【English Sub】法医秦明之幸存者 01丨Medical Examiner Dr.Qin 01(主演:经超,刘海宽,邓炀,余心恬)【未删减版】

Music is to soothe the soul.Yet sometimes,at a certain point in life,you lose motivation.You start to doubt life,and when you almost…lose hope towards
humanity and yourself,
does the power of music…help you to regain
the courage to keep going?
Let’s listen to a song
by Nina Nesbitt,
“Boy”.This is 103.9MHz.Next up, let’s listen to a
series of flash updates.
The Hong Kong section of
the Express Rail Link…
has began its trial run.The railroad department will…increase the frequency
of train rides daily,
constructing a high-capacity
passenger railway link…
connecting Guangzhou,
Shenzhen and Hong Kong.
Star entrepreneur of the town,founder of Blooming Destiny Network,
Luo Da Ke,announced the other day…We’re here. Let’s go. Hold on, Yu! Two more mouthfuls and I’m done. Hurry up!Blooming Destiny Network targets…to help more youths
forge relationships.
Wait for me, Yu! Hey, Yu. Say, on chilly days like this, we have to patrol out in the cold, when will we be getting a raise? Get a grip, young man. I heard both eastern bureaus
now run on electrical power. There’s no one on patrol anymore. They do patrols on vehicles instead. I’m guessing we’ll be
doing the same soon. Sure, keep waiting then. Anyway, I’m thinking of
working for 2 years, and then opening
a small business back home. It’s hard to earn a
decent pay these days. Fine, enough of that. Hurry up and clear
these few hundred metres. Then we can go home and
cosy up by the heater. What are you looking at, Yu? Look, isn’t that a person
lying down there? Where? There, there! It’s a person indeed. Someone’s lying on the tracks. Quick! Make way, make way! Make way! Make way! It hurts! Are you all right, Yu? I’m fine. How about you? I’m fine. Courting death, were you? What a place to die. What do you think you’re doing? What are you… “Long Fan City Public Safety Bureau” -Sir, you’re finally here.
-What’s happening? The deceased is a stall owner. Two hours ago, her body…
was discovered by the landlord. Then he dialled 110. Before losing all signs of life, the deceased was
in an unconscious state. She died on the way to the hospital. Are you sure she was unconscious? It said so in the 120 records. The hospital lodged a report… due to struggle marks on the throat,
so the police reclaimed the body. I’ve done a preliminary
autopsy on the body. It’s evident on the chest,
abdomen, legs and face. Which shows the deceased… has engaged in
aggression before death. A more detailed autopsy
of the body… will require your inspection, Sir. Ke has surveyed the crime scene. The latest update
at the crime scene… says the site has been
severely damaged. Has the family been informed? The family’s contact details
have yet been acquired. But judging from the bruises
on the deceased, and the extent of damage
to the crime scene, the primary crime scene is presumably
the home of the deceased. It’s an unnatural death. “Do not enter without permission.” Sir, the recording device is ready. Where’s Lin Tao? Don’t move! Stand still! Go. Stand still! Stand still! -Block his way, over there!
-That way! Callipers. Scissors. Pink foam. Take them away! “Medical Examiner Dr.Qin
The Fortunate Survivor” Episode 1 Thanks for the hard work. How are you? Yes, I know. Sir, at 2 kilometres north of the
Azure Gate switchman’s cabin, a nude male corpse
has been discovered. Ke is on his way there. Got it. By the way, Deliver these 2 histological
specimens to the lab. One is for pathological analysis, one is to be frozen specimen. I’ll wait for you at the car park. Hurry up. Why are you going, Qin? A corpse has been discovered at
the switchman’s place at Azure Gate. I’ll check out the crime scene.
Didn’t you receive the alert? Received it. I’ve sent
Fang Yuan over there. The suspect for the Li Xiu Ying
case has been arrested. He will now be sent
to the detention room. Release him. He has nothing to do with the case. Nothing to do with the case? Qin. Qin. Qin. Make yourself clear! Da Yong, escort him back first. Qin, make yourself clear. What are you looking at?
