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What is all this? Little nibbles for the travel Little nibbles? You can feed an entire district with this. Don’t exaggerate. This is just for you. Thank god. I am fasting today. Bhakarwadi, Mawa Cake, Bhakri Why are you carrying Peanut Chutney? I got it from Solapur specially. We are going to Mumbai It’s just 3 hours. There are food malls on the way We will stop there and eat some Sabudana khichdi. I’ll eat the fasting-day food and some chips. Why are you carrying a rice cooker? What if the car breaks down? Will make some rice on the campfire. I would rather break my fast than bending my habit All right! Here are your waffles and… I will clear the plates. Do you guys need anything else? No? Don’t these white people feel cold? How would I know? You are a Vegetarian unfortunately. The squid was amazing! That Bru… Shit- aa was good too. Bruschetta Ya.. that was good. Should I get more? No, no- Listen! Let’s go home Will make some kickass daal rice! Daal- rice? Will pour some ghee on it. Ghee? And some lemon on the side. What happened? Gaurav! He’s not with me! I have got some Peanut Chutney too… Can I get you something? Can you pack this up? Sorry? Can you get… this this…. Rankala right? That’s all I know in Kolhapur. Perfect! Forget that. Do you know Gandhaar Restaurant? At Shivaji Square? They serve amazing red curry, white curry. Bro. I can’t stand meat. What about Phadtare Misal? Of course I do. But Nagpur’s Curry-Poha is the best Don’t act smart. Listen to me. Keep Phadtare on your right. Kept it. Up ahead you’ll find a biryani house on the left I don’t like Biryani You’ll still have to smell it. Ok Take a left there. Ok. After 20 steps you will find a Pakoda stall. Parcelled a plate full of Pakoda. Right in front of that. What? My house. House? That’s my house. So I’ll pack a plate of Pakodas. Just keep the tea ready She is like a fennel seed stuck between your teeth. Doesn’t leave easily. Not really… He is like a Jackfruit. Rough on the outside. Tender on the inside. She is as pure as Ghee I wan’t someone spicy, spicier than chilli chutney. You know that Sai right? She is too good. Like a Sauji Masala. Spicy and hot! The moment you taste it. You feel the burn. Motherfu… You know Amey, right? The one with gulabjamun for eyes She talks bitter. It spoils your taste. When you kiss Got the Queen. Let’s not call him. He is like cardamom in biryani. Shriram! This is a beetroot burger. #ItsUnbeatable Shriram! What a beauty! #Dinner Shriram! #Foodgasm Shit, got too cocky. Done yet? Caramelised the onions? Garam masala? How much? Have you turned on the gas? It’s an induction. Bloody students! Added the tomato? I used the puree instead. Salt? Did you put salt in it? How much should I put? According to the taste. Who’s? Yours or Mine? Taste it now? You have put in all the salt from Dandi march into this You are the one who said put it according to taste So I put it according to my taste But I can only taste salt in this It is very salty! Bloody students! Only fit to make Maggi noodles. Hello? Yes I have left Listen, my train reaches at 3.30 tomorrow The first thing I want to do is eat curried potato patty at Lokmat Square then drop me off at my place. Come by 9 am tomorrow I will order for some puffs. No I haven’t had my breakfast yet So let’s all meet at 10.30 at Mamledar Let’s discuss over a plate of misal. No I haven’t eaten anything since morning Bro I bought a single malt Come over for lunch, we’ll have it with puran polis. With lots of ghee Hello? Bro I will come in the afternoon today But only if you promise to serve red meat! I haven’t eaten anything since morning See you soon Are you in Nashik? Let’s meet in Divtya at 9 pm Come, I haven’t had mutton in last two days. Bro come to Bandra by 2 a.m You can order anything you want here even at 2 a.m! What cuisine would you like? Mughlai, Chinese, Arabic, Zorastrian, Micronasian Turkish, Dadarkar, Mumbaikar, Punekar, Nagpurkar Palshikar, Zharapkar You can get whatever you like!

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