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Hi I’m Dan, I’m 26 years old and I have
Asperger syndrome and these are my top ten Asperger traits that you may find
helpful. (#1) number one, erm, sometimes when I’m nervous or [touchy] I flick my fingers and I don’t even know I’m doing it,
my girlfriend seems not as quite… like that just to soothe and it helps me
concentrate and I normally get it when I’m quite nervous around other people.
(#2) number two for me is change in routine so if I’ve got something in my head that
we’re going to do or I’m going to do and something comes in the way of it I get
really upset and nervous if, erm…you know, it’s a challenge like if we’re in a
sandwich shop and we’re going to buy sandwiches and the bread I want isn’t in,
I get really nervous and then I start to panic because I don’t know what I’m going to do because,
I don’t know what, you know, what bread is available and other things like that, so
this can become a problem for me and then I guess routines, are you know, um
quite comfortable to me and everything I do. (#3) foods are really important to me
as in I like eating maybe a small selection of foods I don’t like anything with any
sauces or anything I can’t have the sauce texture in my mouth and if I do have
sauce like gravy it’s got to be warm I can’t have anything cold and I can’t eat
food [that’s been] cooled down like pizza. If it goes cold I can’t eat that and I
like quite blunt things like sandwiches No butter on it and just literally
just chicken and lettuce maybe, I could eat the same thing over over again
forever I mean I could eat Sunday dinner you know like roast vegetables and
things forever. (#4) Erm, smells are quite a bad thing and some, some smells some certain
smells make me really annoyed and-and then I start to panic or I feel, I feel
sick and I get you know nervous and I don’t what to do so depending on what it
is it’s not every smell it’s just certain smells that are really potent
and it goes straight to my head and I just can’t deal with it and I guess this
is to do with hypersensitivity and people with Asperger’s. (#5) Number five,
certain noises and sounds can really affect me and only slightly, only
sometimes, only certain noises and sounds and it’s really sharp and it goes right
into my brain and I can’t concentrate and I get really,
like super annoyed sometimes I just kind of lash out in anger because that noise
annoys me so much I can’t, I can’t deal with anything else you know like
everything gets shut down just because that noise pierces everything. (#6) number six, a
lot of people with Asperger’s syndrome tend to get quite involved in a certain
topic of interest and for me this is definitely true and I have a topic of
interest with social economic and global economic issues involving conspiracy
theories and UFOs and I know everything there is to know about it in great
detail I can remember everything that I read about it. (#7) number seven wearing the
same type of clothing all the time I kind of get into comfortable patterns of
wearing the same thing all the time and so my girlfriend kind of helps me pick
out different things sometimes to spice up my clothes line but I tend to
just fall into the, to a routine of just wearing maybe like three t-shirts in
routine so that’s quite important to to people with Asperger’s syndrome with
routine and I guess I, I-I get really comfortable wearing the same clothing. (#8)
number eight is sarcasm and I feel that this is a common thing with people
with Asperger syndrome is and I don’t get sarcasm with strangers or people I
don’t know that well and the only time I really do get sarcasm is if I know the
person quite well you know if I don’t know them and I it’s hard to pick up
when they’re joking or if they’re being serious this could become a problem
especially if you’re in work or a professional environment so I do have
difficulty to this and I’m sure a lot of you guys will as well. (#9) number nine is
crowded places and busy public places I’m not a massive fan I can’t deal with
myself in big cities I get very scared and nervous and I tend to just
shut down and it’s quite ironic as well because I play music in a band and I
love playing gigs and love to play to big audiences but if it was the other one if
I was in the audience watching myself it’s a different scenario and I can’t I
can’t deal with it with a lot of people around me all the time it’s kind of
overload again and I get really really scared and have to kind of retreat back
to somewhere I feel comfortable with and (#10) number ten last but not least a lot
of people think or tell me that I talk too fast
right now I’m actually trying to talk quite precise and slower than
I usually do but when I get going on a topic of interest or a specific area
that I know a lot about I tend to kind of speed up and talk quite fast and I
guess it’s because my brains running really really fast I’m trying to get a lot of
information out at any one time and I guess people don’t understand that and
they kind of always tell me to slow down It gets really frustrating because I don’t want to
slow down because I’m going to lose what I’m trying to do but at the same time I
guess they can’t understand what I’m saying so this is a big problem and I
don’t know em many other people with Asperger’s syndrome so I don’t know if
this is a common thing but this is definitely something that affects me so thank you for
watching my video, please subscribe to my channel I’m going to be doing more
videos on Asperger syndrome and anything that I can do to help if you want to get
in touch email me below and thanks guys stay tuned