Get a move on. Qin, you were silent all the way. You haven’t told me… why he can’t be arrested? Lin Tao, you’ve already
asked the whole journey. When he wants to tell you, he’ll do so when it’s time,
so calm down. But the evidence
seems conclusive enough. Why can’t he be arrested? I didn’t answer you in the car, because I was recalling
the dissection process. I can now tell you confidently that… the suspect in the
spouse homicide case… presumably has no direct
connection to this case. I’ll release a report tomorrow. You’ll understand after reading it. All right. Fang Yuan. Yes, Chief Qin. The corpse is over there. Ke is now performing
a trace inspection. How’s it going, Ke? Let’s go. Are there any clues, Ke? Male, over 30 years old, nude corpse. Discovered when the switchman
was making his rounds. According to the switchman, they started patrolling at 10:30 p.m. The whole process took
no more than 2.5 hours. That means the corpse, was transported here
between 10:30 p.m. and 12:40 a.m. As it’s night time, the crime scene should have been
fairly well-protected, but unfortunately there
was a downpour. Despite the security
of the site, there won’t be much valuable now. Others would say that, but you’re the infamous Ke. Is there ever anything
that escapes you? Stop teasing me. Come over here. Luo Da Ke. Who? How could you not know him? He’s famous for his
regular live broadcasts. I’ve just watched his live
broadcast 2 days ago. He’s the founder of
Blooming Destiny Network. The rigor mortis occurred twice. It’s evident that the rigor mortis
was initially disrupted. It’s able to regenerate itself
after being damaged. So the time of death is definitely
limited to within 6 hours. The nearest main road from here… is about 1500 to 2000 metres. Patrol personnel are
on the railway tracks daily, so the corpse is easily discoverable. The deceased is of a large build. Dragging him here should
be fairly strenuous. So why is it… that they chose to bring him here? Jiang Yong, Fang Yuan, quickly verify the identity
of the deceased. Got it, let’s go. Be careful, this is it. Take a photo and prepare the plaster. Ke, what can we derive from this? Although the crime scene has been
mostly ruined by the rain, but look over here. These are traces of dragging. These are the edges of footprints. Although these footprints
are unidentifiable by the rain, it’s still visible that… this is the sole direction
of the dragging motion. Also, these tyre markings. Only stalled cars
would leave these traces. Think about it, on a rainy night, who would have parked
their car here for nothing? Even if it’s to relieve oneself
or any other matter, no matter the rain, there should have been… more complete footprints left
around here, right? That’s true. All right, take some photos then. Qin, there’s a huge discovery on Ke’s side. All right, all right, enough talk. It’s not even certain if it’s useful. Qin, half-formed tyre markings
were found over there, and some traces of dragging. But the crime scene has been
badly damaged by the rain. It’s impossible to identify
the footprints. Being able to discover so many
traces after the rain isn’t easy. That’s true though. The only certainty is that
it’s safe to dispel… the possibility of death
by frigid temperature. On the corpse,
the “3 injuries” were absent. Injury from threat, injury from constriction
and injury from resistance. Struggle marks were not found
on the victim’s neck either. Traces of electrocution
were also not found. But in the seams of the nails of
the deceased, sawdust were found. There were also
traces of detached nails. As for the specific cause of death,
we’ll only know after the post-mortem. All right, we’ll be going now.
You must be tired. Little Yu, arrange for
the corpse to be returned. All right. Qin, wait for me. Little Yu, Little Yu. What did your mentor mean? Could it be that he died of illness? Or of poisoning? Lin Tao, Qin didn’t
mention the cause of death. He said to confirm
only after the dissection. By the way,
I’ll entrust you with the corpse. I’ll be going now. Sir, wait for me! Captain, what exactly is
Chief Qin getting at? Are you that silly? Eliminating frigid temperatures… shows that he did not
die from hypothermia. No injuries from electric shocks, shows he did not
die from electrocution. And the absence of strangle marks… shows that he was not
strangled to death. According to their judgements,
he did not die from suffocation. The absence of external injuries
means he was not beaten to death. Understood? Who doesn’t? You basically said
he did not freeze to death, was not electrocuted
nor strangled to death, and was not beaten to death. Captain, so doesn’t that
leave us with… the possibilities of death
by poisoning and illness? But then again, with the
cold season around, why eliminate the possibility
of hypothermia? Da Yong, how on earth did you manage
to obtain your graduation certificate? Hey you! Enough of that. Where’s Yuan? I’ll give you a lesson. It’s possible for one to experience… hallucinations before
freezing to death. One will remove his clothing and even
stack them up and set them aside. Then, were there
any garments on the scene? -It’s also possible that he…
-Enough, enough. That’s not the main point. Qin Ming will give us
an explanation sooner or later. Our main mission for now… is to handle the case… of the man who murdered his own wife. -Got it.
