there isn’t a 3rd genitalia (even intersex either has one or the other) & you can’t exclusively be attracted to nonbinary folks because their primary & secondary sex characteristics are the same as everyone else!
    adding on,
    Freud (the man who coined the term pansexual) used the word to describe people attracted to everything (including children, infants, animals, & inanimate objects) & used it to justify beasteality and pedophelia.
    And adding on:
    It contributes to transphobia (saying bi people can’t like trans people unless they’re pan, further inferring that trans people aren’t their preferred gender and their gender is “trans”) and it adds to bi phobia and bi erasure! (i,e, the notion that we should replace bisexuality with pansexual)

  • Hey my friend..she keeps on acting weird..she sometimes sees like for example if I hold up a finger she says it’s two fingers…and she can’t sleep and she has hallucinations idk wut it is but once she passed out and she wasn’t dizzy…could ANYBODY OR SOMEBODY please tell me what it is…

  • Yo I woke up at midnight once and everything was really loud and I heard screaming in my head and I was just overwhelmed with panic and dread for no reason. Was it something with my REM sleep or..?

  • My brother got the wonderland one, it’s like everything is really far away, it usually happens when he woke up. He hasn’t gotten it in awhile

  • I found them all interesting, wow. The brain is crazy. Also, who the heck came up with some of these names good lord 😂

  • Im pretty sure i have mpd or anger issues and it fucking sucks its almost like i always want to scream and hurt people…

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