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  • It amazing that you did this video to help others understand what you go through on a day to day 👏🏽👏🏽 this was helpful

  • Been watching your videos the past 2 weeks. Still many to go but this oldest one I can tell you’ve come a long way in getting comfortable in front of the camera. I love all your video I’ve seen so far including this one.

  • Hello – I keep running across your channel, and I'm excited to see that you are still actively posting. I'm watching your channel from the beginning to get a sense of what topics you've already covered. I thought your video on female autism wasn't very clear, and think you might consider inviting some of the active aspergirls to collaborate with you to pursue this topic in greater depth. I don't know that there are many differences, but there does seem to be difference in terms of the societal expectations and gender conditioning that shape adaptations and coping strategies.

  • in other words having that asperger thing makes you a very difficult to deal with asshole that wants things to go his way? ok got it :l

  • This is great info!.. In the quest to know thyself….Im learning so much…I was wondering if anyone out there with aspergers are extremely, empathic, sensitive or intuitive?! Is there a correlation? One of my newer obsessions is of course tarot cards..because i think in pictures and "feelings" whatever those may be…it turns out i scare myself at times with my ability to see others…but I cant even explain it, or get myself

  • Almost all of your descriptions here fit my 5 year old son. He's autistic but has not been tested to see exactly where on the spectrum he is. This really helped and thank you.

  • Thank you for sharing, This video is very informative. My 26-year-old son has Asperger. You and my son share the same personalities. We had a sandwich that we call M……… sandwich because it had only bread and lunch meat. My son salad is just lettuce no dressing. My son is going to college to be an anthropologist. My son is not very good at the understanding joke and he does not do a good job in telling one. My son is a very unique and interesting individual. I would not change him for the world.

  • Asperger's characteristics seen way too diffused. It's as if every male has it. A theory which explains everything, explains nothing.

  • i feel very sad because I just realized that my mother is a narcissist and I have Aspergers. Talking to her is a losing battle and makes me almost want to shoot myself. I do not have enough money to move out. My father was a very good man and also an Aspie. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

  • hey, give this girl some love. She is a budding youtuber on the autism spectrum disorder.

  • A lot of the traits you've mentioned resonate with me, so I would go as far as to say a significant amount of my behaviour is tinged with autism.

  • Hej Dan, love your vids, we live in Sweden, I am Roxi and I am non verbal ASD. Your Vids help me feel less alone.

  • You seem to have gotten a lot better being on camera in recent years. You seem very nervous and shaky here in 2013.

  • My son has been somewhat diagnosed with this and I had no idea about it until watching you. And I am totally tripping out right now because I have a lot of these same issues. This is very informative. I think you talk fast but I like it and I can fallow you and not get board LoL 😂

  • I feel for you, as I share the same prison. Found out when I was in my forties. "Oh, so THAT's what the problem was…"

  • I can't stand at work when the boss says we are gonna do this today. Then when it changes I end up not getting as much done as of we stayed on the same task. Because soon as someone tells me something I already go into planning mode. Then when I have to wing it. It causes me alot of anxiety and I won't do a good job.

  • I was recently diagnosed with aspergers and dyslexia, my brain refuses to take in information. My brain is overloaded and overworked all the time and nothing stops it from calming down, clearing my head is stupid. And I actually hate doing it, I like what's in my head. I like it being filled, I hate being a healthy and sociable person. My brain needs to be full and overloaded or else I can't function.