-Understood. Chen Zhi Quan, aged 41. He was the the most
popular wedding emcee… in Long Fan City for
the past few years. He subsequently lost his
emceeing engagements due to gambling. Accumulating debts worth
a few hundred thousands. After he became a
real estate agent, he’s now rented a run-down house
in an old part of town. The first examination
of Luo Da Ke’s corpse… was carried out by
Medical Examiner Qin Ming… and Assistant Medical Examiner
Chen Shi Yu. Since accumulating usury loan debts, your relationship with your wife
has badly worsened, constantly bickering over everything. At 6 p.m. yesterday, after you went home,
you argued with your wife again. It’s best for you to tell me
what happened next. Forceps. As for others, I can understand their
will to settle their own business. But you settling your own business? Even if you try to settle it, when you’re out and about, will the lenders let you off? Give it some thought. Tell me, when does one
remove one’s clothing by default? I’m asking you. Removing one’s clothing indicates… none other than 2 possibilities. One is to remove one’s
clothing by will, the other is to have one’s clothing
removed by force. Forced removal
of clothing leading to death… means none other than sexual assault. But the sphincter
of the deceased showed no injuries. This possibility can be eliminated. As for the removal
of clothing autonomously, there are only 2 possibilities. One is drowning when swimming, one is drowning when soaked in water. But having examined
the lungs of the deceased, there were no signs
of aqueousemphysema, nor indents on the ribcage. So this possibility
can be eliminated as well. Shears… I see. “Interview Room 1” Prepare the proceedings and
send him to the detention room. Noted. Where’s your mentor, Little Yu? Lin Tao, how can you be so stupid? I’ve told you at this time of day, at this time of day, do you expect
to find him in his office? Then he’s surely
in the dissection lab, right? Of course, do you think you’re
the only one panicking? That’s not what I mean. Any discoveries? Your hair has been styled. Your eyebrows have been trimmed too. Your moustache is cleanly shaved. This shows that you place
importance on your appearance. That’s a fair analysis. Personal image is the
trademark of successful Individuals. A favourable personal image… is the best business card
presentation to clients. Someone like myself definitely
cannot afford to appear unkempt… or even project a sloppy image when
presenting myself before clients. Your chest, abdomen and legs
have a fat deposit of less than 10%. Those who are able
to maintain such a figure… are surely strongly capable
of self-discipline. I maintain an exercise routine… of at least 20 hours and
above per week. Not only placing emphasis
on appearance, but also a strong sense
of self-discipline. Those able to achieve both aspects… are only a rare few. Seems like that explains
your current success. My bosom buddy, compared to the rest
of your skin structure, the skin on your hands seems rougher. This must be due to… long-term heavy manual labour. It has nothing to do
with any form of fitness regime. According to internet sources,
you were born into an affluent family. Evidently it’s a lie. You feel that your true lineage… and the fictionally
constructed image of… wealth, success and aristocratic
bloodline are worlds apart. So you conjured a fictional family
background to satisfy your ego. Does this have anything
to do with my death? The body is the final parting
message left behind by the deceased. As a forensic doctor myself, my work and responsibility… is to scrutinise the corpse
to find any clues related to the case, to restore justice to the deceased. If I’m unable to accomplish this, I don’t see myself
qualified to be here. I admit, I’ve spent my childhood in poverty. I lied. So what? The question is,
are you able to defend my case? When will the pathological report
on Li Xiu Ying be released? Tomorrow at 9 a.m. I’ve waited for you for
more than 3 hours, Qin. Why are you such a slow poke? I’ll have you know.
I’ve cracked the case of Li Xiu Ying. The culprit is now in detention. All that’s left is the
post-mortem from you. The case will be closed after
I deliver it to the forensic centre. Her husband admitted to the crime. That’s for certain. When I dished out the truth, he had no choice but to confess. You said this husband
of hers lacked money… for gambling and even
asked for it from his ex-wife. He threatened to murder
her if she refused. What a person. All right, I’m leaving first.
All of you have worked hard. Qin, why are you leaving? How about the post-mortem report? What is he trying to say? I’ve told you before,
that person is not important. Why must you be
in conflict with him? Just wait for mentorr’s report. Don’t say I didn’t hint you. It’s not that, Little Yu. When will you be done with
your report? Give it to me quick. Do I have a choice to do otherwise? What medicine are you both peddling? Not medicine, but miracle pills. I’m leaving.
Remember to lock up when you leave. So much for your miracle pills. I’ve cracked the case before Qin. The deceased’s name is Luo Da Ke. He’s 41 years old this year. He’s quite notorious
for being… the most eligible bachelor
in Long Fan City, and owns 2 companies under his name. One of them is Da Ke Real Estate, the other one is
Blooming Destiny Network. About this Luo Da Ke,
among his employees and partners, his reputation and image
are fairly favourable. He has always remained unmarried. But, we understood from
his work diary that… for 5 years since he established
Blooming Destiny Network, he has had intimate
relationships with 216 women. This website of his
is quite successful. There were 2 or 3 similar
websites that competed with his, but they all eventually went bust. Through some business tactics, he has also acquired
several small companies. His company is considered
a monopoly by now. Our primary investigations
dictate that… he was a victim of vengeful murder, because in his personal mailbox, we discovered this. That’s fine. Hey. What is it? Qin, I’m telling you, -Today, Li Xiu Ying’s case…
-Lin Tao, Mentor has just finished
bustling around, let him rest awhile. Little Yu. Come, follow me. Qin, I’ve never doubted
your judgement. But this time is an exception. You have to give me
a thorough explanation. Just write a report then. The results we acquire, from the hardship
our team has gone through, yet you ruin everything
with your report. This is the floor plan
of the crime scene. Please explain it to everyone. You evaluated the crime scene
and criminal proceedings, right? Come on. No problem. The crime scene is a traditional
two-room unit with a hall. This young man has cultivated
a habit of gambling, and accumulated a loan debt
of several hundred thousand. After losing money
on the day of the crime, he went to his
ex-wife’s house as usual. He wanted to loan
some money from his ex-wife. But he didn’t expect that… Li Xiu Ying’s attitude towards
him was cold that day. I don’t have any money. Come on, quit lying. Don’t think you can fool me. I’m telling you,
I’m really in trouble. Other than gambling away your money, what kind of trouble would befall you? Come on. I guarantee. This is the last time.
The very last. Please? Get out. I don’t have any money. I’m penniless. What’s the commotion
in the middle of the night? What will the neighbours
think when they hear us? Please, I’m willing
to kneel and bow to you. Can’t you just have some pity on me? On the grounds of benevolence
since we were once a couple? Benevolence out of past ties, huh? Look who’s talking about benevolence. You just have to provoke me
instead of discussing it graciously. What right have you to hit me? What right have you
to hit me? What right? Where’s the money?
Where have you hidden it? The money… I’m keeping the money
to save my mother. This is the
entire criminal proceedings. The suspect confirmed
that the crime scene is in order. Ke was there on site too. The suspect’s hair was found. You have also confirmed
that she died of suffocation. Then on what grounds did you
think she committed suicide? As for your statements just now, I have no objections, because this is not the final outcome. This is not the final outcome, because you didn’t
reveal the full story. Where’s the evidence? Do any of you have any
evidence to prove… she did not die at that instant? Ke, firstly, we collected footprints
from the crime scene. We did not discover
any traces of dragging. Secondly, the footprint trails of the suspect
and Li Xiu Ying partially overlapped. Li Xiu Ying’s footprints
heading towards the washroom… coincidentally laid over on the
footprint trail of the suspect. Thirdly, we have discovered that… the most recent fingerprints on the… airtight box belong to Li Xiu Ying. And we’ve deduced from
the airtight box that… it was used to contain dry ice. The dry ice might have been
left by the suspect… during his time as a wedding emcee. Try asking him about this, he should know. So what? What I’m asking now is, do you have any
evidence to prove that… she did not die at that instant? The cause of death, in simple terms, is the extent of
injury to the neck of the deceased… would have not been likely
to cause mechanical asphyxiation. The swelling of the victim’s lungs
caused by low internal temperatures… is very obvious. A sign of death by
inhaling carbon dioxide. Pink foam. Therefore, it’s certain that Li Xiu Ying
wasn’t dragged into the washroom. But not long after
the suspect left the scene, she gained consciousness, and brought the dry ice
into the washroom. According to the outcome of
Ke’s inspection of the crime scene, the dry ice caused the temperature… in the sealed washroom
to drop drastically, before sublimating
into carbon dioxide vapour, suffocating the victim to death. Lin Tao, I hope you’ve
understood by now. He arrived at the judgement
by reasoning out the cause of death. This is professionalism, no less. Tao, why are you still
standing here like an idiot? Hurry to the forensic
centre to discuss… how to deal with the inhabitant
you left in the detention room. Such carelessness! Qin, about Luo Da Ke… Enough. Da Yong, how’s the progress? We’ve found it, boss. The IP address belongs
to an internet café. We filtered through the timeline. The sender is called Zhang Guo Qiang. His company… collapsed after failing to compete
with Blooming Destiny Network. I’ve sent you
the information and photos. I’ll send some personnel
to his house later. All right, give me the address. -I’ll be there in an instant.