    Anyway, people tell me "oh people with autism. Are really smart!"

    -que the chuckling. –

    I have dyslexia :^)

    Anyway, my conclusion to this comment was the idea that people are tryna comfort me about having autism and I'm like "lol no, dyslexia."

  • On your last one with speeding up your talk, litterly same man. I always do that when i talk on a topic of intrest sometimes i also have the habit of going louder and louder cause i'm getting excited talking about it. Also have a musicproject and have pretty much all the symptons you've summed up, relatable guy 😉

  • I have all this but I know my own voice hurts my ears then every noise is too much… knocking on doors really gets to me. One time my friend said to get her a turkey leg in a miki mousr glove while I was in Disney i really thought she was serious is when people are joking I am too golabile … doctors don't think I have Austism but what else disorders have all these same symptoms? Helppp

  • Saw some of your new vids first. It's amazing to see how your mannerisms and confidence in front of the camera have developed. Makes me hopeful that my videos can improve like that too.

  • Everything you said is spot on especially talking fast.
    My brain, i think so fast that when i txt i leave out a few words thinking that i already wrote them in…
    (Does that make sense?)
    So i have to double check over and over…
    All those top 10 plus dyslexia too.
    I understand myself, only curtain ppl understand whats wrong with me.
    I tend to be more aware with curtain actions, as you are.
    Ok, I just put in my 2 cent & more about talking fast

  • You are a sweetie… you are a ray of sunshine… your parents must be very proud of you! I love your honesty and openness. 😊

  • To be honest, I have a Grandson that I have raised that is quiet, polite, socially awkward, and has those same traits that you possess, he has not been diagnosed, but I'm quite sure that he is on the spectrum. Listening to you has brought me to the conclusion that I need to have him tested. He is 14 yrs old and a very well behaved and considerate child. I feel I need to do more to help him to better navigate his world. Thank you for the enlightenment.

  • I was diagnosed with observers syndrome when I was about 9, I believe. The doctors were very knowledgeable about autism and how things worked , this osntheir life's work and they have degrees , so they knew a thing or two . They did variuos metal tests and concluded that I met all the criteria for aspergers , but my mother didn't buy into it, and so nothing was ever done . She said no, your just depressed and they put me on medication. I took 5 different medications, all the while not finding any that helped anything I was dealing with. I don't know about the rest of the country, but in Arkansas where I was raised and still live, children are not listened to when there's a problem, they don't get a choice of whether or not they take medication. No one ever listened to me about what ideas really going through, th3yd just say well your just a child and you don't know much. I wish they've listened to me . I showed all the signs of aspergers and it was also likely that I had some complications of because my mom's brother was autistic and had turrets , so it wouldn't surprise if it was one of those "skip a genreation" things ". It's just so frustrating that I never got help to cope with all the things that were and still are in my head , that my family never admitted that I had something wrong with me , they jystvswept it under the rug and just said we're gonna believe that god will guide you through life , they never actually admit a problem. . The doctors and psychologists said it's aspergers and my family simply no, no, no and did nothing . I actually remembered the other day about those mental tests and that diagnosis , and it made me quite angry because it suddenly hit me that that's why I am the way I am, and they just did nothing.

  • Yeah, I talk extremely fast. I was told this by my grandmother, but this became such an issue that I developed a stutter problem. I still have it pretty bad to this day. ;-;

  • Aspergers is probably natural.. I've encountered paranormal things all of my life. I have aspergers and I know that I am move advanced than other people yet I develop slower..

  • Us Aspies are bullied by "normies" because they are jealous that we can do certain things better than them.

  • Dead serious question: is 31 too old to be tested for this? And if so how would they test or know for sure?

  • You talk about noise going through you and making you angry the way silence does to me. Silence does that to me, I had a huge reaction when something it quiet, I get really irritable when something is too quiet. Silence comes off as a noise to me, it is a loud experience and too much for me to deal with. When there are sounds even loud sounds it makes me feel comfortable, maybe because I have a hearing loss too, and because I was raised in a house that was always loud, and it is something familiar to me.