-All right. Hold on, hold on! Yes Mary, I know. I’ve recently moved
into a small, high-end area. The rental here is expensive. I’m counting on you to find me
some lucrative work. Otherwise I don’t think I’ll be
able to afford my monthly rental. But then again, I can settle those men anyway. Stop teasing me, sister. Go apply a facial mask and
have a good night’s sleep. All right, I’ll hang up here. I’ve reached home. I’m home. There were no struggle
marks on the body, nor signs of death by mechanical
asphyxiation from strangling. Everything seems normal
on the surface. But, the cause of death
is very suspicious. Why is it so? The key point is, at the time of death, why is he completely nude? What is the assailant
trying to convey? Or rather, what is he trying to conceal? What now? Failed to investigate? Wait for the pathology report then. Maybe… he died of illness. But how was his body disposed of then? There were no pathological
changes to his vital organs. I don’t believe that
it was a sudden death. We’ll see if the pathological
report released tomorrow… shows any signs of disease. If it doesn’t, the only possibility
left is unnatural death. You’ll have to perform
another post-mortem then. Ke, Chief Qin, Captain Lin has captured Luo Da Ke’s
suspected assailant. He’s currently being interrogated. Tell us more. I… I really… Cut to the chase. My comrade officer, I… I have acted rashly. My company collapsed.
My wife left me. If it weren’t for him, would I
have ended up in such a sorry state? That day… I had a few drinks that day. The more I brooded over it, so I… So you committed
the crime, didn’t you? -I didn’t.
-Did you or did you not? Did you or did you not? I didn’t. I spent some money that day… to hire a killer. The car tyre marks collected by Ke… were severely ruined. He could only deduce that
they belonged to a SUV. Besides that, we surveyed the
surveillance records from that night. We found 3 suspicious cars. A Toyota, a Great Wall,
and a Land Rover. These 3 cars, after 10:30 p.m. that night, passed through the Azure Gate
toll booth in succession. Nearing 12 midnight, these 3 cars each appeared
at the Azure Gate toll booth again, and nearer to the site
of discovery of the deceased, on the Qing Cheng Highway. Around the site of discovery
of the deceased, there is only a surveillance
blind spot of a 10 kilometre radius. And we’ve gathered that… the Toyota and the Land Rover… each seemed to belong
to different owners till now. But once… they belonged to the same owner. -Luo Da Ke.
-Indeed. If that’s the case, investigate
the cars in order of priority. Pay attention to the
Toyota and the Land Rover. Ke. Ke, what will you be doing? What else can I do? Collect traces for comparison then. What kind of traces? Back to Luo Da Ke’s case. Hasn’t Luo Da Ke’s case
already concluded? Hasn’t the culprit been arrested? The suspect is guilty
of murder by proxy. The criminal suspect they
spent the night capturing… didn’t even set foot
on the crime scene. He was a liar. He headed straight for the mahjong
parlour after asking for money. Did my mentor know about this? Of course he did. You still haven’t
found any clues till now? How incompetent. Little Yu, how could you say that? Your mentor has been lauded
as skilful and astute. What about that? But he can’t crack it either. Speaking of my mentor, how can you 2 compare with my mentor? What have we got to do with this? Cut the nonsense. Little Yu, what say you? Would he have died from hypothermia? For instance, he might have
been playing a game. Like that… Ice Bucket Challenge. Such a huge bucket of ice-cold water, poured onto one’s head with a splash. Gosh, who could have tolerated it? And I recall,
to play this game, one has to remove one’s clothing.
Am I right? As if. Notwithstanding the phenomenon
of unusual undressing, the livor mortis of those frozen
to death is bright red in colour. Take a look, the livor mortis of the deceased… is dark in colour. Sir, the temperature of
this corpse seems abnormal. Little Yu, request for a second
post-mortem for the corpse. Yes, Sir. You guys can hang around. Remember to lock up
when leaving later. All right, I’ll take my leave now. All right. -Thank you.
-Goodbye. Nothing at all? How about your side? The driver of the Toyota said
that his tyre was punctured. He lacked a spare tyre, so he sought assistance
from a car repair service. I’ve checked the outgoing vehicle
records of this car repair service, and its mileage records. Everything is in order. That Miss Chen who just
left was easier to tackle. She’s an employee of
Luo Da Ke’s real estate agency. The car was assigned
to her by the company. That day, she was searching for… her boyfriend who worked
on the highway squad. So after leaving the toll booth, she turned into the
highway management building. The basement car park
surveillance system… in the office building can prove this. Lastly, the Great Wall… is a private vehicle. It’s also registered as
Long Fan’s specialised driver. I’ve asked Da Yong
to investigate as well. His mileage records on that day… align completely with
his service engagements. All of them can be
cleared of suspicion. The trail of clues is disrupted again. Do you know? Qin has requested
for a second post-mortem. The amount of Purkinje cells
in the cerebellum has decreased. The cell nuclei have disintegrated.
The cells were swollen. The myofibril of the
skeletal muscles were effaced. The muscle fibres have
disintegrated and were damaged. The sarcoplasm has coalesced
into eosinophil granulocytes. The sarcoplasm has coalesced
into eosinophil granulocytes… It’s heatstroke.
He died of hyperthermia. That’s true.
Heart failure due to hyperthermia. Based on Luo Da Ke’s
expenditure records, we investigated many
venues which he frequented… that provide sauna services. Stop. Anything, Qin? Never mind. Go on. Ke, you discovered anything? Of course, there were some findings. Nine of the venues were found
to be involved in prostitution. -Be serious.
-Fang Yuan, what have you discovered? We’ve investigated property… accumulated over the past 20 years
under Luo Da Ke’s name. None of them has a sauna room. But, we’ve investigated the town’s retail
records of household sauna facilities. -How was it?
-We found out that in March this year, Luo Da Ke purchased
a household sauna facility. -Where was it installed?
-Galaxy Garden. It’s Luo Da Ke’s only property… that’s not developed by himself. All along I thought
Luo Da Ke’s writings in his diary, stating that within 5 years, he has had intimate
contact with 216 women… I thought he was boasting. After investigating,
I’ve discovered that… although not everyone… had a relationship
with this manipulator, but there are many
who are involved with him. Actually that’s very normal. Every woman hopes to… marry a successful person. This has nothing to do with
materialistic gold-digging. Luo Da Ke, judging from his fortune, could be considered a winner. We meet again, Miss Chen. Captain Lin, this house is a company asset. If you wish to enter, in the circumstance
that Director Luo is absent, you either have to gain permission
from the board of directors, or possess a search warrant. I have a search warrant. May I enter? What are you talking about? Director Luo is dead. The corpse of Director Luo… has been found on the
railroad track of Azure Gate. That’s impossible. If he’s dead, why didn’t the
police inform us earlier? We failed to locate
Director Luo’s next of kin. Furthermore his death
is categorised as abnormal. It’s customary to keep
it confidential first. What’s actually going on? I don’t quite understand. -Go ahead.
-Got it. Let’s get down to business. According to our inquiry we have
grounds to believe that… the sauna room of this mansion… is very likely
the primary crime scene. So, Miss Chen, is there anything else you can recall? This house was bought by
Director Luo for his fiancée. Fiancée? Correct. His fiancée was called Annie. She was Director Luo’s
etiquette coach previously. One day in March this year, Director Luo summoned me over. Director Luo said that
Annie deceived him. He wanted to revoke
the house he gifted to her. How dare this woman
deceive me, blackmail me! I don’t care.
I must take back the house. Think of a solution for me.
Think of a solution now! This house… was paid for by company funds. I cited the misuse of public funds… to charge Director Luo
and Annie to court. Then they reconciled in court, and allowed Annie
to transfer the house… to the company’s accounts. As for anything other than that, I’m totally clueless. As for the key to the house, besides myself, Director Luo holds it too. Annie, on the other hand,
is most likely kept in the dark. Because after we exchanged
ownership of the property, we changed the lock. Captain, isn’t that Wang Jiu Er? Indeed. Isn’t that car the one that appeared
in the surveillance footage? -Cut it out, won’t you?
-Seems like it. What do you mean, cut it out? I’ve settled it for you. What else do you want me to do? Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan. Fighting it out? How have I treated you? Isn’t it a given
that you should help me? Freeze! Freeze! Catch him! Police. Aren’t you Wang Jiu Er? We’re remanding you.

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