  • If I were not 65 years old,I would think we were separated at birth.You just described me exactly.As for social gatherings,I come from an extended Italian family.Someone is always having a party for one reason or another.It was like torture for me to attend all these gatherings.Every Christmas I wanted to kill myself because it depressed me so much.In 2011 I got a burst aneurysm in my head and almost died.I had to have brain surgery and was in the hospital for over a month.The rehab was murder.When I.finally got released,I told my husband that I would never attend another family function ever again.I refused to get that stressed out any longer.It is bad enough I spend half of my life in doctor’s offices,always taking tests and scans because of my previous condition.And if I could describe Autistic hell,it would be one of my doctor’s offices.It is always overcrowded with patients who are all on their phones while their dozens of children are running around all over the place.Of course He has a huge flat screen TV in the office that is on constantly,,blasting some moronic show that I cannot stand.During the summer months I just tell the office manager I will be sitting by myself outside and will wait until she calls me in to see the doctor.But our summers are short so I am mostly stuck inside Autistic Hell.That bleeding stroke I had only made me worse,if that is at all possible.

  • OMG! The sarcasm thing is hard for me too! I seem to get it when it's someone I know too. But strangers… I tend to have to ask confirmation of their intentions meaning.

  • the smell of cigarette smoke drives me crazy, I literally want to kill the person who is smoking, and imagining how I'm killing it calms me down

  • Btw U've changed so much over these 6 years (I mean in a good way). U re making great videos, keep it up🔥🔥🔥

  • Social anxiety/ change in my routine is my worse issues. I've literally 'rocked' (to comfort myself) for about 5 hours in a row….all because someone came by my house unannounced. I've just recently been diagnosed, as I previously was incorrectly diagnosed as bipolar and took medicine for bipolar for quite a while! Unnecessarily! It's pretty common for doctors to diagnose someone bipolar, when that's NOT what's going on.

  • My husband has all signs of aspergers syndrome but he is not diagnosed and my 5 year son is diagnosed with mild autism

  • I'm seriously concerned that I have Aspergers and I'm at a loss for what to do.I'm constantly obsessing over it and I just feel so overwhelmed when I think about seeing someone and facing it. I'm working on finding a therapist, who can hopefully figure some shit out and refer me to a psychiatrist, but it's really hard to find someone with my insurance. I found these videos earlier this week and they have been so helpful and eye-opening for me. Thank you so much.

  • When 1 on 1 in a convo with someone, I can be confident as can be and chat a lot, maybe too much (but my eye contact is wonky)
    If I'm 1 on 1 with someone I REALLY care about, it's gone, I freeze up and think too hard about what I wanna say to them
    If it's a group of people regardless of who I know in the group, and they're all hopping from topic to topic, I cannot keep up or chat so I just stand there "Listening", the most I'll do is attempt to crack a joke to make someone laugh… I like making people laugh
    I gesture A LOT (I think this is a common Aspie thing) and hop back and forth and mix my words up, and reiterate, or attempt to bring up old subjects others have moved on from "too fast"/being cut off is annoying which oddly happens a lot to me and me only almost like I don't exist sometimes. I can't 'goodbye' well cos my brain instantly wants to retreat as fast as possible, when I have to leave I HAVE TO LEAVE. I'm really good at predicting stuff from body language, tone of voice, other little sounds people make… sniffing people out basically. I cannot reply with simple small messages, IT HAS TO BE AT LEAST A SMALL DETAILED PARAGRAPH OR MORE.

    Why did I write this X'D

  • Hello, I just came across ur youtube. I like it cuz people should hav ways to understand and learn about us aspies cuz like one comment says it is indeed a blessing and a curse. Curse not meaning disease but like the way u say its hidden disorder. When I meet people I talk a bit but usually in first convo I state that I'm autistic I hav aspergers syndrome. Because otherwise they wouldnt tell theyd just see me as rude often and grow to dislike me and think I'm rude person when I'm actually clueless to my rudeness, lol that rhymed haha, anyways um…..ya so I tell them so they can educate themselves or at least try and remember that if I'm rude and look like I hav no idea I was rude in any way to pause and tell me or ask if I know it was rude. So this is nice I can send them to this youtube so they can know more better 🙂 and sadly I hav so many mental disorders it's hard and they kinda all 'jump out' whenever they want to lol therapist look at me in disbelief till they check and find I'm not lying I hav 10/11 disorders….but I do my best to be a good person overall at least 🙂 thank u!

  • I discovered your channel just few weeks ago after I had my official assessment. Seeing you here and in your most recent videos is encouraging. You've come a long way! Congrats and thanks for doing this

  • Hi there!🤗 my name is Leonie and I watched this video, because my partner has high-functioning autism and I want to know more about it and what it‘s like for him, seeing as I‘m a „neurotypical“, as he puts it.😊
    I‘ve been together with him for only a short amount of time and I was wondering how love and being physically affectionate might be for someone with Aspeger‘s syndrome and/or autism? Of course, not everyone with autism and/or Asperger‘s syndrome will be the same, but I was just hoping someone might be able to tell me about their experience so I can get a better view on how it is for someone with it.
    I‘m happy for any help, advice, tips or stories!😊 I wish you a wonderful day!😄☀️

  • I teach teenagers with autism at the middle school level. I spend a ton of time teaching, modeling and having them role-play social skills.

    Thank you for allowing me to see into the world of an adult on the spectrum. It informs my teaching. ❤️

  • My husband, 9 year old son are both aspies. I only started noticing when my 4 year old was diagnosed as non verbal autism. Thank you for ur videos, they are helping so so much.

  • I also live with the condition. I was diagnosed at age 10 in 1992. At the time, I was living in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (Eastern Canada). Because there were no Doctors or experts nor was Asperger syndrome recognized, my mother and I had to go all the way to Halifax, Nova Scotia to find the ONLY doctor who actually knew about my condition and that's where I was diagnosed. Of course I was in total denial for 10 years because I knew it was the explanation for many of my shortcomings and why I was one of the most bullied kids in school. That denial ended when I was 20 and now I live in Vancouver, I work for BCFilm and I'm a mortgage-free home owner now.

  • You don't mind the band you play in in front of crowds because you have a purpose a task to focus on and there is a comfort in that…what if I told you that you very much have a valuable and specific vital role in being exactly who you are where ever you go…There are 7.2 TRILLION PEOPLE on this earth and among 7.2 TRILLION PEOPLE there is no one exactly like the other…each one of us has a vital important purpose and reason for being created…You are so important and so perfect at being you…the universe only had to create one of you, just like the universe created one of me one of your mum one of your aunt one of your friend one of your cousin each person is unique every single person has a gift something they feel very very good at, maybe someone feels most joyful while they are baking….good that is probably a baker another person loves learning so they keep attending school off to college and university then they decide to become a teacher because teachers and professors never quit loving to learn and inspiring others to learn that is their specific gift…when you play in your band you are feeling very happy and you are bringing a gift of music to this world…and when you walk into a crowded store or city, you might feel overwhelmed feeling too many things to sort out too many activities going on at once and trying to sort out where you fit into all of this when you inside feel so distant so apart from everyone else unless you are actively using your gift to make music do me a favor just try this I want you to look around and see how many different people there are and notice they are all breathing the same air, they all might be at a restaurant hungry we all get hungry …notice we all laugh we all communicate we all need each other because really no matter how different our appearance what we look like what our GIFTS our purposes are …We are all in need of love and in need of belonging ….no matter where you go you are so important to the universe around this world there are different cultures religious beliefs hair color style skin color foods some countries eat no meat some countries eat spicy some eat very bland but regardless of how different those things are…We are all here together the same species…We are all connected in some vital way. Take a look at a town for example …You have a grocer to buy food you have a baker to bug bread you have a barber to get your haircuts you have a local pub to sit with fr lends and drink you have a club to go dance you have a post office to send packages a church to do confession a university to learn how to program a computer. Each person just like each place made by people has a purpose and when you are in a crowd darling you are exactly where you are supposed to be in that moment. Think about how lovely it is to be an important vital member of the human race. You are amazing and wonderful and I just happened to stumble on your video. And although by your accent I can assume you are not in the United States of America so I assume you are English or in that direction over 5,000 five thousand miles away from us….but here you are not only on my tablet but on my mind in my thoughts so powerfully that your words inspired and drove me to take quite a few minutes to stop what I was doing and write this message to you. You are so vital and very much a part of what all of our parts that when connected make us all the same we are all one darling. Don't ever feel like you don't belong to this world, you are important and kind good and loving and if everyone could think with love with compassion and with the same urgency to help others as you have clearly shown me here in your video, well then love this world would be in complete harmony. No matter what each of our roles are what our gift are we must love the moment of right here right now love. Enjoy the journey of discovery and know that because of you because of your act of unselfishness over five thousand miles away, your kindness has made MY day joyful now, you really have no idea the impact of your presence your video has had on me and I am so grateful for you love. From California United States of America with the world's biggest 2 year old for a President , your friends Scout and family.🌐✌🏼🕊Namaste..

  • Your menu that is super repetitive will perhaps give you grief eventually like mine.
    I have bacon and tomato sandwiches for forty meals in a row.
    Also a run of meat pies.
    Or baron of beef dips .
    Or rhubarb pie.
    Breakfast lunch and dinner same meal for months.
    Now I have become allergic to things I eat too often.
    Maybe I caused this myself, can not control some things like this.
    But histamine production is causing me grief.
    Thanks for sharing info.

  • Thank you soooo much for your gentle instruction. I am a 67 yr old child w Aspergers…diagnosed 15 yr ago by a psychiatrist friend whose own son is a brilliant 19 language+ example ( of course, I utterly rejected this "crazy branding" )…odd and lonely and one-track-minded my whole life, but high vocabularied and phenom at a very young age. Your sharing has enabled this old dog to recognise traits that could have been managed or leveraged were those bozos to have assumed rightly instead of tormenting me for years with anger and fishy "schooling".

  • I speak quite slowly unless someone brings up one of my obsessions. When that happens, I speak way too fast. The listener always stops me with a question because I’m going too fast. Then it’s very hard to continue after I answer the question, the momentum is just gone, along with my train of thought.

    My girlfriend calls these my rabbit holes. Example: we are out in public and someone brings up Mozart. I’m off to the races, telling the person way more about Mozart than they probably care to hear rapid fire style. I understand why the person stops me with a question because I am going fast, but that lets the air out of my balloon. I have to pull myself together a little bit, like I have stopped short in a car.

  • I just stumbled upon this video and you are so cute and so young in this one.
    Brave of you for keeping up this video making for years on end. You matured a lot in those six years. Love to watch and learn from you. <3

  • Great video!! My grandson was just diagnosed with high functioning autism. Great info. My grandson has many of these issues. It's great to hear from older people dealing with ASD!!! Thanks!!

  • The only one that I have never experienced is sauces.

    I am good with foods.

    When you talk about wearing the same clothes i am the same. I will wash my favourite clothes all the time and when I was young it would piss my parents off ,so I would take them to the bathroom and wash them so I could wear it again without them seeing me use the washing machine. Probably a good thing as I would zone out for a good few minutes watching the wash cycle lol.

    So fucking weird 😂

  • Most of what you said though can relate to people who don't have aspergers or autism. Some people have routines, especially if you are a gym goer or sportsperson. I know people who hate big crowds and cities who are not aspergers.

    I know people who dress pretty much the same everyday. Doesn't mean they have it.

  • This popped up on my suggested feed and it is just so great to see how much you have grown and and how comfortable and confident you have become. Your videos are amazing and you have helped me so much. I am waiting for my eval right now, and your videos have really helped me prepare. You’re awesome Dan, keep up the awesome work!

  • Thats me obsessed with guitar my fav band. i know how to play half of the discography xD they have 10 albuns xD i know both guitar harmonies and everything.

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